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November 4, 2018

How to Minimize, Prevent, and Treat Enlarged Pores On The Face

How to Minimize, Prevent, and Treat Enlarged Pores On The Face By Barbies Beauty Bits

Enlarged pores and blackheads can be very unsightly and can impact some’s self-esteem. However, understanding the causes along with proper products to minimize, treat and prevent these issues, can allow you to get the smoother, brighter complexion you’ve always wanted.  So if you want to find out how to minimize those ugly pores continue reading.

A Bit About Promise Cosmetics

For this post, I have partnered up with Promise Cosmetics. Everybody wants promises to be kept, especially when it comes to skincare products. However, this disconnect between what skincare clients are promised, and what we receive, is a problem. Hence, Promise Cosmetics was created, a skincare solution that would combine the highest quality ingredients with advanced formulas and the best cosmetics technology.

Now before I get into some of the tips and products, I think it is essential to understand some of the causes of enlarged pores and blackheads.

Promise Cosmetics review by Barbies Beauty Bits

What Causes Large Pores and Blackheads
Enlarged Clogged Pores 
When the skin produces too much sebum oil it can mix with the dead skin cells in the pore. This oil becomes trapped by the dead skin cells and dirt which causes the skin to swell and the pore to become congested, forming a clogged and enlarged pore.

The reason your pores enlarge is to provide room for the oil to flow out. However, the oil can still become trapped. If this happens, the oil and dirt can collect at the end of the pore, and when it is exposed to air it will oxidize forming, and viola, a BLACKHEAD!

How The Heck Do My Pores Get Clogged 
Aside from dead skin cells, if you have experienced enlarged pores and blackheads, you probably have seen that some environmental factors can make the situation worse.  While there are quite a few things to avoid, we put together a list of some of the most common ones that we knowingly or unknowingly do daily.

Sleeping In Your Makeup
You see when we go to sleep we are renewing our body, mind and more, which includes the skin. Wearing makeup to bed prevents your skin from this renewal process. Which can contribute to clogging your pores and outbreaks.

breakouts caused from dirty makeup brushes by barbies beauty bits

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes
Let's first start with the fact that our makeup brushes can harbor bacteria and dead skin cells, YUK, and who wants to put that on their skin, NOT ME!  However, if you are NOT cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, you are putting this nasty stuff back on your face.

Properly washing and storing your makeup brushes can keep your face clean & healthy. Furthermore, cleaning your makeup brushes will ensure they remain in the best shape and increase longevity. Makeup brushes are just as essential as the makeup itself, so taking care of them is necessary.

Washing Your Face With Bar Soap
Some do not understand the importance of skincare and think a basic bar of soap with do the job, but this is far from the truth. You see a bar of soap used to wash your hands, usually contains harsh ingredients that can dry your skin. This drying soap pulls the water out of the surface of your face creating the dead skin cell build up.

Sleeping On A Dirty Pillow
You want to make sure that you are washing your pillows weekly.

Your Cell Phone
Think about where that bad boy has been and then you are putting this on your face. While you can’t always have your phone on speaker, keeping antimicrobial wipes (for your phone) close by is a must.

Excess Sweat
Working out is awesome, but wearing makeup to the gym or not correctly washing your face after a work out can cause your pores to clog.

Unlike the common belief access oil production can be because your skin is dehydrated. When our skin is dehydrated from a lack of moisture your body makes it up by overproducing oil.

Promise Cosmetics LIQUICK Dead Sea Mask By Barbies Beauty Bits
Clogged Pore Treatments
As mentioned above, I partnered up with Promise cosmetics for this post. They gave me two products to try, the first being their LIQUICK Dead Sea Mask. This is a face mask is a great way to minimize pores on face! This mask is great at purifing, smoothing and soothing your skin for a gorgeous glow in as little as 5 minutes!

I am a big fan of products with elements from the dead sea, and this product is packed full of detoxifying Dead Sea Mud that helps to tighten pores, exfoliates away blackheads while cleansing the skin.

Tell Me More About Promise Cosmetics LIQUICK
Packed full of purifying minerals, moisturizing Aloe Leaf Juice, softening Jojoba Oil and exfoliating Dead Sea Mud, Liquick minimizes large pores, exfoliates away blackheads and zaps pimples. Plus, it is completely SLS and Paraben free.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream
In addition to cleansing the skin, it is also essential to protect and promote your natural radiance, and Promises' Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream is here to help!

