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December 6, 2012

How To Prevent Your Hosiery From Running

Stop Running... 
Your Pantyhose That Is

 This is an issue that we still “run” into, especially if you work in the corporate world, where pantyhose are perceived as professional attire.   If you are one who is trying to get more use out of your hosiery, here are some BB Bits for you

Salt: Try soaking them in salty water before you wear them. Mix a ½ cup of salt for each quart of water & let them soak for 30 minutes.  Than wash as usual! 

Freeze Them! Yes, you read it right, I said Freeze them.  Before you wear your hose for the first time, stick them in the freezer over night.  The next day while you’re getting ready for work, take them out and put them on when you ready to go out the door.  Why does this help?  Well, the cold strengthens the fibers in the hose, which will help them from running so quickly!

Cut Your Toenails. One reason for runs is because the hose catch on your toenails.  If you keep them short and tiding, you won’t have to worry about a nail getting caught in the fabric as you’re putting them on, or taking them off!

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