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June 30, 2021

Prickly Pear Cactus The Must-Have Skincare Ingredient


Prickly Pear Cactus The Must-Have Skincare Ingredient By Barbies Beauty Bits

Magsofter partnership with award winning beauty blogger Barbie Ritzman

A bit contradictive that something derived from a plant named Prickly Pear Cactus can be highly moisturizing and soothing to the skin and a must-have skincare ingredient. But this potent luxury cactus ingredient is quickly gaining popularity in the skincare realm. Not only is it brimming with antioxidants and vitamins that help with fighting free radicals and free radical damage, but it is also enriched with amino acids that are amazing at stimulating collagen production.

But what is this anti-aging cactus ingredient all about? Continue below to find out why Prickly Pear Cactus IS The Must-Have Skincare Ingredient.

Let's Put Cactus On Our Face
Well, I'm not suggesting rubbing the outside of the cactus on your face, but the goodies inside are a skin-loving elixir. Like how the inside of an aloe plant is magical, the same goes with a prickly pear cactus, with the precious oil found in its seeds.

Prickly pear isn't only used for beauty products. Its fruit can be eaten and is actually a common ingredient in a cocktail. Yep, if you have ever drank a Prickly Pear Martini, we're talking about the same plant. 

What Are The Benefits Of Prickly Pear For The Skin By Barbies Beauty Bits

What Are The Benefits Of Prickly Pear Seed Oil For The Skin

To help us understand all the benefits prickly pear has for the skin, I partnered up with Magsofter, creator of popular 100% pure, organic prickly pear fast-absorbing cactus seed oil. One reason I Magsofter's prickly pear oil is that it is not mixed with other ingredients like some other brands will do.

This Mediterranean ingredient, also known as barbary fig, is exceptionally high in essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, and 9). Furthermore, it nourishes the skin as it contains a high linoleic acid content known to calm dehydrated skin. And of course, as I mentioned earlier, it is packed with antioxidants which are a must to protect the skin against environmental stressors and promote cellular turnover. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, these tiny magic seeds found inside the prickly pear cactus also contain vitamin K, promoting elasticity and suppleness in the skin as well as some other prickly pear oil benefits, uses, and tips. 

The Prickly Pear And Its Natural Anti-aging Properties By Barbies Beauty Bits

The Prickly Pear And Its Natural Anti-aging Properties

  • Goodbye pores as prickly pear oil has essential fatty acids that hydrate the collagen layer of skin and help minimize pores' appearance.  
  • Prickly pear oil is excellent for those with hyperpigmentation. I can't attest to this as I do not have any dark spots. But it may be something to also try for those dark under-eye circles?
  • Anti-inflammatory, barrier-boosting, retaining moisture, for highly hydrated skin.
  • They are packed with vitamin B, beta carotene, and iron, helping the skin maintain health and appearance while increasing its defenses against UV radiation and oxidative stress.
  • Works fantastic with Retinols or Vitamin C, which might otherwise irritate the face.
  • Repairs. Many have been using prickly pear for years to treat problems such as rosacea, scars, stretch marks, and calming sensitive skin conditions to help treat eczema and psoriasis. It is even great for soothing sunburnt skin!!

Sum It Up For Us Barbie's Beauty Bits
Prickly pear seed oil sounds like a fantastic anit-aginng skincare ingredient, doesn't it? Well, some other great news I'd like to share about this buzz-worthy ingredient is that it is cold-pressed made in the purest form possible, which means you are getting a potent dose of this prickly pear extract as a skincare product.

I guess it is true when they say great things come in small packages as it takes one ton of prickly pear to get a liter of organic prickly pear oil found in Magsofter cactus seed oil!


June 24, 2021

Neck Lift Without Surgery


Neck Lift Without Surgery

Neck lift without surgery? Tell me more!

Mark Twain once said, "Wrinkles merely mark where smiles have been," however, smiling isn't entirely to blame for your wrinkles. Wrinkles result from many factors aside from facial movements, including our cell phones and computers!

We've all heard of crow's feet, laugh lines, and frown lines. But when it comes to the battle against wrinkles, most of us are guilty of neglecting one part of our body that deserves equal TLC... Our neck! Stupid on us, this area is one of the first places to show signs of aging, especially with a constant downward movement from using our cell phones and tablets.

