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January 30, 2015

Long Glamorous Hair In Minutes, With Effortless Hair Extensions

Long Glamorous Hair In Minutes, by Barbie's Beauty Bits and effortless hair extensions.

What if I told you slipping on hair could be as simple as slipping on a pair of shoes or your favorite jeans? Well, now you can with Effortless Extensions. Damage free hair, with no glue or clips!

Long glamorous hair is as easy as 1,2,3 with this product.  If you follow my blog regularly, you know I love hair extensions.  The color options they give along with adding volume and length, makes a great look for a night out or in my case, everyday! Check out my video review below on this product as well as how to place these in your hair.  In addition,  I've listed some  frequently asked questions.  Oh, and if you want to get your own  FEELsoREAL™ hair, you now can with 40% off, by using the code BEAUTYBITS2015.

 Frequently Asked Question, Per Effortless Extension

Are Effortless Extensions tangle free?

It is important to inform the consumers that our FEELsoREAL™ synthetic is not 100% tangle-free, as nothing is out there. Sometimes it tends to tangle a bit (only a bit) towards the bottom ends of the hair, but nothing a regular brushing or running your hands through can’t fix. Good maintenance and care is always key.


Do Effortless Extensions feel like real human hair?

It is pretty close, and they pride themselves in the fact that they have the best FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber in market that compares closest to the look and feel of real human hair. It’s virtually impossible to detect.


Can I sleep with my Effortless Extensions?

In general it’s not good practice to do so.  Effortless designed this product so that you can put on your extensions and take them off in matter of seconds, as there is no need to sleep with the hairpiece. The hair also comes with a specially designed Extension case. It’s perfect for keeping your Effortless Extensions maintained whether for everyday storage or travel!


What kind of brush is recommend to go with Effortless Extensions?

A loop brush is the best(see in my video what one of these look like). Also the you can purchase an exceptional pick comb that makes blending an absolute cinch.


What makes this synthetic fiber so unique and better than other brands?

A lot of research goes into the FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber every year and they strive to make it closer to human hair than ever before. Years of research have resulted in super quality fiber that is completely style-able, while maintaining the look and feel of real human hair. The colors are unbelievable as well.


Where do I place the Effortless Extensions on my head?

You place the circle above the ears, and the hair should sit just above and behind the ears.


How much hair do I pull through?

Do not pull all your hair through and always leave a layer under the extensions. For shorter hair, it’s best not to pull too much hair through.


How full are the Effortless Extensions?

I was so surprised at the volume of hair, it is amazing, The hairs weight is a full 130 grams, or 4.6 Oz.  You will be amazed!


What’s the best way to clean and wash the FEELsoREAL™ Effortless Extensions

First wash it separately, and Effortless hair recommends washing the hairpiece with shampoo and conditioner. It will be easier to manage and eliminates tangling during the wash.


What’s the best way to dry Effortless Extensions?

Letting it air dry is a good option. When using a towel just pat it dry, do not rub.


I’m having trouble curling the Effortless Extensions, what am I doing wrong?

It is essential that you moisten the hair with sprays of water before using a curling iron. It is also essential that you hold the shape of the curl for about 15 to 30 seconds (or until the hair cools down). Professional beauty shop curling irons are also strongly recommended, as the curls are easier to achieve at 150 degrees Celsius (300+ Fahrenheit).


What is the optimal level of temperature for using a flat iron?

Recommended temperature is 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit).


How long will the curls last on the Effortless Extensions?

New curls on human hair may start to loosen after a week, but the curls of our FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber maintain much longer with no visible difference for up to 30 days.


What is the maximum temperature the Effortless Extensions can withstand?

The FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber is heat resistant and can endure temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius (480 Fahrenheit) before reaching melting point.


Will the synthetic fiber catch on fire?

The FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber is flame retardant, meaning the fire is extinguished from the FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber *when and if* the flame is removed. Other competitor brands may burst into an instant fireball, but our FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber does not.

