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December 17, 2012

Must Have Makeup Brushes For Your Face

What maekup brushes you should own and what they are used for by Barbies Beauty Bits

If you’re one who uses your fingers to apply your foundation, don’t. Your fingers can deposit oil on your face, along with bacteria, and then you pack that in with the foundation, Yuk!  Instead, you need to make sure you are using the correct makeup brushes.  Foundations already have oil in them to help with coverage, so you don’t need to add to it by using your fingers to apply.  By using a makeup brush, you will pick up the pigment, not the oil in the foundation. Using a makeup brush will also help with great coverage blend ability, without the oily look.

My Approach To Makeup Application: I look at the face as a blank canvass and your makeup brushes are the tools completing the wonderful masterpiece.  There are a lot of great brushes for your face that help you achieve a flawless, airbrushed look.  I’ve listed a few of them here. 

190 MAC Foundation Brush:  This thin MAC foundation brush gives you a smooth, airbrushed look. Its firm fibres work well with foundation, uh duh! This brush is better for applying to the face first, followed up with other brushes.

MAC 190 Foundation brush, a brush that gives you a smooth airbrushed look by Barbie's Beauty Bits.

187 MAC Duo Fibre Brush:  This MAC brush allows for a softer application, and works well with highlighting and liquid or cream products.  It is also known as a skunk brush, due to the black & white bristles.  The white hairs are synthetic and are used to pick up the product. The black hairs are goat hairs and are for buffing. Another name for this brush is a stippling brush.  What is a stippling brush you may ask? Stippling is a technique for applying liquid or cream foundations, blushes or highlighters. 

187 MAC Duo Fibre Brush, or Skunk brush, by Barbies Beauty Bits

134 MAC Large Powder Brush: I love this MAC brush as it covers a lot in a few quick swoops.  The fibres are soft and this brush provides the perfect application of powder to your face. 

134 MAC Large Powder Brush, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

116 MAC Blush Brush: This is a MAC tapered brush that picks up the right amount of color.  It really allows you to highlight your cheeks and face. 

116 MAC Blus Brush, a makeup brush you must own by Barbie's Beauty Bits

For some details along with pricing, you can go directly to the MAC WEBSITE.  It is a plethora of information; it’s like your own little pretty party online!

MAC Images : Mac Website



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  1. I have #184 and #137. Love them. And these last forever, great brushes. 💁


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