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September 28, 2020

Top Self-care Beauty Essentials For Men


Top self-care beauty essentials for men? Yep, you read right; it isn't only women who should have a beauty regimen. Men need to take care of themselves, too.  And guess what they are!

Times have changed as men are taking a lot more pride in their physical appearance. Just like they would not let their car or home become run down because of the lack of proper maintenance, men realize upkeep similar to their home is needed for themselves!

So if you are a man reading this or want to share with that special male friend in your life, continue reading on some top self-care beauty essentials for men.

Look At The Ingredients In Your Products
Before we start with some product suggestions, we want to point out that you want to be mindful of the ingredients. Yes, I know you may feel like you need a dictionary every time you look at the ingredient list. But an effective beauty routine doesn't have to be complicated.

For example, if you have sensitive skin, you want to stay away from products that have artificial fragrances and synthetics in them as these ingredients can cause your skin to become dry and irritated. Also, you want to avoid alcohol-based products as they tend to be overdrying.

These tips can also be applied toward purchasing any beauty product; read the label and remember that just because it smells good does not mean it is good for your body!

Best Skincare Products For Men BY BARBIES BEAUTY BITS

Implement A Skincare Routine
As I always say, men have skin too. And if you're a guy that merely washes your face with soap and water and think that counts as your skincare, it's time for you to reconsider your skincare game.

While I am not suggesting going out and purchasing all kinds of skincare products to have a successful regimen, it is essential to implement a routine with the right skincare products.

You see, the skin is our largest organ and performs many functions essential to staying healthy beside just looking good.  Simply put, the skin is our first line of defense against environmental factors. Meaning it serves as a barrier between our organs and the outside world.  So why wouldn't you do everything you can to guard this protective barrier?

A man's skin tends to be thicker than a women's; however, when it comes to grooming and beauty products, they are similar, apart from packaging and the scents used.   So without further ado, check out some of my top self-care beauty essentials for men.

Top 6 Self-care Beauty Essentials For Men

Although shaving does exfoliate the skin, you want to make sure to add some additional exfoliation to help remove any impurities and dead skin cells. An excellent skincare approach is to exfoliate your face with a Sonic Cleansing device, like Michael Todd Beauty's Soniclear For Men, before a shave. This will allow you to get a tighter shave, which equals smoother skin. Also, cleansing and exfoliation before you shave will cut down on the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

michael todd soniclear for men by barbies beauty bits

Your Skin May Be Clean But Is Your Towel?
After shaving and exfoliating your face, it's best to pat dry with a clean towel, but is your cloth clean? Washcloths can become an ideal nesting place for mildew, bacteria, and more. The last thing you want to be doing it putting this back on your clean shaved face and opened pores. Yes, this may seem simple, but you must use a clean, fresh towel after each shave as aside from infections and blemishes, bacteria can cause inflammation, which can lead to premature aging! In lamen's terms a dirty towel can cause you to age quicker!!! NEXT...

A towel to consider is MUE. Do not let the name fool you. It is not just used to remove makeup.  One side is for erasing, meaning it removes all traces of dirt or makeup. The other side is for exfoliating. This bad boy is reusable, machine washable, & lasts 3 to 5 years.

MUE for me by barbies beauty bits

The Wrong Water Temperature Can Age You
Do you know that feeling after a long day, all you can think about is a hot shower? Or even using hot water to shave with?  Well, newsflash, that hot water can cause premature aging!  WTH? Yep, while it may feel good, your skin is screaming at you as heat causes inflammation, which can break down collagen and elastin, making you age more quickly, and no one wants that, not even a man!

TreCeuticals Skincare For Men BY BARBIES BEAUTY BITS

3 Steps, 3 Key Ingredients, 3 Minutes A Day Skincare Routine

The Power of Three + Full Spectrum Oil
Three powerful active ingredients, three simple steps, three minutes a day is all you need, now guys, how easy is that? Well, it is not a dream. It is a reality with the brand TreCeuticals.

For most men, dipping their toe in the world of skincare can be overwhelming, and TreCeuticals realizes this is the case for both men and women, which is why they have created a simple 3-step skincare routine that combines three highly effective active ingredients to exfoliate, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Plus, their secret sauce, which is CBD oil. 