So there you have it, Long Glamorous Hair In Minutes, With Effortless Hair Extensions.  Don't forget the 40% off discount code(BEAUTYBITS2015) and get your gorgeous hair today! 

January 25, 2015

20 Mind-blowing Mascara Tips & Tricks

20 Mind-blowing Mascara Tips & Tricks By Barbie's Beauty Bits.
Mascara is one thing that I can't live without.  I think it is one makeup item that every woman should have in her makeup bag.  So for this Sunday Funday, I thought... let's have some fun with Mascara, and share with you, my mascara tips & tricks.

Starting Off Right:
Prep your lashes first, by starting off with a clean lash. You can do this by removing your makeup with the Makeup Eraser.  A chemical free way to remove your makeup with only water!  And you can register to win one, by clicking here!

Prevent Clumps:
  • Prior to application, you want to blot your mascara wand on a piece of tissue, this will help to remove any excess mascara.
  • When applying, do it in a zig zag approach. Starting at the base of your lashes and moving the wand in a upward sweep to the tips.

Fuller Lashes:
  • Apply some black eyeliner to the upper waterline.
  • Dust your lashes with powder, bronzer or a dark eyeshadow before applying your mascara. This will allow the mascara to adhere to the lashes, building thickness.  This is a great DIY approach to the fiber formula mascaras! Just 90% cheaper! 

     Make Your Mascara Last Longer:
    Up until a few years ago I always wore waterproof mascara, but I hated trying to remove it.  Until I learned a valuable trick from a friend of mine.  Combine a waterproof mascara with a regular mascara.
    • Apply a non waterproof mascara first, doing this will help with easy removal.
    • Place the waterproof mascara on top on the coat of non waterproof.
    • Combining the two will give you benefits on having a great smear proof curled lash, that will last all day, with easy removal.

    Apply To Both Sides Of Your Lashes:
    • Applying mascara to both sides of your lashes will make them look much thicker.
    • If you have lighter lashes this is a real bonus for you, giving you full coverage. 

    Holding The Brush Correctly:
    There are a few tricks I've learned over the years.  Holding your brush in different positions can give you different looks. 
    • Vertical: Holding your brush vertically will give you longer lashes.
    • Horizontal: Horizontal application will give you voluminous lashes. Make sure to apply in a zig zag motion, emphasizing on the base of the lashes and swooping upwards.
    • Bend the wand:  This is a bit hard to describe, but I'll do my best.  You can make use of an old mascara wand by bending the bristle area of the wand upwards (it will look like a right angle).  Doing this will enable you to get those hard to reach area's, like the corner of your lashes and other smaller lashes without a mess.

    Mess Free Application: 
    Getting mascara on your skin can be a pain, especially if you have already applied your makeup.  But fret no more as I have some great hacks to help with this! 
    • Apply your mascara by using a business card.  Simply place a business card right to the lash line, behind your lashes and apply your mascara.
    • Spoon: You can do the same thing by using a spoon. Place the spoon with the curved side out.  I usually do this when applying mascara to my lower lashes. 
    • Both approaches will prevent you from getting mascara on your skin, instead it will go on the spoon or card.  

    Revive Your Mascara:
    If find that your mascara is dried out or close to the end of the tube, there are a few tricks to help.

    • Take your tube of mascara & place it in the palms of your hands.Quickly roll the mascara tube back & forth between your hands for about 30 seconds.
    • You can also loosen your mascara by placing the closed tube in a warm glass of water.
    • By doing either of the above you create heat, which will soften & loosen the mascara and it won't seem as dried out, it revives and will apply like a new tube.
    • Another alternative, is placing a few drops of eye drops into your mascara.
    • IMPORTANT, make sure to keep in mind the safe time usage of your mascara.  If it is what we call in the makeup world “expired”, toss it in the trash don’t try to revive it.

