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June 17, 2016

8 Tips To Feeling Fabulous This Summer

8 Tips To Feeling Fabulous This Summer, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Fitness and beauty can be one and the same. Being fit and healthy will automatically make you look better. A healthy inside creates a healthy outside. Fitness through exercise as well eating properly can help you to maintain a healthy body weight, improve muscle tone, to make us feel BEAUTYful from the inside out.

June 12, 2016

The Best Fashionable Watches That Every Man And Women Should Own

The Best Fashionable Watches That Every Men And Women Should Own By Barbies Beauty Bits and Jord Watches

It’s time to show off in style! Today, I am excited to share with you the best fashionable watches that every man and women should own! And if that wasn't good enough, I am also sharing a great giveaway as well some gift ideas for Father’s Day and maybe even something for yourself! 


June 10, 2016

High Quality Beauty Products At Prices YOU Can Afford

High Quality Beauty Products At Prices YOU Can Afford, By Barbies Beauty Bits and PatPat

So as a lot of you know, my past few blog posts have been on beauty deals, coupons, and sites where you save money on your favorite beauty items. Well, do I have another one today, PatPat.  This company was created to help us save money, literally.  PatPat’s mission is to provide moms and any other hardworking person the opportunity to be able to purchase high-quality products we adore, at  prices we can afford.  Whether it’s clothing and toys for the family or in my case makeup and clothes, PatPat has prices that will allow us to spoil ourselves without feeling like we broke the bank!

In addition to having stylish beauty products, PatPat also has some beauty events AKA, Flash Sales as well as great beauty deals that never expire, which I so love!  And if that wasn't good enough, for your first purchase, you can get 15% off!

15% coupon code for PatPat, by barbies beauty bits

So What Are Some Of The Beauty Items You You Get On The PatPat Website?
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Accessories
  • Personal Care
  • Sponges
  • Makeup Organizers
  • Makeup & Travel Cases
  • Nail Tools
  • Hair Tools
  • Bath Tools

Check Out Some Of My Favorite BEAUTY Finds

Makeup Brushes
Makeup Brush Sets:  I love makeup brushes, and I couldn’t resist checking out this 24-piece set Makeup Brushes Set with the gorgeous pink carrier. This set is 34% off, selling for only $20.99.

Makeup brush sets and synthetic makeup brushes, by barbies beauty bits

These new synthetic makeup brushes are all the rage right now, and I was able to get some of these  for 45% off, costing me only $5.99. These brushes apply foundation magically so for only $5.99, I got one for myself  as well as one for my sister. 

Holy Makeup Sponges
I could not believe the selection of beauty sponges PatPat has; there are so many that I had to do a screenshot for you!

Beauty blender alternatives by barbies beauty bits

If you are a fake eyelash fanatic like myself, you'll love PatPat’s eyelash selection! With some eyelashes up to 30% off, I made sure to stocked up on a few of these too!

fake eyelashes by barbies beauy bits

So there you have it beauties, another great way for you to save on your favorite beauty needs with PatPat! Oh, and I almost forgot, PatPat also has a shopping app. giving you the convenience of shopping and saving right from your phone, for both an Android & IOS!

Have you shopped at PatPat, if so I'd love to hear what you got below! 

June 1, 2016

How To Get Money Back From Sephora, Motives, BH Cosmetics, Ulta, and MORE!

How To Get Money Back From Sephora, Motives, BH Cosmetics, Ulta, and MORE, By Barbies Beauty Bits

I know you’re wondering did I read that right?  Getting money back to feed my beauty addiction. Yes, beauties you sure did! And on top off getting rewarded for shopping at places like Sephora, Motives, BH Cosmetics, and The Limited, just to name a few, you can also donate a percentage of your loyalty reward to a charity!

So if you want to find out how you too can shop, save, get money back and automatically donate any % of your cash back to a charity of your choice, continue reading!

How To Get Rewarded For Shopping
I know you’re wondering how can I shop and get paid? Well, when shopping with Giving you can do just that! You see Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty program consisting of over 1,600 largest retailers, with an average of a 5% cash reward after each online purchase.  Their mission is to transform everyday shopping into charitable actions, by being the best loyalty program for saving more & supporting charity, with ease and easy it was!

How Giving Assistant Works
Retailers pay Giving Assistant a commission for purchases originated from their website, the average is 5%.

For purchases made by their members, instead of keeping the commission for themselves like most companies do, they give the entire commission in the form of ‘cash back’, hence paying us for shopping!

And if all of that wasn’t good enough they also make a small donation to Feeding America to give one meal every time cash back is earned.

How To Donate To Charity?
It is real easy, once you sign up, you are given the option automatically to give any % of your cash back to any charity of your choice. I was so happy to see that a Charity that I support was part of the network, which made it even better for me!

How To Get Your Cash Back?
Each retailer has a different Cash Back award percentage set up; they are anywhere from 2% and up!  Cash Back Notification typically comes through 2 - 7 days after your purchase. Some stores take longer to confirm your purchase than others. In the event of a travel purchase, like booking airfare or reserving a rental car, Cash Back Notification comes through once you complete the trip.

Some other things to keep in mind
  • Unlike other sites where the payout threshold minimum is $25 or more, the minimum payout is as soon as your account reaches $5.01!
  • All payment methods are 100% fee-free. 
  • You need to set up your payout options; there are two ways you can get paid.
    • You can get paid via Paypal weekly. Your current earnings are paid out every Monday once they are released from your pending earnings.
    • Setup a paid by check and this is completed four times a year for cash back earned in the previous quarter. 

Coupons to Sephora, Motives, BH Cosmetics, Ulta, and MORE, By Barbies Beauty Bits
This Is A Sponsored Post, But All Opinions Are Mine Own

So What Kind Of Shops Are Included?
SO MANY! If you read my blog regularly, you know I love a deal and by using, I get to save and support The Center For Child And Family Services at the same time, for purchasing things I normally would!

For Example

BH Cosmetics 15% Pay Back
 ...I Got Some Goodies From BH Cosmetics

In addition to the rewards, there are some coupon codes on the site! You can also use your own, so you are really saving!

Check out some of the coupon offers from Ulta below.
  • Get 20% Off Beauty Products use Code 306489
  • Shop and enjoy $5 Off Beauty Products worth $15 use Code 205730
  • Save $3.50 On Beauty Products use Code 301649
Buy Nioxin night density rescue and enjoy a $5 discount by using Code 409159

Click here to start earning and saving! 
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