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April 3, 2016

Makeup Tips For Aging Skin

Makeup Tips For Aging Skin by Barbie's Beauty Bits

There are a few things that are inevitable in life and getting older is one of them.  But, making ourselves look older than we are after our teens is something we should not be doing.

It is natural to want to use makeup to hide some of our imperfections and aging skin. But you want to make sure you are going about it the correct way, and I'm here today to share with you a few makeup tips for aging skin.

As we get older, our skin loses collagen: this is what contributes to sagging skin.  Unfortunately, makeup can sit in these area’s, highlighting those imperfections as well as creating false wrinkles. YUKO, who wants more lines than we already have?!

So What Should You Be Doing?

Prep The Skin & Skincare
  • You first want to start with prepping the skin, by washing and moisturizing. Without proper skincare and prep, your makeup will fail you.  Also, keep in mind, that your topical treatment, along with your moisturizer, should be applied each morning and before bed each night to protect, nourish and maintain hydration. 
Use A Moisturizer With An SPF Daily
  • A moisturizer is vital to properly restore hydration balance to the skin's surface. Proper hydration improves firmness and revitalizes tone and texture.   Furthermore, if you get a moisturizer with an SPF, you will save yourself time and money! A great moisturizer will help to plump up your fine lines and more, so never leave home without it.

Skincare tips for aging skin, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Correctly Applying Your Skincare Product
  • There are so many wrinkle and line formations on our face, so attention to detail is essential.  When it comes to applying your skincare product, you want to use a circular motion focusing on the lines and wrinkled area.  AVOID pulling and tugging on the skin.
Adding A Prescription Retinoid To Your Skincare Regimen Skincare
  • Experts recommend: "Adding a prescription retinoid to your skin-care regimen.  This will help to smooth sun-damaged skin, clear up brown spots, and reduce other visible signs of aging."
  • Retinoids are the most documented and scientifically proven de-agers.
  • Over time retinoids can stimulate collagen production and increase the skin's water content. This helps to prevent sagging. 
  • Proper exfoliation removes dead skin build up and stimulates cellular turnover while making your skin look brightly polished and radiant.  If you don’t find a product to help remove the dead skin,  your face will start looking dull, dry and OLD! I recommend the Soniclear by Michael Todd Beauty, as it helps you to look younger while getting older!

Makeup For Aging Skin 

  •  Similar to the primer that you would apply to a wall before painting, you want to do the same with your eyes and face.  Makeup primer allows the color to adhere better, last longer, with little transparency and minimal fading.  Also, if you have an excellent primer, it will prevent creasing and false wrinkles. 

Makeup Tips for women over 50, by Barbie's Beauty Bits
  • Don’t cover yourself with a foundation. 
  • You want to avoid matte formulas as they can make your skin look dry, instead, use an opaque product to cover the broken capillaries and damaged areas. 
  • BB Creams and tinted moisturizers are amazing.
  • Use the correct color.  Choosing the wrong color is bad at any age, but with older skin, the goal is to minimize. When selecting a color you want to make sure you are staying as close as possible to your natural skin color. 
    • Test the product correctly, by applying it to your clean, makeup free face. NOT your under arm area that you've been told for years!
  • When it comes to blush, you want to make sure that you are mimicking your skin.  Natural radiant skin is the goal. 
  • Cream blushes are great for maturing skin as they are more moisturizing.
  • Make sure to apply in a circular motion to avoid a streaking look.
  • Stay away from contouring and bronzers. This will make you look like you some skin discolorations and draw attention to your aging skin.

Blush Tips For aging skin, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

  • Avoid dark lipsticks as well as glossy ones as they can slide into your lip lines, giving that feathering appearance. 
  • Dark lipsticks also make your lips look smaller. 
  • Go for a moisturizing lipstick.
  • Stay away from frosted eyeshadows. Instead, you want to look for softer shades. 
  • Heavily pigmented shadows as well as frosted or glitter can emphasize the wrinkled thin eye area. 
  • Neutrals are king for you. 
  • You want to avoid dark eyeliner as it can make your eyes looking droopy. Instead, try using a gel eyeliner.  You also will get a more even application, and it glides on smoother.
  • Try applying in a thin line.  Too thick of an application can age you.

So there you have it some of my top Makeup Tips For Aging Skin! Do you have any additional tips or suggestions? If so, please leave a comment below and I could share it with my readers.

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