3 Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare Ingredients

  1. RETINOL Increases cell turnover, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and pores while enhancing texture and tone.
  2. HYDROXY ACIDS Smooth, brighten, and exfoliate your skin allowing new cells to emerge and create that youthful glow.
  3. ANTIOXIDANTS Nourish, protect and rejuvenate your skin while reducing the harmful effects of free radical damage.

FULL SPECTRUM OIL Known for its soothing and healing benefits, this CBD oil is sourced from certified organic providers.

The TreEssentials starter kit has everything you need to achieve a smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin, including...

  • Priming Cleanser
  • Infusing Hydrator
  • Sunday Peel
  • Everyday But Sunday
  • Mist Me Baby

CicBeauty Ultrasonic Grooming Brush For Men By Barbies Beauty Bits

CicBeauty Ultrasonic Grooming Brush

This is a cool brush. I even have one that I use on my hair extensions and wigs, but men do not let that scare you as it is designed with men in mind  It is a perfect item to take when going on a business trip or to toss in your gym bag!

This grooming brush uses an ultrasonic spray technology with the choice of your favorite a.c.e. elixir to deliver precise tiny droplets that will penetrate deep into the cuticle of your hair—infusing your hair with moisture leaving it with soft and pliable touch.

It is also great for refresh of your hair style even second day hair without having to wash and style again. Because the grooming brush is designed to reactivate existing products in the hair without using heat (no hair damage)

CicBeauty Grooming Brush Kit For Men By Barbies Beauty Bits

Other Benefits:

  • Boosts hydration
  • Ensures your hair is free from frizz and flyaways
  • Its massage feature stimulates your scalp and hair follicles.
  • Light, portable, and rechargeable.
  • Luxurious scent and great for on the go

Check out what is included in this grooming package kit:

  • 1x Cic Beauty Brush
  • 1x Mini a.c.e for Hydration and Shine
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Refill dispenser bottle

GET 40% OFF Grooming Package with Code: 

The best tools for manscapping by barbies beauty bits

Shaving, Manscapping, And Other Hygiene Necessities
You want to make sure you are purchasing the right tools for the job, which goes for proper grooming. Not only does a man's sensitive area require it, hygiene demands it, and Manscapped is here to help with their "Performance" package.  

The Performance Package

This "package" includes premium formulations for the below-the-waist hygiene of the modern man. Plus, items like the "weed whacker" to help the other areas where there may be unwanted hair, like ears, nose. And for those unsightly back hairs, nipple hair, hairy bum, bush like balls, and more, the "lawnmower" can you help!

The Lawnmower To Remove All Unwanted Body Hair

This total-body trimmer can do everything you need at helping you to trim or get rid of that unwanted body hair!  And no worries you can easily remove the hair without scraping away a layer of skin, like you would with a razor, as it is designed to handle coarse and curly hair without tugs and pulls. And if you do their Crop Reviver, "The Ball Spray Toner" can cool, calm, and protect your family jewels after a good shave.

Manscapped peak hygiene kit review by barbies beauty bits
Kit Includes:
  • The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 - skinsafe™ electric trimmer
  • Crop Preserver™ - anti-chafing ball deodorant
  • Crop Reviver™ - Ball Spray Toner
  • MAGIC MAT™ - disposable shaving mats
  • The Weed Whacker™ - ear & nose hair trimmer

Free Gifts:

  •     The Shed - travel bag ($39.99 value)
  •     Manscaped™ Boxers - anti-chafing boxers ($19.99 value)

All kidding aside, while this brand does use sophomoric humor in their advertising, they have taken a more open and confident male culture that results in guys being way more proactive around self-care and health. Hence, they've partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to raise awareness about the most common form of cancer in men aged 15-35 and provide help and support to fighters and survivors, and caregivers.

Best teeth whitner for men by barbies beauty bits

Pearly Whites
In the world of selfies, social media, and more, people see a snapshot of your teeth, whether you want them to you or not. And while you may be brushing your teeth regularly, a smile is a lasting impression, and if you have discolored teeth, it can come across as a dirty mouth to others, just saying!