Formulated to guard your skin against the effects of seasonal elements and all sorts of environmental nasties, this enriching cream tackles wrinkles, while boosting your natural glow for skin that’s hydrated, smooth and oh so radiant. It is everything you need to protect, maintain and enhance that lit-from-within glow.

Packed with skin-loving proteins and peptides – plus a whole host of other ingredients this Anti-Aging Cream also is...
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Tightens skin for age-defying firmness and flexibility
  • Hydrating
  • Nourish and protect for happier, healthier skin
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Targets aging sunspots and pigmentation for skin that’s bright, tight and toned
  • Soothing
  • Moisturizing
Promises' Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream By Barbies Beauty Bits

Special Offer
So know that you know the causes, treatments and possible products you are ready to get your pores and skin looking awesome and Promises Cosmetics is here to get you started with a great offer of 15% OFF by using code BARBIESBEAUTYBITS


October 26, 2018

Register To Win A $50 Gift Card To Sephora Plus A Beauty Goodie Bag

Register To Win A $50 Gift Card To Sephora, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Attention all of you beauty addicts, I have the fix you have been looking for, a chance to win a $50 gift card to Sephora as well as a Beauty goodie bag valued at over $200 filled with makeup, skincare and more! And if that wasn't exciting enough you will also have the chance to become a BEAUTY club member!

Beauty club members will be the first to know about Beautylicious D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself Beauty), Beauty Hacks, The Newest Trends, Product Releases, Discounts and MORE!

Plus, insights and tips on makeup, hair, skincare and more! It's kinda like my beauty guide to all things BEAUTYful, by me, for you!

Winners are picked quarterly and you agree that I can publish your first name, initial to last name, along with city and state.

So what are you waiting for? Enter below!


October 6, 2018

Banish The Bulge A Review On CoolSculpting And Slim Light LED Therapy

Banish The Bulge A Review On CoolSculpting And Slim Light LED Therapy By Barbies Beauty Bits and Slim Silhouettes

Are you tired of struggling with "Exercise-Resistant" bra bulges, saddlebags, muffin top or post-pregnancy baby fat?

If so, then I want to invite you on my Journey with Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting for fat loss.

For me, diet and exercise just have not been enough to help me achieve the lean, toned body I had a year ago. Circumstances in my life changed resulting in me having to move and I live in the boonies, making it much harder for me to go to the gym as much as I want, shopping at a decent grocery store and of course the wine doesn’t help either.

Hence, I decided to investigate some additional ways to help me get rid of this stubborn unwanted fat. For my fat loss, I decided to take advantage of Slim Silhouettes Total Body Bundle which combines both Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting to help sculpt and get rid of fat in those unwanted places. The Slim Light reduces the body fat, and CoolSculpting helps to contour.

Dual Sculpting with Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Both are the latest trend aesthetic specialists are seeing as the new generation of treatments and procedures targeted toward the growing population of people looking for non-invasive ways to help address unsightly and unwanted extra fat.  I love that they can safely eliminate fat without the cost, downtime, and risk associated with surgery.

For those of you who are not familiar with these procedures or want to know more about them continue reading.

What The Heck Is Slim Light Therapy For Fat Loss
Slim Light Therapy which incorporates Red Light LED technology for non-invasive body fat loss, will basically reduce the fat by melting the fat cells. This type of therapy is based on the over forty years of research starting with NASA experimentation and culminating with the aesthetic and orthopedic industries today.  Following the recent discovery that 635nm light influences fat cells, this innovative technology has created an explosion in the body sculpting industry.

The process also increases collagen and elastin in the skin while creating a slimmer appearance. ~Yeah, I am all about this.

how does Red Light Therapy help with fat loss By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

How CoolSculpting Can Help With Fat Reduction In The Body
Unlike the Slim Light method of fat reduction that uses heat, the CoolSculpting procedure cools fat cells to temperatures that trigger their natural death.  Those cells are then eliminated naturally by the body over the following weeks and months.  During the procedure, a non-surgical applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to selectively target treated fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue such as the skin unaffected.
How does CoolSculpting Work By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits
When Do You See Results?
Neither method shows immediate results as the body's own natural processes work to remove and dispose of the dead fat cells over time. And best of all, as a kid, we have all the fat cells we are going ever to have.  So, when we gain weight, we are not getting more fat cells in our body, they are just getting larger (and some can split into very overweight people). Because we do not grow new fat cells, the treated areas fat cells are gone forever with CoolSculpting!