    Taking Care Of Your Lashes:
    If you are not taking care of your lashes, none of these tricks will help you.  It is important when you are removing your mascara that you are not pulling or tugging on the eyelashes with hopes to get the mascara off. Over the years, I've seen to many women who have thinned out their own lashes on accident, simply from trying to remove their makeup.  You can safely remove your makeup with the Makeup Eraser.  A chemical free way to remove you makeup with only water! Plus, it lasts up to over 1000 washes, so you are saving money too!

    Try Before You Buy:
    With so many different kinds of mascara out there, you'd think there would be a way to find one you truly love or at least see what it looks like on you first. Well, there is with GlamST; the first virtual makeup tester, it’s a makeup lover’s dream come true. The app. allows you to test products from the comfort of your phone.  
    • Snap a selfie of yourself and upload it.
    • Once the photo is up loaded, you need to do a face, eyes, lips, etc. recognition.  By doing this it will enable you to test out the products in the correct areas.
    • You have the option to see before & after photos.

    So there you have beauties! 20 plus mind-blowing mascara tips & tricks, that will give you stunning lashes with every swoop of your mascara wand.

    January 18, 2015

    Discover The Top Beauty Tips For The Winter

    Disclaimer:  Some Affiliate Links Included In This PostDiscover The Top Beauty Tips For The Winter, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

    While the weather outside may be frightful, this doesn’t mean your makeup needs to be as well.  Being in the midst of these cold winter months, our beauty regimen can sure be effected by these blistering cold winds.  So today, I wanted to share with you some of my tips to still have that radiant beauty, even in the winter months.

    Prep your lips with exfoliation and moisturizer.
    • Moisturize: Your lips can get really dry and flaky in the winter months. Making your pout not so irresistibly soft.  Therefore it is important to moisturizer your lips.
    • Lip Products:  Stay away from using a thick lip gloss.  The cold wind makes it a complete mess when your find your hair or even the fuzz from a scarf, sticking to your lips.  Instead go with a moisturizing lipstick.
    • Exfoliate: To remove the access dead skin you want to exfoliate your lips.  You can do this with a lip exfoliating product, like this one for under $3 from ELF,  that sloughs away the dryness and replenishes providing instant hydration.
    Hats: I love hats and I’m not talking about a baseball hat. But a cute trendy one, like a newsboy cap or fedora. On top of being fashionable, and keeping you warm, you get another hair day as you don’t have to wash it, but rather just style it around the hat. Also, it can be an old faithful as I’d like to call them, to help when you are in a rush.   

    If you are bundled up in the cold winter, with a hat and even a scarf, the only thing that is really seen are your eyes and brows.  So while drawing attention to this area, make sure it is a sight worth to be seen.
    • Brows: You must not only maintain but groom.  Maintaining brows is like coloring your hair and not fixing it.  You need to take that extra step and purchase a brow kit, especially in the winter months. 
    • Mascara:  This is one thing that I can’t live without, but I make some changes in the winter months.
    • Product: Knowing the cold winter winds can be brutal causing your eyes to water, I change up and use  water proof mascara.
    • Application: If you don’t want to use a waterproof mascara, then you need to make sure that you are only applying your mascara to your top lashes. This can help minimize the raccoon eyes from the cold winds.
    Dry flaking skin is a nightmare to dry to apply makeup on.  This is one are you cannot neglect your skin in the winter months!
    • Starting Off Right.  To help the process along, I always recommend to start with a clean face.  But keep in mind washing your face too much with harsh chemicals can actually dry your skin out, which can lead to premature wrinkles.  This is why I recommend using the MAKEUP ERASER.
    • Exfoliating your skin will allow your products to better absorb, leaving you with better looking skin. This can also be accomplished by using the MAKEUP ERASER.
    • The order in which you apply your products can have an impact on the results.  This is why I am a strong believer in layering your skin care products.  Make sure you start with a clean face. You then want to apply your thinnest products first, like an anti-oxidant, next add the serum. Then seal it with a moisturizer, lastly add an SPF.   (Believe it or not you can get a burn in the winter from the wind and also the snow will reflective the sun right in your face). 
    Highlighting and Contouring: 
    • Perfect your highlighting & contouring routine. This will give you that right amount of vibrancy in the winter months.  
    • Be careful as not to have that cake on look. You want to balance out your cream and powdered products.  You can either stick with all creams or all powders.  
    • Having a heavy hand on both will cause you to get that caked on look, and in the winter if your skin is dry, you will emphasize your imperfections, and even make yourself look older.
    • Get the right products:  When contouring, you want to stay away from the orange or red based bronzers.  Instead you want to stick with ones that have a grayish tone to it, this will give you a more natural sculpted look. One product I suggest is actually a eyeshadow, as it has a combination of gray, brown and beige. (MAC Eyeshadow - Omega)
    • Highlighting: When highlighting you want to stick with a yellow based product, instead of white.
    The cost of having to change up what is in your beauty arsenal because of the season changes can be frustrating.  However, I have a great way to save on costs.