So, what are we to do?
Before I get into ways to treat that sagging neck skin WITHOUT surgery, known as the wattle, as well as those evil necklines,  I think it is essential to understand what causes this, becoming more of an issue in recent years. 

Technology Is Making You Look Older
We are bringing this up first, as premature aging starts at a much younger age because of the constant use of computers, tablets, and cell phones. More and more people turn to look for ways to address sagging jowls, tech neck, and  neck wrinkles, due in part due to the high-tech age.

Spending hours upon hours hunched looking down from posting on social media to reading emails, texting, writing, or in some instances, all the above is the cause! Unfortunately, this constant downward gaze can lead to creases around the neck and chin, wrinkles, loss of elastin, sagging skin, stiff neck, and more.

Natural Aging Leads To Sagging Neck Skin
Like the skin on the face, collagen production, hyaluronic acid, and elastin slow down as we age. The constant production of these three elements within the body is key to youthful, plump-looking skin. But as we get older, the degradation of these elements can be impacted. See one of the common culprits below.

Over Exposure To Free Radicals Cause Aging Skin On The Neck
The expression "Invest in your skin; it's going to represent you for a very long time" has never been more real when it comes to free radicals, which accelerates aging. Elements like years of exposure to the sun, air pollution, makeup, and other environmental factors can speed up the aging process. So, reducing your exposure to these is key to younger-looking skin.

Hormones Are A Cause For Neck Wrinkles
As we get older, our skin also loses its ability to produce certain hormones. These hormones are responsible for keeping our skin our skin smooth and elastic.

Lack Of Exercise Causes Premature Aging
Another common cause of neck wrinkles is a lack of exercise. As we get older, our bodies start to break down. This causes us to lose muscle mass. And muscle mass is essential for keeping our skin tight and smooth.

Poor Diet Can Lead To Sagging Neck Skin
A poor diet can lead to a lack of nutrients and vitamins, which are crucial for healthy, youthful skin.

Skincare devices to help with tech neck By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Say No To Aging Neck Wrinkles With These Tips

They are plenty of ways you can combat neck wrinkles from home. See some of my top favorites below.

Tip 1: Change The Position Of Your Electronics
Did you know that the effects of all that downward gazing from your cell phone or tablet can lead to a massive 60 pounds of extra pressure on your neck and spine? You can now see how this added weight not only stretches the skin on your neck but also leads to other neck issues.

Change The Position Of Your Devices

  •     Keeping your computer or cellphone at eye level or slightly higher instead of looking down can help.
  •     Take breaks away from your phone or computer
  •     Use a headphone when talking
  •     Practice good posture

Tip 2: Use An Anti-aging Skincare Device For Your Neck

 Wrinkle Remover SharpXilla™- LED Photon Neck Wrinkle Remover

So you do not want to have surgery for a neck lift? No worries, as there is a non-invasive at-home approach that can help tighten the skin around the neck, chin, and face, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It uses a combination of  sonic vibrations, LED photon therapy, and a warming heat function to rejuvenate your skin, improve your complexion, and maximize your skin's absorption of serums and creams.

So what neck wrinkle device am I talking about? SharpXilla neck wrinkle skincare gadget. Made from high-quality silicone, this handheld skincare device comfortably hugs your skin, gently compressing it to help you rediscover a flatter, more supple, and smoother skin surface. Say adios to the dreaded tech neck and turkey neck.

So how does this neck therapy work?

Dry skin is a leading cause of the appearance of wrinkles. This neck lift device helps intensify your skin's hydration and supports its ability to retain moisture, thereby minimizing the appearance of future fine lines and wrinkles. Tones and tightens as well.

best wrinkle reducing neck device by barbies beauty bits

Some Other Features:

Adjustable Sonic Vibrations
Help activate your skin cells, promote healthy skin, and accelerate circulation with some good vibration. Yep, a vibrator can also help with younger-looking skin. I don't mean that kind of vibrator! But rather sonic vibrations.

This osculation causes muscle strength by contracting the muscles. It is kind of like a workout for your neck muscles. Not only do these contractions increase circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue, this vibration movement also helps to enhance your skin's elasticity, suppleness with a constant neck massage. The practice of massage and its impacts upon body heat, peripheral blood flow, autonomic nervous system function, and muscular strength has also been investigated. It has been shown to help with younger, plumper skin.