In case you did not know, your teeth can become stained from drinking coffee, smoking, even some types of food can stain your teeth. Hence you want to look for a product that contains baking soda and teeth whitener.

The cheapest place to start is with a whitening toothpaste. But I suggested taking it up a notch and try the Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit & Pen Combo.

Get this teeth whitener set for 90% OFF by Using Code: BARBIESBEAUTYBITS


September 27, 2020

How To Get Beach Wavy Hair At Home


How To Get Beach Wavy Hair At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits

Get beach wavy hair at home? Tell me more! Yep, beauties, that is precisely what I am going to do. I love the beach wavy hair look, no matter the time of year. Those chic loose tousled curls look effortlessly, although they can be a bit difficult to achieve in reality. But fret no more as I am here to help you get those beautiful beach curls, minus the cost of going to a salon.

So if you are ready to have some beach'n looking hair, continue reading dudes, or should I say dudettes?

Have Patience
You have to be patient and have time to dedicate if you want your hair to look effortlessly. Kind of seems contractive, and yes, it is. Unless you already have some loose curls, the after the beach look is a myth for those everyday hair gals! Hence, you have to set aside at least an hour to do your hair; otherwise, it will be a hot mess! PERIOD.

Prep The Hair
You want to prep your hair with a volumizing product, which is why I recommend trying an all in one, like Bumble and Bumbles surf shampoo and conditioner. These products HELP to give you sea-breezy hair texture and extreme volume.

Next, I like to add a salt water-based styling surf spray that adds texture, volume, and hold for waves that mimic a fresh-off-the-beach look. You want to make sure your hair it damp, you do not want dripping wet hair when you are adding hair styling products to it. When applying you want start from the tips of your hair, scrunching your hair upwards with the palms of your hands.This is the start of shaping your waves.

Secondly,  while I love a surf spray, this product alone can be a bit drying and matte, so I also use CICbeauty's A.d.e.p.t. Complex hair serum with this!

How to get beach wave ahir by barbies beauty bits

Split Your Hair Into Sections
Remember how I said you need time to do this. It is because you have to do it in sections to get the achieved look, just like a salon that separates your hair from bottom to top, pinning the rest of your hair up and out of the way so they can style.  It would be best if you did the same at home.  Depending on the thickness of your hair, you need to do your hair in two-three inch sections.

Having The Right Hair Tools
Now that your hair is prepped and pinned on the head with the first section ready to go, you need to go for the right beauty tools. This is the biggest problem, the right equipment, aka hair tools. I'm not sure about you, but when I try to give myself beach waves with a curling iron alone, I seem to overdo it with tight curls, or they are so loose that as soon as I step outside, the beautiful creation turns to frizz!  Which is why you need to make sure you dry your hair correctly first. 

Cicbeauty 3-In-1 Universal Diffuser Collection Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Diffuse The Hair For The Perfect Beach Wave Curl
The first tool to help you achieve the perfect beach wave curl is a hairdryer diffuser. One brand that sticks out above the others is Cicbeauty 3-In-1 Universal Diffuser Collection With A.d.e.p.t Complex Serum. Recall how I mentioned above that you needed to add a serum to your beach spray, well now you will see why I so love this universal 3-In-1 Diffuser.

First is the serum that adds the needed softness and tames down the dryness you get from the textured products. What makes this so amazing is that I do not add the serum directly to my hair; the Diffuser infuses it. WHAT??? Yep, this Diffuser is like a mister that adds hydration to your hair, allowing for soft curls. And the best part is you can use it with your favorite hair dryer.

So how does this work? Well, the inside the base of the attachable Diffuser are two clips to insert the included sponges where you add a few drops of the A.d.e.p.t® Complex Serum on top of the sponge.

Unlike other hair products that sit on top of the hair that can weigh down the hair, this Diffuser helps to penetrate the serum into the hair.  The trick is it is being infused when your hair is damp, and the cuticle is open, locking in moisture from the outside in.

I also like the Diffuser's angled attachment neck, as it makes it easy to use for all of those sections. No excuses now, beauties as this Diffuser allows you to do each section without tangling the hair or strain on the neck to get all areas by yourself.  