    Coupon codes are excellent.  There are a lot of codes online for this, so always google before you buy!

    Try before your buy?  Well you can.  With GlamST.,  an app for iOS that allows you to discover new makeup by choosing the styles you love and trying makeup on your photo. You can freely experiment from the comfort of your phone, try on makeup by snapping a selfie, choosing your style and seeing how makeup would really look on your face.

    Shop This Post... 

     For Exfoliation FOR FACE, LIPS & Chemical Free Makeup Removal Purchase The Makeup Eraser:



    January 14, 2015

    Discover The Positive Effect Caffeine Can Have On Your Skin

    Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of InstaNatural
    Views expressed were not influenced in anyway. 

    Discover The Positive Effects Caffeine Can Have On Your Skin, by Barbie's Beauty Bits
    Caffeine has been a popular Anti-Cellulite weapon for a few years. Whilst there is no non-surgical proven method that gets rid of cellulite, there are products and treatments like some from InstaNatural, which can visibly effect the way the skin feels and helps it to look better. The effectiveness on these products have to do with the activity the caffeine has on our skin.  In laymen’s terms, some of these products can improve the overall appearance of the skin by evening out the skin tone and texture.  Caffeine, depending on the percentage in the products, can affect the swelling that we get around the fat, hence making the skin appear smoother. 

    While, I don’t have a bunch of cellulite or stretch marks, I am a big fan of the InstaNatural line, and was curious when I was given the opportunity to test out their cellulite cream along with the stretch mark product.  Plus, with their lifetime satisfaction guarantee, what did I have to lose? Before I get into the details on the products, I would like to let you know about the brand.

    InstaNatural is a leading online and global distributor of more than a dozen nature inspired beauty and cosmetics. Their products are one of the top sellers on Amazon and can also be found in leading spas, salons and aesthetic centers in the US, as well as internationally. They are constantly in search of wonderful natural and organic ingredients from the around the globe, bringing us the absolute best.

    The Products:

    InstaNatural’s Cellulite Cream, By Barbie's Beauty BitsInstaNatural’s Cellulite Cream is a powerful solution uniquely formulated to help you achieve firmer, younger-looking skin. This topical cream contains a potent combination of Caffeine and Retinol, which evens out skin tone and texture by reducing the appearance of cellulite and dimples. Caffeine tones and tightens, while Retinol repairs and restores, so you can obtain long-lasting results for a firm and supple appearance.

    Key Ingredients:
    • Caffeine
    • Retinol
    • Cocoa Butter
    • Shea Butter
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin B5
    How to Use: Apply cellulite cream to clean, dry skin twice a day (morning & night). Massage onto affected areas vigorously until completely absorbed. Allow to dry.