Set LED Laser Lights To “Stunning”!
A vibrator and a laser?? I bet you didn't know anti-aging could be so much fun? But in all seriousness, light therapy or LED treatments have been around for over 30 years. They were initially developed for astronauts to help tissue healing and repair and are now used in the professional and at-home skincare realm. They are numerous benefits of LED light therapy, from treating acne to stimulating collagen and elastin, minimizing redness, and in this case, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the neck.

The LED photon therapy from this device gives off light energy for highly beneficial effects that will activate deep-lying skin cells, reduce inflammation and strengthen microvessels to solve various skin issues. 

How to get rid of neck wrinkles with LED lights by barbies beauty bits

Different LED Light Treatments
With different light therapy wavelengths, this device has all you need for the perfect neck lift without having to have surgery or go to the spa!  

The various light colors may work to differing degrees. In skincare terms, that means altering the skin cells to produce a variety of benefits. Depending on the color of the light being used, each light color stimulates a different skin response. See below what each light color can offer.

The Benefits Of LED Light Therapy For The Skin

  • Red light therapy can stimulate collagen synthesis, leading to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Blue light is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is used to kill the bacteria that lead to breakouts, making it ideal for reducing skin inflammation and treating acne-prone skin. Blue light also helps purify the skin and regulate oil glands. (The neck has fewer sebaceous glands, the glands that secrete oil. This oil is what naturally heals and lubricates the skin providing fewer signs of aging). So anything that can help with this process is a big YEAH from me! 
  • Green light has a calming effect. It is excellent for treating that sagging neck skin and more.

Soothing Sensation, Baby
~ahh, spa...There is nothing like a warm, soothing sensation to finish off a skincare treatment. The warming heat function delivers around 113 degrees of soothing satisfaction to enhance skin tissue regeneration and open up the pores to absorb skincare products better to leave your skin plump.

Having a skincare device that aids in product absorption and product penetration is critical. This means your skin will "gobble up" up your retinol, serums, neck creams, and other anti-aging products.

How To Use A Neck Wrinkle Remover Skincare Device

  1. Apply to clean skin.
  2. You can use the LED Photon Neck Wrinkle Remover directly on your skin or apply your preferred cream, lotion, or serum.
  3. Select preferred mode.
  4. Start from the base of the neck on one side and slowly move massage head upwards towards the chin, applying gentle pressure, so you are “ lifting “ your neck. Then work inwards towards your Adam’s Apple but make sure the head goes each side and not directly over! Then repeat on another side of the neck.

Tip 3: Neck Exercises To Tighten Sagging Neck Skin
This, too, is a great way to address the sagging neck skin when added to the use of a device like the LED Photon Neck Wrinkle Remover.

Simple neck exercises such as chin tucks, neck exercises such as chin tucks, head tilts, and neck rolls are easy to perform and can help diminish the appearance of neck wrinkles.

How to get rid of neck wrinkles by barbies beauty bits

Tip 4: Extend Your Skincare Products To Your Neck
I do not know how many times I see people waste skincare products. Many will apply to the face, and any extra they have, they will wipe off on a towel. DON'T. Instead, make sure to extend your skincare to your neck and decolletage. Simultaneously using your LED Photon Neck Wrinkle apply in an upward motion for deeper penetration of your skincare products so they can actually do their job! Just what you need to temporarily lift the skin, helping to restore a younger, more radiant look and feel to your neck area.

To sum it up, our faces are lies, and our necks are the truth. Why not have them both hide your true age with these tips to smooth and lift the neck without surgery? So if you are serious about losing the loose, wrinkled or sagging neck skin, make sure to try some of these tips.


June 21, 2021

8 Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin This Summer

Tips To Healthy, Glowing Skin By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Summertime may be people's most favorite time of the year, but the hot weather, sticky humidity, and high UV index can create severe issues for your skin. But not any longer with these eight skincare tips for healthy skin this summer.

1. Lighten Up Your Skincare In The Summer
One of the questions I get a lot is "What kind of cleanser should I use when it is 100 degrees outside?”  Just like your wardrobe, regardless of the temperature, you still need to wear a shirt in the summer. However, you wouldn't wear a sweater. You would lighten it up by wearing a tank top. The same goes for your skincare! So swap out that heavy cream cleanser for a light foaming face cleanser when washing your face.