Tips To Get Beach Wavy Hair By Barbies Beauty Bits

Using The Lifter To Dry And Set The Hair
To get beach wavy hair, you want to use the lifter attachment, as it is perfect for lifting at the roots. See the step by step directions below.
  • Start with an approximate 2-inch section of hair.
  • You want to twist the hair to give it that wave definition.
  • Place the sectioned twisted hair in the lifter bowl.
  • Flip your head forward so that your damp hair is hanging forward and gently diffuse in an upward motion and then move to a different area and do the same thing.
  • Dry on high heat.
  • Set curl with a blast of cool air from the hairdryer. This switching between hot and cool air helps to secure the curl formation and shuts the cuticle properly.

Fine-tune The Ends Of Your Hair
The key to effortless-looking beach waves is for the end of the hair to be straight. You can do this by using a flat iron, big barrel curling iron or round brush for touch ups.

how to diffuse wavy hair By barbies Beauty Bits

Final Touches For Perfect Beach Wavy Hair
To get that soft flowing wavy look, once curls are COMPLETELY cool, gently run your fingers through the hair. To add more volume, run your fingers through the hair from underneath, lifting up—and whatever you do, do not use a brush or comb. While I know they do this at the salon, you need to be a pro to do this, and if you are not, you can mess up all the work you just put in, with a brush, TRUST ME!!!

The Finish
To keep beach waves in place, you want to finish with a styling spray, preferably a dry hair texture spray. Wet hair spray can way the hair down; it can also cause it to look hard and sticky.

10% Off For You!
In the midst of writing this post, I reached out to CicBeauty and they were kind enough to offer my readers a 10% discount!! I am a big fan of their product and I hope you will be too!! Simply use code: BARBIESBEAUTYBITS2 at checkout!

How To Get Beach Wavy Hair At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits


September 26, 2020

How To Get Rid Of The Mummy Tummy

How To Get Rid Of The Mummy Tummy By Barbies Beauty Bits

Getting rid of the mummy tummy, can be difficult. Especially with hectic schedules, limited hours in the day, having to be the mom, teacher, provider, and more, many women do not have the time for themselves, let alone finding time to go to the gym.   And aside from finding time to workout, finding time to cook and resist those prepackaged meals filled with processed foods and sodium is so hard, especially now during the pandemic.

The bottom line, weight loss is an ongoing struggle for many of us. And for those who do try to implement proper eating and exercise, it may not always be sufficient to get us that 20-year-old body we once had! Especially after having a few children or just those other stubborn fat accumulation areas that never go away, no matter what.  And I am not talking about right after birth, but for those with loose, damaged stomachs, whether from multiple pregnancies, weight loss, or simply age!

Tummy Tuck After Pregancy  By Barbies Beauty Bits

I've Tried Exercising But My Mummy Tummy Is Still There
This unwanted saggy skin and fat can affect many's perceptions of their figure and self-confidence, especially for those that bust their ass at the gym and still can't get rid of these stubborn fat areas, no matter what you try to do.

There is good news, however. Even the most stubborn fat pockets and loose, sagging skin can be treated cosmetically to give you your body back, with an abdominoplasty, AKA, a tummy tuck, to help get rid of that mummy tummy from a place like Alamo Plastic Surgery.

Is A Tummy Tuck Better
Personally, I will tell you hell yes a tummy tuck is better to get rid of stubborn body fat! Stay away from those marketed non-surgical substitutes for a tummy tuck. Aside from the minimized nasty side effects, they do not do the job of getting your body back!

While a tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery, requiring you to go under anesthesia, it can rejuvenate the entire abdominal area, especially removing the excess skin and stretch marks, typically from the lower part of the abdomen. And do not worry as while there is a scar, it can be hidden under most underwear and bikini bottoms. 

The tummy tuck treatment is the solution many women seek to get rid of their mummy tummy and a way to regain their confidence. As you will see in the info-graphic, the process is quite reliable, and with the help of a board certified tummy tuck plastic surgeon, recovery can be straightforward.

Infographic Designed By Alamo Plastic Surgery

September 22, 2020

Top Beauty Treatments For When You Are Bored At Home

Top Beauty Treatments For When You Are Bored At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits

Bored at home? Why not try some beauty treatments? 

