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June 7, 2013

How To Blend Your Way To A Flawless Face!

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No more caked on makeup with the Beauty Blender, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

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It's Time For Another FRIDAY FAVORITE... 

With a foundation applicator LOVE

This Weeks Favorite: The Beauty Blender, this is my secret weapon; it is a makeup tool must have!  This little pink beauty leaves you with a professional look and a flawless complexion. I PINKY swear by it!

About:  Now your face can have a smooth, flawless finish each time you use this beauty!  I’m sure at one point in time you’ve experienced a bad foundation applicator, whatever the reason.  But not any longer as this sponge is fool proof. I think it has a lot to do with its shape; the curves allow you to get easily in all those difficult areas.  Furthermore, the sponge eliminates all streaks, and when it’s wet, it expands to double its size for full face coverage.  Plus, it is latex free and non-allergenic. Can we say YEAH? This is probably why, this is the most used item by professional makeup artists, and now you know our secret!

How Do I Use This? 

  • I prefer to use it damp as it doesn’t absorb a lot of unneeded foundation, considering the costs of some foundations, why waste it on the applicator!  It’s important that if you want to use this wet that you squeeze out the extra water before using. 
  • Next, you want to pick up a small amount of your favorite foundation and apply to your face (make sure you have applied primer to your face first)!  
  • Apply your foundation using the stippling approach, which is basically tapping the sponge to your face, allowing for spectacular blending, with no streaking! 
  • The pointy end of the sponge permits you to get near your eyes, nose, and other small areas. This end also works wonders when it comes to covering blemishes. (I'm telling you this is one makeup applicator you must have in your makeup arsenal).

Cleaning:  As with all makeup brushes and applicators, cleaning them correctly and more importantly, often is essential.  I mean, why would you want to continually apply oil and dirt to your face?  You will if you don't clean your sponge regularly, so please clean correctly.

The Beauty Blender brand has a few options for cleansers. There is a liquid product as well as a travel-friendly alternative to the liquid, which is called Solid. The Solid comes with a custom grid to dry the Beauty Blender; I also use it to deep clean my other makeup brushes!   

BONUS: One really neat thing about this bad boy is you can put it in the dryer! However, make sure to use an air-dry setting.  NO HEAT!  

So there you have it beauties the secret to blending your way to a flawless face.  

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  1. The beauty blender is awesome I have one. I also have the cleaner and it is awesome. I had difficulty trying to get it cleaned with other products. If you haven't tried the blender version you need to. Until next time

  2. I have a tendency, with my pantry to pretty approaches, to make my own. But, I would say the cleaner that comes with this is worth the money.
    Thanks, for the comments

  3. I love the beauty blender, but I find that it is difficult to clean throughly. Any suggestions on how to clean the beauty blender correctly?

    1. I sure do, I will be posting about the solid beauty blender cleaner soon! Send me an email an I will answer what you need in the mean time

  4. Do you know any dupes for the beauty blender?

    1. I'm actually going to be doing a post... The Beauty Blender, is there a dupe? If you can't wait for the Beauty Blender Dupe post, send me an email an I can share with you the details. You can find my email address in the about me area.

      Thanks for stopping by

  5. What about some dupes?

    1. There are plenty of dupes on these. Target has some good ones.

  6. i wont go my parents wont let me go till i finish my exams

  7. I am very inexperienced when it comes to make up. Mine always looks cakey even with a beauty blender.


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