2. Seek Shade Not Sun, And Make Sure To Slather On The Sunscreen
You will read and hear from medical professionals the fundamental don't leave home without skincare tip in the summer is wearing an SPF of at least 30, but that is only part of the equation. You need to be protecting your skin in some other ways from the sun, which isn't just from slathering your body in sunscreens.

This comes by with being mindful of your exposure to the sun. So instead of sitting wide open on the beach, consider sitting under an umbrella. Also, wear sun-protective gear, like a wide-brimmed hat, a cute cover-up, and, of course, sunglasses. And do not forget to protect your feet and hands! 

Brush On Block Sunscreen review By Barbie's Beauty Bits

3. Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin
I've said this many times, you are what you eat, and this is ever so true when it comes to your skin. Eating properly directly affects the appearance of your skin. In the summer months, where the weather is much hotter, it is even more critical to make sure you are eating the right foods to help you get through your day. Eating fruits and fiber will elevate your skin's hydration level. Similarly, cooler temperature foods, green vegetables, and anything high in vitamin c are great options to eat in the summer months. These foods improve immunity as well as contribute to happy and healthy skin.

4. Keep Your Skin Hydrated In The Summer
It is much easier for your body to become dehydrated in warm weather as you sweat more than you would in a cooler season. Replenishing that water intake (I like to infuse my water with fruit) is beneficial for your body and your skin to have the hydration it needs to be healthy. Hydrating body wash, face balms, and facial sprays can also refresh the skin with the extra nutrients it needs to be healthy in the summer months.

Best face cleanser for summer clayton shagel, By Barbies Beauty Bits

5. Moisturize, Moisture, Moisturize
When some think of a moisturizer on their skin in the summer, they cringe as most envision a moisturizer suffocating them in their own skin. But no worries, as there is a solution to this; just like a lightweight cleanser, you want a light moisturizer. As with the season change, so does your skin. An increase in temperatures and humidity causes the skin to produce more oil. Combine that with a heavy moisturizer, and you will have the perfect storm for clogged pores, breakouts, and other skin ailments. Keeping the skin hydrated is a must and being educated on the type of moisturizer you need for a particular season is non-negotiable in my book.

6. Protect Your Skin From Chlorine And Salt Water
There is nothing like taking a refreshing dip in a nice cool pool or spending a beautiful day at the beach. But what is not cool is what chlorine and too much salt water can do to the skin. Hence you owe it to your skin to take a few measures if you want to enjoy that summertime fun.

  • Get your skin wet before taking the plunge in; doing so reduces the amount of chlorine and salt your skin absorbs.
  • Do not wash off the sweat in the pool. Yep after laying in the hot sun, cooling off in the pool seems like the natural thing to do, but actually, the combination of the ammonia from the sweat and chlorine creates chloramine and is more harmful to the skin than the chlorine. 
  • Take a tepid shower to wash away the chlorine. Hot water can strip your skin of essential oils.
  • Stay away from harsh body washes and soaps: Natural oils in the skin are zapped away with harsh soaps and alcohol-based products. We suggest using cleansers with moisturizing properties and free of fragrances, synthetics, and other harsh chemicals that can further irritate the skin.
  • Use a moisturizer or face serum high in vitamin c will make your skin feel smooth and hydrated after exposure to pool chemicals.

Summer skincare tips By Barbie's Beauty Bits

7. Protecting Your Lips And Eyes From The Scorching Summer Sun
Most forget to pay attention to their lips and eyes when dealing with high exposure to the sun.

Frequently, lip care is an afterthought in our skin routine, but our lips need some extra TLC to keep them healthy. Ensure to exfoliate, moisturize, and do not forget the SPF to get kissable lips this summer.

One easy way to protect your eyes from the intense summer sun AND prevent wrinkles is choosing the best sunglasses, so you can stop squinting. Repetitive facial positions, like squinting, eventually lead to lines and wrinkles. And do not forget to show your eyes some additional love with some an eye cream enriched with CBD.

8. Prepare Your Skin For Summer By Exfoliating
As you have seen thus far, our skin goes through a lot in the summer, which is why exfoliation is a step that you should not skip if you want healthy, glowing skin. However, avoid over-exfoliating as it can weaken the protective skin barrier.  Always follow up with an intense hydrating moisturizer to provide long-lasting moisture to soothe and restore your complexion.