Yes, we've all been there binging on Netflix, whiling away the time until we have something to do or somewhere to be.  However, when you are short on time and bored, it's hard to know what to do, especially because of the limits during this pandemic! You don't want to commit to something that will take too long or too much of your attention, like household chores. But, you've got time to kill and need something to help you to pass it.  Well, fret no more beauties, with some of my top beauty treatments for when you are bored at home!

Okay, to be honest, they aren't all treatments per se, and they certainly aren't all as life-changing as laser hair removal, but they will pass the time, help you look and feel great, and when you look and feel great, you do great!

7 Beauty Treatments For When You Are Bored At Home

Give Yourself An At-home Facial
An excellent facial needs time. But, you can give yourself a quick boost, cleansing, tightening, and improving tone with a Jade Roller and a 15 minute home face mask. If your skin is a little tired or dry, opt for a moisturizing mask with plenty of vitamins and minerals to brighten your skin. If you are struggling with blackheads, a charcoal mask might be a better use of your time. 

Best product to get rid of puffy eyes by barbies beauty bits

Bag Those Puffy Eyes
Say bye-bye to extra baggage by using a great eye cream infused with CBD!  Eye Love is a fantastic infusing eye cream that reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines for smoother, brighter, younger-looking eyes.  Speaking of eyes that brings us to our next must have.

Long Lashes With No Glue

No glue how is that possible? Well it is with this "Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit"
If you love long lashes, but getting them on is a nightmare this is a must for you. This kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic liquid that allow the eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is smudge-proof. No need for any sticky glue! 

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit By Barbies Beauty Bits

Pamper Your Feet
A little Pedi passion is excellent. One of the best ways to revive your feet and toes is with an at home pedicure. Because when your feet feel good, your whole body feels refreshed and energized.

Another great way to show those piggers some TLC is with an Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask. Make your rough heels and foot calluses a thing of the past. Your feet can look and feel baby soft again.

exfoliating foot peels by barbies beauty bits

Do Something Different With Your Hair
If you've got a busy lifestyle, you may have fallen into a pattern with your hair, either wearing it loose or throwing it up into a top knot when it needs washing. Free time at home is the perfect time to try something new. Watch a hair tutorial on YouTube on the latest top knot trends, or why not make some of your own clip-in hair extensions?

At Home Red Light Therapy For Your Face
Looking for the ultimate non-surgical solution for younger looking skin, then do I have a skincare regimen for you. The beauty tool, the Jelessi Torche combined with Venofye Iron Bee Vemon transforming cream. This powerful combination helps to target fine lines, wrinkles and maturing areas of your face and neck. Red light therapy is one of the safest, most effective natural skin treatments available by some top skincare professionals and now you can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home!

At Home Red Light Therapy For Your Face BY BARBIES BEAUTY BITS

Practice Face Yoga
Face yoga might not be a treatment as such, but it will tone and tighten your face, stretching your muscles and boosting circulation. The best thing is, you only need to do a few minutes a day to see results, and you can do it while you watch TV. 

Shave Your Face
Yes, you read that correctly. I said that women should shave their faces, and I am not talking about shaving to remove unwanted facial hair but instead shaving your entire face to help improve your skin tone, texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, I know you are thinking won't this make my peach fuzz grow back thick, dark, or coarse? The answer is no, it will not.  It will grow back the same texture as before shaving.


Shaving your entire face helps to soften the surface irregularities by mildly exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells more thoroughly than say with a facial scrub. It is less abrasive than microdermabrasion. It can also contribute to getting rid of the vellus hairs (peach fuzz) that we all have, which on some people can make their complexion a bit dull.

Furthermore, exfoliating your face by shaving also stimulates your skin to produce new skin cells and collagen (whenever there's trauma to the skin, collagen is stimulated to help cell renewal), which gives your complexion a smoother, radiant appearance. It can also soften the appearance of fine lines by removing the layer of dead skin that contained them.

To Sum It Up
Some of the best beauty treatments take time. You might have a self-care routine that you like to devote yourself to when you've got a free evening. But, they don't have to. Even if you've just got a free 30 minutes, there's plenty that you can do to boost your skin tone, improve your mood, and generally give yourself a lift by simply implementing so of these beauty treatments!

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