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December 8, 2012

Great Uses For Lemons

The many uses for lemons, by Barbie's Beauty Bits
Yeah, I know, the thought of cleaning can sometimes make us in a "sour" mood. But here are some great bits on how to turn lemons into lemonade!
Destroy Stinky Odors With Lemons
Nothing is more frustrating than a stinky garbage disposal. I mean, “Hey that’s why you put the food in the disposal as opposed to the trash can.”  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always prevent stink. Although there are some products out there you can buy to help alleviate this odor, nothing can stand up to fresh lemon juice!

How To: 
Run your garbage disposal and flush with water; while you are doing this cut some lemons.  Turn off the water and place the lemon wedges in the disposal, one at a time, while running the disposal… no more stink!

Another bad odor is stinky food like sour kraut or cabbage.  You can use lemon with this as well, by adding it to the cooking water.

Clean Mirrors With Lemons
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the cleanest mirror of them all?
Answer: If you use lemons, you do!  Fresh lemon juice will remove toothpaste, makeup, hairspray, and other gook on your mirror.  Depending on how dirty the mirror is, you have a few options. You can use straight lemon juice with a cloth, or a job that is not that intense, you can mix some lemon juice with some water in a spray bottle, and wipe with some newspaper.

Remove Wine From Your Shirt With Lemons
No more whining over a stain!
We’ve all been there, when we’ve spilled some red wine on a cotton shirt. We’ll no need to wine any more about this stain, as lemon juice can remove that too.

How To:  Create a paste, by combining salt and lemon juice; apply the paste to the stain and rub, and wash.  If it is an item that you would consider gentler, soak it with the mixture and wash it after.





  1. Had to send the wine secret to my daughter..
    she is a
    thanks for sharing

  2. Pretty photos. I love your posts


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