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December 8, 2012

OPIs Nail Lacquer Review

OPIs Nail Lacquer,Crown me Already review by Barbeis Beauty Bits Crown Me Already is part of the Miss Universe collection. Aside from the name, that I so love, this polish really nailed it in my manicure kit.   Especially, with the holiday’s right around the corner, there is no better time than now to try this glimmer of color. It worked wonders as it is a great way to add that needed glitz without going overboard!

Crown me already nail polish review by barbies beauty bitsCrown Me Already has a clear base with silver glitter chunks.  The glitter chunks are what makes this polish rock.  It gives you many options, whether a light coat during the day and a heavier look in the evening, I really liked it.  The best look was when I applied it over a colored nail polish, it’s just the sparkle you need this holiday season. 

The only negatives I have  with this polish is the same I have with most glitter polishes, which is removal, it is not easy.

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