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September 10, 2019

Top Four Myths About Plastic Surgery

Top Four Myths About Plastic Surgery By Barbies Beauty Bits

There are many common myths about plastic surgery and beauty for that matter.  Which is why in this blog, we like to educate and share tips on all things beauty, and this includes cosmetic procedures.

For this post, I have partnered up with some professionals, to help share and debunk the "Top Four Myths About Plastic Surgery." But I still recommend that you consult with someone in the medical field as I am not a medical professional.

So without further ado, my top Four Myths About Plastic Surgery!
plastic surgery myths by barbies beauty bits
Myth 1: Cosmetic Surgery Is All About Vanity
When most people hear the word plastic surgery, they often think of a breast augmentation or a facelift.  But the truth is plastic surgery is more than just volumptious breasts and looking younger.  See some of the real reasons people consider a cosmetic procedure below.

A lot of people consider a cosmetic procedure because of a life-long dream to correct that one thing about them that has seeped away at their confidence. Like a crooked nose from playing a sport or face scar, from their childhood.

There are procedures that a plastic surgeon can perform that is cosmetically corrective. Meaning procedures, whether surgical or nonsurgical that can help to amend something that is not fixable with conventional approaches. Like when a diet doesn't work for weight loss or a face cream for premature aging. They seek something like, CoolSculpting or Botox.

Plastic surgery can also be about making a life situation more comfortable. Let's take a very large bust, for example. Those that are top-heavy can end up having significant back problems, even severe discomfort. So the chance to have a breast reduction can help a person to live a more active, pain-free life.

What some people do not realize is that a lot of plastic surgeons can help with correcting birth defects like a cleft palate. And for a friend of mine who had breast cancer, a plastic surgeon helped her with some post-cancer breast reconstruction.

To sum it up, the right plastic surgeon is one that cares about the overall results after surgery, not just the aesthetics. Which is why, before any procedure, there is always a consultation.

information on board certified plastic surgeons by barbies beauty bits

Myth 2: All Plastic Surgeons Are Qualified
The sad truth is that not all plastic surgeons out there are scrupulous or even qualified. Some will prey on people’s insecurities and see it as an easy way to make money from them while promising life-changing procedures.

But even small procedures carry risks, bigger ones even more so - just take a look at these butt implant videos as an example.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a plastic surgeon who is licensed and certified.  And don’t just take their word for it or go by the framed certificate on the wall, do your research!

This includes:
  • Looking at their qualifications as not all plastic surgery board certifications are the same.
  • Look at their online presence, like social media.
  • Do they have an up to date website?
  • Always ask for before and after photos.
  • What type of reviews do they have?
  • More importantly, if you have a trusted friend who has gone to one, ask them about their experience. 
Another place I highly suggest is going to the RealSelf community. This is an online site that reveals the real story about each procedure and provides everything from before and after photos and stories posted by real people who've undergone a procedure, to forum discussions and doctor answers to your questions.

Bottom line, like anything we do in life, you need to do your research, especially when it comes to your body.

financing options for plastic surgery by barbies beauty bits

Myth 3: Only The Rich Can Afford Plastic Surgery
Although this may have once been the case, nowadays there are lots of options open for anyone who wants to have a cosmetic procedure.  And let's be honest if it were only for the rich and famous, there wouldn't be that many plastic surgeons.

In most cases, cosmetic surgery is considered elective surgery, and it is not covered under insurance, leaving most to pay with cash or put it on a credit card.  Plastic surgeons want to make themselves available to all, which is why, some of them offer 3rd party finance options, like through CareCredit.

Others also offer a discounted rate for specific procedures throughout the year, which is why it is a good thing to follow someone on social media, or sign up for their newsletter.  Better yet, sign up for a Reward Program like Brillant Distinctions, which is excellent for those who are considering Botox, Latisse, or fillers like Juvederm.

Top misconceptions about liposuction by barbies beauty bits
Myth 4: Liposuction Is Guaranteed For Permanent Weight Loss

While liposuction is a highly effective procedure, when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat in areas of the body, your surgeon will tell you that the fat may come back after you’ve had surgery.

Lipo is not a band-aid to permanent weight loss! To maintain a healthy weight, you must live a healthy lifestyle, to include a well-balanced diet and exercise.

So there you have it beauties, our top four myths about plastic surgery debunked.

And while many of the myths above may have been talking about cosmetic. A lot of these apply to many medical procedures. Which means at the end of the day, having any medical procedure needs careful thought and planning. You want to make sure that you are getting the work done for the right reasons with a qualified medical professional.

Top Four Myths About Plastic Surgery By top Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits


September 9, 2019

Give Your Eyelashes A Blowout With Itcosmetics And Drybar Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara

It's Time To Give Your Eyelashes A Blowout With Itcosmetics And Drybar
Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara!

Has anyone tried It Cosmetics Drybar inspired Mascara?

If you are a regular to my page you know I am a big fan of IT Cosmetics!! Which is why I am ever so excited to share with you this new Mascara, the "Lash Blowout Salon Volume Lift Mascara" that IT Cosmetics gifted me.

What makes this Mascara so cool is IT's like a Drybar Blowout for Your Lashes!


Itcosmetics And Drybar Partner Up Creating A New Mascara By barbies Beauty Bits

Itcosmetics And Drybar Partner Up Creating A New Mascara
That is right! IT Cosmetics partnered with Drybar to bring to us a mascara that is loaded with a lot of the same ingredients you'd find in some of their hair products, like biotin and collagen!

The tube even looks like one of the Drybar yellow hairbrushes. The bristles also have little yellow balls on the tips, which are meant to help with lash separation and lift. The same technology behind the hairbrush!