    InstaNatural Stretch Mark Cream: Stretch marks are born when skin is stretched beyond its limit and the collagen is weakened, transforming into unsightly stripes on the body. InstaNatural’s Stretch Mark & Scar Cream is a unique blend of key ingredients designed to increase elasticity of the skin and diminish the appearance of these marks to restore a youthful look. Cocoa Butter, Rosehip Oil and Mango Butter deliver extraordinary nourishment and antioxidants, while Vitamin C revises your skin tone and texture for an improved look and feel. Your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth as the cream deeply moisturizes to fade away existing stretch marks and scars as well as prevent the formation of new ones.

    InstaNatural Stretch Mark Cream, by Barbie's Beauty Bits 
    Key Ingredients:
    • Vitamin C (15%)
    • Cocoa Butter
    • Rosehip Oil
    • Mango Butter
    • Grapeseed Oil
    • Evening Primrose Oil
    How to Use: Apply stretch mark cream to clean, dry skin. Massage onto affected areas until completely absorbed. Allow to dry. For best results, use twice a day (morning & night).

    Final Thoughts: Because I am not a pro in this, I consulted with an esthetician friend of mine. According to her, products with  caffeine dilate the blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissue.  It also increases the circulation, which can help with water retention.  Ultimately helping the skin to appear smoother. Combine that with the retinoid that helps to promote skin turn over, you can most certainly see some changes in the skins appearance, when using these types of products.

    While in the short time I've been using these creams, I was able to see a visible difference in texture of my skin. It was smoother and evened out, which was a pleasant surprise! A cellulite cure? Not sure about the long term effects.  But in the short term it most certainly helped to release toxins that helped my skin become more healthier in general.


    January 2, 2015

    Revealed: The Secret To Selecting The Correct Color Of Blush

    Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Paula Dorf.
    Views expressed were not influenced in anyway. 

    Revealed: The Secret To Selecting The Correct Color Of Blush, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

    Blush can either make or break a look. Do it wrong and you could look like bozo the clown, but if you do it right, you’ll be the hit...of the night. There is a trick to applying blush, and more importantly, to selecting the correct color. Choosing the right color blush similar to foundations or lipstick is determined based on your skin tone. So what colors look great on what skin tone? There are 3 skin tone types that I will be discussing, light, medium and dark.

    In addition to revealing what colors best suit you, I am also going to give you a blushing bonus so that you can start right away with the correct color!  For this blush series, I have partnered up with Paula Dorf cosmetics once again. And all of my readers are going to get 20% off of any Paula Dorf's Cheek Color purchase. Just use code CHEEK at checkout.

    Before I get into what shades looks best on what skin tones, I'd like to share with you a bit on Paula Dorf's Blushes. The line has 9 shades, which have a soft translucent natural glow and extraordinary staying power. With 9 options you will have no problem finding the right color for you!

    Light Skin Tone: If this is you, it is important to remember lighter is better. But not too light as you don’t want to wash yourself out.

    Colors: Pale Pink or Peach.

    Medium Skin Tone: Most women fall into this category.

    Colors: Mauve, Deep Peaches, Apricots. Medium and Rosey Pink.

    Dark Skin Tone: With this skin tone, you want to make sure that you choose a color that will show up and show off your features. You don't want to mute your skin with a color that is too light.

    Colors: Dark Mauve, Plum, Gold, Brick, and Orange Shades.

    How To Apply: Once you've determined your pigment, you can now define the color on your cheeks making your cheekbones pop, and showing off you beautiful features. Simply smile and with an angled brush, apply to the apples your cheek. Sweep it in an upward motion towards your temples. Important, you want to make sure that you do not have any excess product on your brush! To ensure this, tap the blush brush before use. This will clear any unwanted product, enabling a perfect application!

    So there you have it, the secret to selecting the correct color of blush. And don't forget to use the code CHEEK to get your 20% off, your cheeks will love you for it.

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