Where does the fat go with coolsculpting By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Where Does The Fat Go From CoolSculpting & Red Light Therapy?
This is a question I asked as well. As I mentioned above our fat gets bigger and shrinks as we gain and lose weight. So, for the Slim Light Therapy, after the fat is released, it is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol and enters the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the fatty acids can be either used as fuel or quickly eliminated by the body through your liver.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, a percentage of your fat cells (in the target treatment areas) are killed, allowing them to release the fat they have been storing, which is metabolized by the body over a few weeks and gone forever.

However, it's important to understand that neither of these procedures are a for weight loss.  Both freezing & melting the fat cells naturally causes them to release their contents so they can be more readily burned off, when you are working out and or with your daily activity.  In addition to these procedures, you do have to eat right and exercise for optimum results.

The benefits of combining coolsculpting with red light therapy By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Why Combine CoolSculpting With Slim Light Therapy
Both procedures offer different results but work amazingly together and this is why I decided to take advantage of the “Total Body Bundle Package” offered at Slim Silhouettes.

You start with the Slim Light Therapy first as it melts away the fat (but does not kill it), so when you follow up with the CoolSculpting, there is less fat to work with, so you will get better results quicker, and the cost is much less than if you just did CoolSculpting.  Also, CoolSculpting isn't designed to tighten and treat the skin; it just kills the fat dead. Hence, the Slim Light therapy is paired with the CoolSculpting to help stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of cellulite, helping you to reach your overall goal of total fat loss.

Banish the bulge a review on CoolSculpting and Red Light Therapy at Slim Silhouettes By Barbies Beauty Bits

Who Is A Right Candidate For CoolSculpting And Slim Light Therapy?
I will say that these procedures are not for everyone. They are geared towards people who are looking to lose stubborn fat that just won’t go away with exercise or diet: it's most definitely not an alternative to healthy weight loss.

CoolSculpting review By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

My Fat Loss Journey
I am inviting you to join me on my fat loss journey. I recently started this treatment and will keep you guys in the loop on the procedures, behind the scenes, unedited photos, updates, CoolSculpting before and afters, Red Light Therapy for weight loss before and afters, and real results.

In the meantime, check out my video below on my first visit to Slim Silhouettes and my first therapy session. Also, if you are looking to find out more and don’t want to wait around for my tips and results, you can get a Complimentary no obligation consultation & computer body analysis, by clicking here!


October 2, 2018

The Benefits Of Turmeric And Skincare

The Benefits Of Turmeric And Skincare By Barbies Beauty Bits

I am such a big fan of turmeric I first started out using it for inflammation when I hurt my back. But beauties let me tell this spice has some many benefits including skincare!

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.  It is used to help heal and prevent dry skin, slow signs of aging, diminish wrinkles, and improve skin’s elasticity!  Wait, it does all of this… YES and more!

What Is In Turmeric That Is Good For You

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. The plant’s intense healing power primarily comes from Curcumin, its main active ingredient.  Curcumin is packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory firepower that promotes an incredible range of healing benefits.  Although it only takes up 3% of the plant, companies will extract this and concentrate the compound into a nutritional supplement.
What Is In Turmeric That Is Good For You By Barbies Beauty Bits

How Turmeric Can Benefit Your Skin
As mentioned above turmeric has some great antioxidant properties and this is why I love to implement it in my skincare routine.  Turmeric has many beauty benefits, for example...
  • It is high in antioxidants that can slow down cell damage.
  • It’s great to use to exfoliate the skin.
  • Improves skin’s texture
  • It helps with inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.
  • It helps reduce pigmentation and even out the skin tone.
  • Great for anti-aging 
Turmeric DIY Face Mask By Barbies Beauty Bits

Turmeric DIY Face Mask
While there are tons of skincare products out there. I do like to make my own DIY mask with capsules, like those from Turmerical. One of my favorite Turmeric DIY skincare masks is the Yogurt, Honey, and Turmeric Face Mask.  See below how to make this awesome mask.