To Sum It Up
It is important to remember to protect your skin with sunscreen and your lips with lip balm while outside in the harsh summer rays. Eating a healthy diet of greens, fruits, and foods high in vitamin c will also give your skin the proper nutrients it needs. Using a light moisturizer and an oil-removing face wash also repairs and protects your skin for your daily summer activities. Following these suggestions above can help make your skin it's happiest and healthiest during the summer.


June 18, 2021

The Best Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin


Tips To Healthy, Glowing Skin By Barbie's Beauty Bits

This week, the Beauty Spotlight Team has another new member joining us. Her name may be familiar to some of you because Kristen Coffield, nutritionist, author and the editor of The Culinary Cure was a member of Fashion Flash. She has decided to join us beauty and fashion bloggers at the Beauty Spotlight Team and lend her expertise to the role that a healthy diet plays in creating and sustaining natural beauty. Please welcome Kristen and visit her website!

Beauty Spotlight Team 1

If you want gorgeous skin, you need to know about the 7 Skin Sins. Kristen Coffield of The Culinary Cure shares the best kept secrets for protecting and preserving your skin.

The pandemic has really changed the beauty habits of many.  Now that the masks are coming off and restrictions are lessening up, it's time to get back into the real world, but are you ready, aesthetically, that is? Or is there a new beauty norm? Find out with these tips from Barbie's Beauty Bits.

Dr. Holly is a doctor of Chinese medicine with advanced training in functional medicine. She has done post-doctoral work in Chinese medicine dermatology, facial rejuvenation and healthy aging. So whether you are in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond, age doesn’t matter. Visit Your True Self Blog where Angie asks Dr. Holly how to have healthy skin to look your best at any age. 

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is obsessed with the Westman Atelier Eye Shadow II Brush because it is a multipurpose ultra-luxe cruelty-free brush that is an extraordinary pleasure to use. It does an exemplary job applying and blending liquid, cream and powder eyeshadows. 

Eye creams are kind of an obsession for both Marcia and me at Prime Beauty Blog and it’s hard to find one that fits all our individual needs. Elina Organics Leave On Under Eye Recovery Maskis one-and-done! It helps with firmness, dark circles, hydration, fine lines, and brightens! It’s the only eye cream you need!

Sometimes it's a toss up between protecting your skin from the the sun's damaging rays and allowing some of the rays to make vitamin D that the body needs. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has struggled with that issue, but has found something to help: Summer Ready Vitamin D Promoting Broad Spectrum SPF 30!


June 10, 2021

Kickstart Your Summer With These Summer Beauty Tips


Summer Beauty Tips By Barbies Beauty Bits

From skincare tips for those in their 30's to lipstick, summer fashion, even a giveaway. The beauty spotlight team has you covered this week!

Skincare Tips

Ever notice a picture of yourself on Facebook or on a Zoom call and think, I do not look so great, I must be tired. No, that rugged look you see is from the dead skin cells building up on your face, making you look older than you are. Do not like what you see? No worries with these 10 Insider tips from Barbie’s Beauty Bits. PS: They will work for all ages. So for you late bloomers, a must-read! 

Since February, Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has been using a number of active botanical, clean beauty, cruelty-free facial skincare products from Typology Paris. Not only is she delighted by them, she thinks that their sophisticated, minimalist approach is leading the way to thoughtful, effective skincare products.

Fashion Tips

Sheer clothing feels light and airy in hot weather. Angie at Your True Self Blog  has complete style guidelines for how to show just the right amount of your true self. Included are different ways to wear it! Age doesn’t matter when you know how to wear sheer clothing with confidence!

Makeup Tips

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is completely obsessed with the Westman Atelier Eye Shadow I Brush, and highly recommends it. This hardworking multitasker is handcrafted in Japan and it features cruelty-free synthetic bristles of the highest quality. This ultra-luxe brush is unmitigated perfect with cream, liquid and powder shadows, and it is one of our greatest discoveries this year!

Looking for a new lip gloss to add to your collection? Southeast by Midwest is reviewing the Beauty Bakerie Lip Gloss in Enchanted Jelly

Prime Beauty‘s Cindy has fallen for Hanalei Lip products and she’s excited that one reader will be able to win the Hanalei Soft and Silky Lip Duo. Enter and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see why it’s a winner for Cindy.

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