Itcosmetics Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara Review

Aside from the cool branding, what does this mascara actually offer to our lashes? It really is like a blowout for your lashes as it provides...
  • Root-to-tip application
  • Great lift
  • Volume
  • The formula includes ingredients that are known to benefit our hair, including: 
    • Collagen
    • Vitamin E
    • Jojoba oil
    • Biotin-infused, which is supposed to help make our lashes stronger, just like it does the hair on our heads! 
    • Biotin also helps to saturate the pigment, so it gives you that look of really bold lashes. 
Final Thoughts On Itcosmetics Lash Blowout Volumizing Mascara

I am all about a mascara that gives you volume and lift. These are the two most important things to me, and this mascara did offer that. The formula was not a wet formula which I was happy about. While I would not say it was tacky, which is my favorite, it did apply well, giving a lot of volume.

Want to try the new Lash Blowout mascara? If so,  you can order it from Itcosmetics, Ulta, Sephora, QVC, Macy's, even Amazon!


September 3, 2019

The Benefits Of Turmeric For Back Inflammation And Pain

The Benefits Of Turmeric For Back Inflammation And Pain...
I am such a huge fan of Turmeric. I first started out taking Tumeric for back inflammation and pain.

You see, sitting at your desk all day can cause so many issues!. According to a study published by the Mayo Clinic, back pain is the third most common cause of doctor visits in the United States. Many people like myself who struggle back pain, also wonder how the heck did this happen. As I did not lift anything, I am not overweight, and I did not twist or turn oddly. But the truth is the back-pain culprit is from sitting 8 or more hours, which I do for work!

While I do try to stay active, all of that sitting has done tons of damage to my lower back, and it has even caused tech neck!

So, What Is A Person To Do?

Examining Your Back Pain
First, you want to determine the problem. If X-rays are necessary, I suggest going to a Chiropractor first as they can run X-rays in their office. With the cost being about 80% cheaper than if you went to an orthopedic. Or even your PCP, (primary care physician) who more than likely would request the X-rays to be taken at a hospital, which can be ever so costly, even with insurance.

If the results show that it is something that is not severe, that would NOT need surgery or treatment from an orthopedic. You could proceed with the recommended treatment from the Chiropractor. Which could be E-stim Therapy and taking an NSAID (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and or Turmeric as my Chiropractor prescribed. Either way, you do need to consult with your PCP as I am not a medical professional. I am only speaking from my successes.

Ways To Treat Your Back Pain Without Prescription Medication
I am not a fan of pain pills, steroids, or any pharmaceutical drugs for that matter. And this is the solution from most orthopedics and PCPs; let’s put a band-aid on it with a drug that can cause you to gain weight or worse yet, something that can be addictive. Bottom line, I DO NOT WANT A BAND-AID, I want a safer solution. Something that is not harmful that can help relieve inflammation and Turmeric can do just that.

pain pills alternative for back pain by barbies beauty bits and detoxification works

Turmeric For Pain Relief

You may be familiar with Turmeric as a spice as it is common in Indian and Thai food. But, never knew what else it could be used for.  Curcumin, an active compound that is found in Turmeric, is where all the magic is as it is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, that can promote healing. Although it only takes up 3% of the plant, companies will extract this and concentrate the compound into a nutritional supplement.

Many studies have shown that Turmeric has tremendous anti-inflammatory powers equal in some cases to that of prescription and over-the-counter medications, like NSAID (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug). And I am here to testify to this, which is why I highly recommend adding turmeric supplements to your diet regularly.

Turmeric For Pain Relief By Detoxification Works and Barbies Beauty Bits

Working Turmeric Into Your Diet
Turmeric is found in a variety of forms, from a fresh root at Whole Foods and as a dried, powdered form in most upscale grocery stores. However, this can be expensive and who has time to grind a root? Which is why I prefer taking a quality supplement like the Ultra Turmeric Complex from Detoxification Works. I am a major fan of their products like their multi-vitamin and multi-mineral blend in easy-to-take capsules as well as their Cherry & Beet Wellness supplement. Which is why I decided to try their turmeric for pain relief.

A review on the many benefits of turmeric by barbies beauty bits

Detoxification Works Ultra Turmeric Complex is a unique combination of organic turmeric powder with synergistic extracts, herbs, and nutrients.

In addition to High-potency organic turmeric extract (95% curcumin - the active ingredient), this supplement also includes:
  • Ginger root extract (5% gingerols)
  • Cayenne extract (100au capsaicin)
  • Piperine (black pepper) extract
  • Zinc citrate
  • Vitamin B6
Piperine: The piperine has been included to potentiate the absorption and effect of the other herbal actives - a well-known herbalists' combination.

The Benefits Of Ginger: In addition to helping relieve pain, ginger can help to protect the lining of the stomach. So, unlike some of the side effects associated with high dose use of aspirin and NSAIDs, like getting an upset stomach or possible damage due to long-time use. You do not have to worry about that when using an herbal supplement, like the one from Detoxification Works. At least from my personal experience.

Other Benefits Of Turmeric
Well, I couldn't end without telling you how great Turmeric is for the skin!

That's right, regular intake of Turmeric Curcumin is also great for the skin, due to its super amazing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Not only can help to heal and prevent dry skin. But it is excellent for anti-aging, by helping to slow down the signs of aging, diminish wrinkles, and improve skin’s elasticity! Wait, it does all of this… YES and more!

How can one supplement have such a powerful impact across such a broad range of health conditions? The magic is in its life-altering anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which is why I highly recommend taking a turmeric supplement, like the one from Detoxification Works.

Have you tried Turmeric? If so, let me know in the comments below!  Until next time!

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