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best place to advertise your aesthetic practice is on Barbies Beauty Bits

Getting BEAUTY Brands Seen, Found, And Heard!

The Beauty Business, Behind The Beauty Business
Skincare And Beauty Brands | Aestheticians | Med Spas | Plastic Surgeons

Simply put, your expertise is in making your clients & customers look beautiful. My expertise is in making your brand look beautiful. The Barbie's Beauty Bits Brand reaches 300,000 per month, with a website DA of 30.

As a highly experienced content marketing strategist, influencer manager, and award-winning Beauty Editor, I've been sought out by key market players whose primary focus is on beauty and wellness.

Furthermore, I bring a broad range of core competencies in digital marketing, including content writing, social media, branding, blogging, influencer outreach, and management, video intros, email marketing, and promotions.

Whether you’re a brand selling skincare or an aesthetician offering a service, I am your beauty expert in bringing it to life in the digital world.


Being a creative and accomplished blogger has enabled me to be featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, C-Suite Prime Time TV, ROKU, along with some national publications including Vogue, Entrepreneur, and Allure’s Issue "The Allure 50." The only Beauty Power List that matters.

My client list includes an extensive range of Fortune 500 companies and smaller indie beauty brands from skincare, wellness, beauty, fashion, plastic surgeons, aestheticians, and more to help expand their online audience and brand presence.

  • Wrote and published 2000+ articles with the primary focus on beauty, skincare, and wellness.
  • Wrote blog posts found on the first page of Google, positions #3 and #7 for popular keywords.
  • Image creative
  • Create, edit, and optimize content for various clients in the beauty industry to improve the SEO ranking for specific keywords.

Opportunities with barbies beauty bits

Brand Influencer: Bloggers are the third most powerful online influencers of purchase decisions right after retail sites and brand sites, with 31% of consumers stating that their decision to buy a product was influenced by something that they previously read in a blog.

So why not have us promote your brand? By talking and sharing your product or service, we can efficiently generate brand awareness, getting you seen, found, and heard!

Please email, with the subject line reading Advertising Request as well as what type of advertising you are requesting. We are not "cookie-cutter" and like to custom all advertising so it can be beneficial to all parties involved.

Content Writing: Develop, produce, write and edit online SEO-friendly content for the skincare and beauty industry. We also accept articles written as long as they are exclusive.

• We sell the solution
• Background (training + work experience + writing experience) in the field of aesthetics, skincare branding, marketing, and/or social and feature writing in the beauty realm.

Client offerings:
• Research keywords using SemRush.
• Provide conversational, engaging, and educational articles to capture readers' interest while promoting the company message.
• Align articles within the Flesch-Kincaid readability test.
• Search for images and edit them to make the article more visually appealing to the audience.
• Extremely knowledgeable in skincare, skincare treatments, as well as cosmetic treatments and procedures.

If interested, please send us an email,

Reviews: We currently welcome all beauty products such as makeup, skincare, haircare, wellness, health and fitness just to name a few. We don't post negative reviews, BECAUSE WE ONLY SHARE CONTENT ON PRODUCTS THAT WE LIKE! So if your product does not live up to its claims or doesn't fit our needs, we have the right not to post it. All opinion's on the products we share are our own and are not influenced in any way.

Social Media Advertising: Please email, with the subject line reading social media.

Banner Placement: We do offer banner ads. Please email, with the subject line reading banner ads.

Newsletter: Advertising to Barbie's Beauty Bits Beauty Club Members is a convenient, affordable way to send your message out. The Newsletter goes out to approximately 5,000 opt-in subscribers. Giving you the unique opportunity to deliver information about your products and services straight to the e-mail inboxes of some of my most exciting beauty lovers. Please email, with the subject line reading newsletter.

Giveaways: Periodically we run some exciting giveaways. If you are interested in offering an item for the giveaway or to have your links included. Send an email to, with the subject line reading a giveaway.

Custom Advertising: Not sure what you want or even need? We can custom a plan that will enable you to get seen and found. Please email, with the subject line reading custom advertising. 

Guest Posting: We do consider guest posting as long as the content is quality content that fits our niche.

** Barbie's Beauty Bits complies with current FTC guidelines.


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