  1. One teaspoon of Turmeric 
  2. Two tablespoons of Greek yogurt
  3. 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey
  • Combine the ingredients together in a small bowl.
  • Stir until the ingredients are completely mixed.
  • Apply the mask to your face using a soft brush. (A CLEAN old makeup brush works great)
  • Relax and let the mask sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the mask off with warm water. 
  • This can stain so be careful when preparing and using.
How Turmeric Can Benefit Your Skin by Barbies Beauty Bits

Other Uses Of Turmeric
Regular intake of Turmeric Curcumin has been scientifically shown to naturally reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, prevent deteriorative brain diseases such as Alzheimers and cancer, promote weight loss, improve digestive health, and significantly reduce chronic joint pain and Arthritis.  How can one supplement have such a powerful impact across such a broad range of health conditions?  The magic is in its life-altering anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Here are a few other ways turmeric can help your body according to Turmerical.
  • Increase brain function and lower risk of brain disease
  • Lower your cholesterol and risk of heart disease
  • Reverse aging and improve skin health with powerful antioxidants
  • Reduce chronic joint pain and pain related to Arthritis
  • Improve your memory
  • Promote weight loss


September 19, 2018

Win A BFF The Ultimate Sonic Skincare Tool Valued At $120

I am all about some skincare, especially exfoliation and beauties do I have something great for you, the BFF (Best Face Friend)

And now you will have the chance to win one. And if that wasn't good enough, the first 300 to enter get will receive FREE Scrubby Buddy!

Tell Me About The BFF
This sonic cleansing device is designed to give you a simple solution to improve the quality of your skin!

The BFF's unique high-frequency vibration technology releases blackheads, clogged pores, dirt & oil for a more youthful complexion!

With only 5 minutes per day, start to see brighter and smoother skin in 2 weeks!

The BFF also increases blood flow to the face allowing breakouts to heal faster, your skin to tighten, leaving you with soft glowing skin.

Win a BFF (Best Face Friend) + Free Express Shipping! ($120 value)

Second Place Prize

First 300 to Enter Get a FREE Scrubby Buddy! ($15 value) 


September 14, 2018

Fall Is In The Air And So Is A $2000 Giveaway

Fall Is In The Air And So Is A $2000 Giveaway By Barbies Beauty Bits

By all these lovely tokens September days will soon here, With Summer's best of weather and Autumn's best of cheer... And I'm sharing with you a contest, which you most certainly want to hear!

That's right beauties, with Fall right around the corner, what better way to kick off my favorite season than with a chance to win some money???

I am so excited to co-host, "The Autumn Adventures" $2000 cash prize giveaway.  Myself along with some of your other favorite bloggers have partnered up to give you the chance to "fall" into Autumn the right way with some extra spending money and who doesn't like money?

Some Things To Keep In Mind About This $2000 Giveaway:
    • Giveaway will open on 9/15/18 @12AM EST and ends on 10/15/18. @11:59 PM EST. 
    • There is one mandatory entry with multiple bonus entries. Only the mandatory entry needs to be completed in order to win, however the more bonus entries completed the more chances you have to win.
    • There are daily entries as well. 
    • Must be 21 years or older to win.
    • Four (4) winners will win $500 Paypal cash or Amazon GC. 
    • Entrants must complete entries and each winning entry will be verified. 
    • If selected winner does not complete or verify entry a new winner will be chosen. 
    • Winners will be notified no later than 10/20/18. 
    • Winner will be emailed and must respond to claim prize within 48 hours via the email they signed into the widget with. If winner doesn't respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen. Once winners have claimed prizes they will be announced on the Winner's Circle page and sent to co-hosts. 
    • Void where prohibited.
    Fall Is In The Air And So Is A $2000 Giveaway By Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure to click on the Barbie's Beauty Bits links below to enter and follow my favorite Makeup Brush Company Miracos On Instagram as well as the others.  Keeping in mind, the more you do, the higher the chances of you winning the Cash!

    ...Don't forget to check out our other contests 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    September 13, 2018

    Fashion Favorite Watches For Fall, Plus A $300 Gift Card Giveaway

    Fashion Favorite Watches For Fall, Plus A $300 Gift Card Giveaway By Barbies Beauty Bits

    With the change of seasons upon us, having seasonally appropriate accessories are just as essential as your must-have fall clothes, and this goes for watches too. And My Gift Stop has the perfect selection of watches to step up your fall look!

    A watch for women has always been a fashionable accessory and statement piece. Some fashionistas look toward using their sparkling mobile phone for their timepiece needs. But that doesn’t mean that you can't have a little timepiece bling on your wrist as well!

