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March 21, 2020

Help, I Can't Stop Touching My Face

Help, I Can't Stop Touching My Face By Barbies Beauty Bits

Yes, we are all seeing this everywhere, with the Coronavirus, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE! To some, it is common sense. Others, although they think they are practicing the "do not touch," this touching action is either habitual or subconscious and they do not realize they are doing it. So for these people, how the heck can they stop touching their face?

Now before I get into that, I am going to address this action of touching your face, which primarily is referring to your mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, and nose).  These membranes are vulnerable as they are wet and porous, allowing dangerous germs to enter the body quickly. But since I am not a medical professional, please refer to the CDC for more advice.

Try to be mindful of when you are touching your face and stop.  Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as some do not realize they are doing this, and for others, it can be downright bothersome. Think about it, if someone tells you a story about a pink car they saw that was so ridiculous, and for the rest of the day everywhere you go you see pink.

The same goes with this awareness of not touching your face, as now you seem to have an itch, a bug flies up your nose, you get something in your eye. Or worse, now that you can't do something, you get the urge to do it! But whatever you do, DO NOT ignore the urge, instead imply another competing behavior, which we discuss later in this post. 

Triggers That Cause Us To Touch Our Faces By Barbies Beauty Bits
Triggers That Cause Us To Touch Our Faces

A friend of mine touches his face all the time, and it would drive me nuts, and this is before the Coronavirus outbreak. He would rub his hands very quickly up and down his face (exactly as in the picture). I would say something to him, he would look at me like, what are you talking about as he was not even aware he was doing it.

Some other triggers to be aware of.
  • You get a hair in your face and wipe it away from your eyes
  • You are a nail bitter
  • You pick your nose
  • Play with your hair (I am guilty of this)
  • Twirl your mustache
  • Relational
  • Nervous Tic
  • Stressed
  • You wear glasses
  • Face picker

Top 3 Ways To Break Those Bad Habits Of Touching Your Face
Like any bad habit, a form of redirecting those efforts can help, see some of our suggestions.

The Rubber Band Technique

This technique is when you wrap a rubber band around your wrist, and next time you catch yourself rubbing your face, biting your nails, etc. lift the rubber band and make it snap against your wrist.

Now that a lot of us are working from home, adding a sticky note to your computer NOT to TOUCH your face can be helpful, maybe even an alarm on your phone, also a google calendar reminder.

If you are quarantining yourself in your home with others, ask one of them to point out when you are touching your face. And of course, offer the same for them.

The proper way to wash your hands By Barbies Beauty Bits

Preventive Measures
While the above are some ways to help you alleviate yourself from touching your face. Do not forget about those other preventive measures that can reduce your risks of getting sick. Like washing your hands properly, washing hands before and after going to the bathroom, eating, cooking, touching shared surfaces and objects in your home, even something as simple as a bottle of wine. And of course, use sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.
The bottom line is for us to be VERY aware, and when we are aware, we can make changes, reprogram, and improve our actions.

Tips to help you to stop toucning your face by top beauty blogger barbies beauty bits

March 2, 2020

50% Off The Best LED Ring Lights And More

Best LED Ring Lights And More By Top Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits

Today I am sharing with you some beauty bloggers dream LED accessories with the best LED ring lights and more! From a cool LED mirror that plays music to ring lights, a selfie ring light with cell phone holder, I have you covered!

As a successful beauty blogger, Voted #13 of Top 100 American Beauty Bloggers. Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Affiliates, C- Suite TV, AND SOON ROKU, having the proper lighting is essential for photoshoots, video, even adequate light for makeup applications.

Additionally, if you are like me, I love to use my phone to help capture some of these moments!  Whether video of a skincare routine or a flat lay of my favorite beauty products, Aduro U-streaming products allow me to bring my audience the latest in all things beauty!

Best Selfie Ring Light With Cell Phone Holder By Barbies Beauty Bits

Check Out Some Of Their Cool Products Below!

Selfie Ring Light Stand With Cell Phone Holder
I love that I can clamp this device onto my desk or beauty vanity. The ring light offers three distinct lighting options: White, warm white, and warm yellow, so no matter where you are, or the time of day, you always have the perfect amount of light!

Some Additional Features Of The Selfie Right Light
  • A remote brightness feature that has ten different levels of brightness for you to choose.
  • A 24" flexible gooseneck so you can always have the best angle while videoing or taking selfies.
  • It is USB powered, and you can plug into any standard USB port. You can even connect it to your laptop.
  • And last but not least, a phone holder to hold your phone securely in place!

Best LED Vanity Mirror For Beauty Bloggers By Barbies Beauty Bits

LED Vanity Mirror With Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
Now my niece has tried to take this from me as it is right up her alley as she can listen to music while she is putting on her makeup, especially on the go at a music festival!

Features Include:
  • A full ring of LED light surrounding the mirror with ten different levels of lighting by touching the screen control for the perfect amount of illumination.
  • The built-in wireless speaker has 5 hours of playtime, so you don't always have to worry about the battery life while blasting your favorite tunes.
  • The U-Reflect Plus is the perfect size mirror for you to always pack with you whenever you're on the go. Again my niece loves it for getting ready for her music festivals. From glitter to makeup, she needs proper lighting to look great!  

Best ring light by barbies beauty bits

Ring Light And Tripod
I think this is the one I am most excited about. I've been looking for a ring light that has a place for your cell phone too! And since I've loved the other products from Aduro, I was like I need this also!

Ring Light And Tripod Features:
  • It has a 10” Ring light with three different lighting options.
  • Brightness feature on the remote that provides ten different levels of brightness.
  • An adjustable tripod stand that extends from 18” to 52”! I like this option as I can use it on a table for flat lays or standing for video.
  • The ring light and phone holder are both adjustable.
  • Simple and convenient remote control to power the ring light On/Off and adjust the lighting modes.
  • USB powered so that you can plug into any standard USB port, even connect it to your laptop.
  • A phone holder that has a non-slip rubber grip to hold your phone securely in place.

Best LED ring lights for beauty bloggers by barbies beauty bits

Discount Time With 50% OFF
Yes, beauties, you know I couldn't let you walk away paying full price. This is why Aduro has been kind enough to offer all of you 50% OFF! Simply use code BARBIESBEAUTYBITS at checkout!
Best Selfie ring light and stand by barbies beauty bits

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