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December 7, 2012

DIY Bits For Aluminum Foil

It’s A Wrap
Crazy Things You Can Do With Foil

Tips on how to keep you cats off your furniture by Barbie's Beauty BitsProtect Your Furniture From Your Cats: When you’re away the cat will play… but not today.  Cats, do not like the sound of foil and more importantly they’d flick their claw at the idea of feeling it on their paws, they hate it!  So, if you want Fluffy to stay off your furniture when you are out of town, cover the seats with aluminum foil. This also works on items you wish your animals wouldn't chew, as they hate the feeling in their mouth. 

Using Foil As A Dryer Sheet, By Barbie's Beauty BitsDryer Sheets:  This one my girlfriend, Teresa told me about.  I would have never believed it, but I gave it a spin this weekend and it worked wonderfully.  Plus, it is economical as the same ball lasts for months.

So how to?  All you need to do is ball up the foil, and place it the dryer.  Keep in mind the type of garments you use it with.  Keep it away from delicates.

...Well That's A Wrap!

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  1. I used foil before on my leather coach, but just when I was out of town. My cat would chew the back side of it; the foil tricked her, she hated it. So I guess it worked.


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