    Fall is my favorite season. Not only is it beautiful outside, but a fall wardrobe is my favorite and adding some awesome accessories like some watches from My Gift Stop, can help you to elevate your look with some stylish timepieces instantly! And at a great price.

    See some of my favorite watches for fall below.

    Citizen Watches On Sale For 50% Off
    I am a big Citizen Watch fan and I just noticecd on the website that I can get a watch for 50% off by using code With Coupon CITIZEN50

    Citizen watches 50% Off My Gift Stop by Barbies Beauty Bits

     50% Off Citizen Watches At My Gift Stop by Barbies Beauty Bits

     Cluse Watches On Sale For 60% Off
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     Cluse Watches On Sale For 60% Off By Barbies Beauty Bits and My Gift Stop
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    As Seen On Enter Online Sweeps.

    August 26, 2018

    PrettyLitter - Health Monitoring Cat Litter Delivered To Your Door Monthly

    PrettyLitter - Health Monitoring Cat Litter Delivered To Your Door Monthly By Barbies Beauty Bits

    Being your resource for all things BEAUTYful, sometimes I share the BEAUTY with my Kitties, Miss Bella & Piper.  They love to see all the packages I get, and when one is for one of them, I know they are thinking…PURRfect, love it when you get us some goodies too! And with that, I am here to share with you PrettyLitter!

    Yes, I have the word Pretty and Litter in the same sentence, which intrigued me as well.  It is because this product is Pretty Darn PAWesome.

    The benefits of PrettyLitter Cat Litter By Barbies Beauty Bits

    Not only does it help with odor, but PrettyLitter's formula makes it easier for you to use and clean your litter box. Its highly absorbent crystals do not clump, but instead absorbs moisture, traps all odor, and eliminates the urine. That means less work, no odor and less mess and less danger on your kitty, as while scooping litter can be convenient, it can be potentially dangerous. Why?  Well, not until I received the PrettyLitter did I know that the bentonite which expands upon contact with moisture in traditional clumping litter can expand within your kitties’ digestive track. WTF? I never knew this.

    Think about it, after your kitty is done doing his or her business, they step out of the litter box, lick their paws, and that clay they just licked and swallowed may expand within their digestive tract. But not with PrettyLitter as it uses non-clumping crystals that are safe for cats, even when they breathe or ingest it.

    And if that is wasn’t good enough, another thing this litter does is it helps to keep tabs on your cat’s health, by changing color!

    PrettyLitter Changes Color Based On Your Cats Illness By Barbies Beauty Bits
    PrettyLitter Changes Color Based On Your Cats Illness Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

    PrettyLitter Changes Color Based On Your Cats Illness
    When cats show pain, it is usually severe as cats are notorious for hiding illnesses, so it's often hard to tell if they are sick or in pain, and when they do it can be too late.

    One thing that intrigued me about PrettyLitter is that the litter changes colors if there is a potential health issue! Which makes it easier for us fur mommies to know if our cat(s) are experiencing a potential health issue before urgent medical care is needed, saving you money, stress and potentially your cat's life. Keep in mind this litter is a tool that can provide potential insights into your cat’s health, IT IS NOT A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS PRODUCT. So, refer to your vet as I AM NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Potential health issues that can be associated with color change include:

    Blue or Green + Alkaline
    If the litter reflects one of these colors, it can mean a high urinary PH which can lead to bladder crystal and stone formation and or certain types of urinary tract infections.

    Orange Tones = Acidity
    This color can mean your kitty has an abnormal acidity level, which may be a sign of metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis. Calcium oxalate crystals can be more likely to form in acidic urine, however from what I read acidic urine does not necessarily mean these crystals/stones are present, but it is the ideal environment for them to form.

    Red = Blood
    This could mean detection of blood, which may indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), bladder stones/crystals, kidney stones, bladder inflammation, certain types of kidney disease and clotting disorders. In rarer cases, it can also mean bladder cancer or an internal injury.


    Sometimes temporary color changes can occur because of a new diet, changes in environment or temporary stresses that can make their way into a cat's urine, causing it to signal colors outside the normal range. Hence, according to PrettyLitter, if you see a color change, observe the litter over a 24-48-hour period. If the color change persists, consider taking your cat to their Veterinarian for a wellness visit.

