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August 31, 2013

DIY Tips For Long Eyelashes

DIY Tips For Long Eyelashes by barbies beauty bits

Here is a Savvy Saturday makeup tip on how to get long lushes lashes. I love fake eyelashes, but it is
not something I recommend doing all the time. However, if you’re like me, lusting after long, full eyelashes, then you’ll love this D.I.Y. tip for long eyelashes.  This is a great savvy alternative to fake eyelashes or the expensive nylon fiber mascara's sold for lengthening. And yes, you may of heard me mention this tip before, but I've added a few more alternatives to this approach.

How To:

Step 1: Apply a single coat of a great lengthening mascara, one that separates your lashes. (Click here for that great lengthening mascara). This will allow for more adhesion of the below.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of loose bronzer, baby powder or a loose dark eye shade. Depending on your hair/eyelash color, this will give you a light or dark option. These product options are the new alternatives to this approach, as having dark lashes already, the baby powder was more work for me. I found it was much easier to cover the color of the powder, if it was closer to the color of my eyelashes.

Step 3: Finish with 2 more coats of mascara and viola, you’ve now created your own miracle mascara routine.

Why Does This Work? Similar to fiber mascaras you find in the store; the baby powder, bronzer, or loose shadow, will add fullness to your lashes by enabling the mascara to adhere to it. Giving you fuller, thicker, more dramatic lashes, at minimal cost. 

So There You Have It...A Savvy Saturday DIY Tip For Long Eyelashes! 

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August 20, 2013

When Does Makeup Expire?

When Does Makeup Expire, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

 Keep it or Delete it? 
Trying to purge your inbox can be a major overhaul, especially if you don’t do the upkeep.  The same applies to your makeup beauty box. Holding on to your favorite makeup can be a big no, no.  But why, because some makeup needs to be deleted, AKA tossed out, like makeup, like other products expire.  Expire?  Yes, you read correctly, I said expire.  But when does makeup expire?

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as most other products, where an expiration date is printed on them or the packaging.  According to, the FDA website, cosmetic companies are not required to print expiration dates on the labels of their cosmetic products.  It is, however, left up to the manufacturers to determine the suggested shelf life of a product.  But, these voluntary guidelines, developed by the cosmetic industry, can vary.  For example, an all natural makeup can have a suggested expiration date sooner than one that is not all natural. Overall, the concern is with bacterial growth.

So when does makeup expire?
Well, before I tell you the suggested guidelines, I’d like to share a tip I learned from the girl at Ulta; that European cosmetic companies place codes (period of time after opening) on their products.  For instance, the letter M, that stands for months, like 12M, which is 12 months.  Furthermore, she made an obvious point, which if your makeup starts to smell weird or if the consistency and color have changed, get rid of it!  Especially, products used near the eye, as you don’t want to put any bacteria in that area! So without further ado, my makeup expiration guide from me to you(this one's a keeper)...

When does it expire? 6 Months

When does it expire? 1 Year

When does it expire? 1.5 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years


August 4, 2013

The Many Uses For An Ice Tray

The many uses for an ice tray by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Occasionally, I’ll do a random post that really doesn’t have anything to do with beauty, and this is one of them!

Today was a typical Sunday, with me out doing my errands.  One stop, for my honey dos for the day, I ran into this lady, who had tons of ice trays in her cart for a party she was having.  Long story short we had a conversation that led to this post... 

"Cool" things you can do with an ice tray.

  1. Coffee Cubes:  With the coffee obsession in the world, this was my favorite.  What a great way to enjoy an iced coffee without watering it down.  Simply fill an ice tray up with your favorite coffee, freeze an add them to your coffee to make it an iced one.
  2. Sangria Cubes:  What a fantastic method to make use of left-over wine. WAIT, who has left-over wine?  None the less, these too can add to refreshing sangria.
  3. Juice/fruit Cubes:  This one is one I created! Yeah me! These work great to enhance your sparkling water, in addition to making it cold, you can add a bit of flavor. 
  4. Frozen Cocktails:  Blending tons of ice for those frozen concoctions that help us hang on, can also water them down if you are not an expert bartender or parrothead for that matter.  So no more searching for that lost shaker of salt, as there is booze in the blender and soon it will render your perfect drink if you follow this trick first! By simply, pouring margarita mix into the tray and freeze, ARIBA, fewer hassles and more flavor! 

So there you have it, a great Sunday Funday Tip from a stranger I met at Target! 


August 3, 2013

How To Reduce Bags Under Your Eyes With Strawberries

How to reduce bags under your eyes with strawberries, by Barbie's Beauty Bits
Bags under the eyes can happen at any age; whether you have been crying too much, lack of sleep, or stress, no one wants to wake up with bags under their eyes.  So, today I’m going to share with you a berrylicious pantry to pretty bit on how to bag those puffy eyes, with strawberries!

I got this remedy from a friend of mine who is an esthetician. This treatment will make you very berry happy, as you can see the results within minutes!

Home Remedies For Eye Bags By Barbies Beauty Bits

Home Remedies For Eye Bags
  • Get some fresh strawberries and store them in the frig. for about 20 mins. (The coolness helps too)
  • Remove the berries from the refrigerator and cut them into thick pieces.
  • Lie down on your back and place the strawberries under your eyes for about 5 minutes.
  • Remove and rinse with cold water.
do strawberries reduce eye bags By Barbies Beauty Bits

So How Do Strawberries Reduce Puffy And Swollen Eyes

The alpha-hydroxy acids in strawberries help smooth out the skin, while also reducing the swelling, dark circles and puffiness! 

Additionally, strawberries contain anti oxidants that help make the skin look younger, so applying then in other places other than your eyes, can most certainly be berry beneficial.

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