    Benefits of using PrettyLitter for you cat by Barbies Beauty Bits
    Other Benefits Of PrettyLitter

    If the above does not have you sold on this litter, there are a few more benefits of using this litter, see them below.
    • Last Longer… A single 4-pound bag lasts you an entire month. Unlike clumping litter, PrettyLitter absorbs and then eliminates moisture which means you do not need to keep adding more litter to your kitties’ litter box.
    • Delivered straight to your front door, every month, with FREE SHIPPING
    • Litter being shipped is so convenient as hauling those heavy boxes of litter up flights of stairs is such a pain. Plus, how many times have you forgot to get the litter and stinky, mad kitties! Not anymore.
    • Better Formula Than Traditional Cat Litter
      • Less Scooping
      • Less Dust And Mess
      • 80% Lighter
      • Safer
      • No fragrance additives
      • Save money
    Review on PrettyLitter Cat Litter by Barbies Beauty Bits
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    25% Off
    So, what are you waiting for? Join other happy cats and their fur mommies who are using PrettyLitter, by clicking here. Plus, if you use my code BARBIESBEAUTYBITS, you will save 25% Off!

    PrettyLitter The best cat litter for your cats health by Barbies Beauty Bits

    August 10, 2018

    Back To College In Style With Designer Watches, Handbags And More- Plus A $300 My Gift Stop Giveaway

    Back To College In Style With Designer Watches, Handbags And More- Plus A $300 My Gift Stop Giveaway By Barbies Beauty Bits

    Classes are back in session or at least they will be soon and with that comes some much-needed items for college students, regardless of your age.  While practical gifts are always great, there are some items that college goers want to show up in style without breaking the bank and My Gift Stop is here to help with great everyday deals and now BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! Save 10% off entire order with coupon BTS2018

    Why I Love My Gift Stop
    I am a big Fan of My Gift Stop as I’m sure you can see from my numerous posts. I so love their easy shopping of some of the world’s most popular brands. Plus, their direct relationship with manufacturers allows them to offer some of the world’s most popular brands, enabling us to purchase luxury goods, like brand name watches, designer bags, Prada sunglasses, fragrances, and other in style goodies for men and women at heavily discounted prices!

    And if that wasn’t good enough, My Gift Stop is dedicated to giving back to society, donating 5% of every sale to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief.

    So, if you want to see my top picks to go "Back To College In Style" continue reading!
    A Michael Kors Hand Bag

    Michael Kors bags are a significant investment, they are high quality and will last you for years and this is why this brand is a must in my book.
    Michael Kors Bags For Cheap At My Gift Stop By Barbies Beauty Bits
    A Gift Of Time

    While most will have their cell phone on them 24/7, a beautiful watch can be a great accessory to your back to school wardrobe.

    Invicta Watch From My Gift Stop And Barbies Beauty Bits

    Caravelle 44L163 women's New York crystal bezel silver dial rose gold steel bracelet watch At My Gift stop by Barbies Beauty Bits

    Head Phones
    Drown out that noise so you can study with some wireless great headphones, like this Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth one from Skullcandy.

    Skull candy headphones for college students from My Gift Stop and Barbies Beauty Bits

    A Kate Spade Wallet/Bag
    Something small and versatile that can fit your college ID, drivers license, gift cards and other small necessities. and this Kate Spade bag has my nieces name all over it!

    Kate Spade Deal At My Gift Stop By Barbies Beauty Bits

    Block out those rays, no matter the time of year with these classic Ray-Ban RB 
    Ray Ban sunglasses for cheap for that college student at My Gift Stop by Barbies Beauty Bits

    Beauty Box Subscription

    While this is not a My Gift Stop item it is something that I got my niece as it gives her a variety of some of the seasons hottest makeup items, without the cost of going to Sephora or shopping directly online. 

    I love monthly beauty box subscriptions as these companies are able to get you so much more product for 80% off basically.  One of my favorites is Boxycharm and for around $20 a month, you can try all kinds of makeup as well as makeup brushes. Each box has a palette and other full-size items (4-5) with a value of over $100!

    Get this box today by using this CODE at checkout Barbi-WZUWABDC

    Get Boxy Charm Subscription today by barbies beauty bits

    And if your college student is a picky one, we have the best of all with a $300 Gift Card Giveaway To My Gift Stop.

    Back To College In Style With Designer Watches, Handbags And More- Plus A $300 My Gift Stop Giveaway By Barbies Beauty Bits
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    Giveaway Rules:

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