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August 31, 2022

I Tried Honeylove’s Crossover Bra. Here’s What Happened

Honeyloves Crossover Bra Review, Barbies Beauty Bits

 Honeylove’s Crossover Bra Review With Barbie's Beauty Bits

When was the last time you bought a new bra? Personally, it's been so long that I'm embarrassed even to admit how old my bras are (the overstretched bands probably give it away).

I always dread bra shopping, as I can't ever find one that fits and looks sexy and pretty at the same time (only the smaller sizes seem to be the sexy bras).

But the time has come, and I don't even know where to start. I don't have a lingerie brand I swear by, so I went to my friends to find some options. They listed off the usual in-store big names, which I've tried but never found quite the perfect fit. And then my friend Marla said she had the best bra for me from the brand Honeylove.

Honeylove Crossover Bra-Sexy, Meet Supportive
Marla professed her love for Honeylove. She swore this brand was the go-to for bras, so I checked out their site. At first, I was confused since Honeylove seemed to focus on many shapewear items, and that's not what I was in the market for.

Marla explained that Honeylove is actually sculptwear, and they help women feel confident in the most comfortable way possible. She also told me to turn my attention to the Crossover Bra, their best-seller that's just been restocked.

It had been ages since I went shopping for bras, and the thought of shopping online was scary, considering my problems in the store. Like, how could I gauge size, comfort, and quality online? Marla said that she lives in this bra 24/7 and has pretty high standards, so I figured it couldn't hurt to give Honeylove a shot - plus, they have free shipping and fully refunded returns within 30 days.

honeylove crossover bra back in stock, barbies beauty bits

Honeylove-How To Find The Perfect Size
I went for the Crossover Bra in their classic Runway color - simple black and mesh fabric. When it came time to choose a size, I was nervous since they have a wide range from XS to 3X, but their sizing tool is super clear.

Instead of having me break out my old measuring tape, which never works! Honeylove asked for my current bra size (34 DD), if I ever wore a larger size (yes), and other fit details about my everyday bras. It only took a few seconds to go through, and in the end, Honeylove recommended the perfect size (size L).

How My Honeylove Crossover Bra Fit
Once my bra arrived, I tore open the packaging and tried it on immediately. I felt much more confident trying on a bra at home since I can pair it with different tops. Plus, I'm not relying on lousy in store customer service, bringing back many sizes and bra styles in hopes to find the right fit.  Best of all, when I realized how much I loved the Crossover Bra - I was free to jump with joy literally as these babies are held in!!!

You see, I usually wear an underwire bra because they are generally sexy and offer the lift I am seeking. But we all know how uncomfortable those bad boys get over time. However, Honeylove has the solution for people like me. They have a bonded cradle that replaces your underwire, and it perfectly fits. I never thought this would happen!

Plus, you can cross the straps in the back so you can wear them with a ton of shirt styles (racerback included!), taking it to a new level.

Honeylove's design looks great on its own and flatters my body. No more dreaded back bulge, armpit fat, or uni-boob problems with the Crossover Bra. I can see why Marla wears this every day since the straps are adjustable and don't dig in. On top of that, Honeylove surpassed expectations by creating a comfortable bra that is sexy and supportive and perfect for a night-in or night-out.

honeylove crossover the best fitting bra barbies beauty bits

What Is The Cost Of The Honeylove Crossover Bra
For $69, this bra is an actual must-have for every woman. This level of quality and support with a stylish design would typically cost $100+, especially as your cup size increases. I'm even planning on stocking up on the other three colors of the Crossover before they sell out (again).

I can't believe I almost skipped Honeylove and headed to the mall for a bra that would be nowhere near as amazing as the Crossover Bra. I highly recommend that your next bra come from Honeylove - they're way more than just sculptwear.

Shop Honeylove Crossover Bra
JUST FOR YOU: Want to shop for a Honeylove bra? Click here to start shopping! 

Coupons And Other Deals At Honeylove

Feel the love this Valentine's Day with these deals from Honeylove! Score big with bundle savings, exclusive discounts for teachers, medical, and military, plus sweet percentage off deals! Happy shopping!



August 30, 2022

Ipsy's 2022 August Box Review, Featuring Alicia Keys

Ipsy's 2022 August Box Review, Featuring Alicia Keys, Barbies Beauty Bits

Ipsy's 2022 August Box Review, Featuring Alicia Keys From Barbie's Beauty Bits

Who doesn't love a beauty subscription box? Especially the iconic Ispy and Boxycharm?

I've been sharing these beauty box subscriptions on social media, especially Instagram, and seeing how excited everyone gets. But sadly, the hashtags get banned (only a few show up if you check). So, I have also decided to give Google some love with Ipsy and Boxychrm reviews each month.

What better way to start than with Ipsy And Alicia Keys for the Ipsy Glam Bag X August 2022 edition?

August Ipsy 2022 Bag Review, Barbies Beauty Bits

August Ipsy 2022 Bag Theme
This month's Ipsy is about an Empowered State of Mind. Whether a self-care day or grounding yourself with affirmations, empowerment is key. Just ask music icon Alicia Keys, who's inviting you to step into your power with her limited edition Glam Bag X collection.

Ipsy x Alicia Keys Glam Bag Review
Five of the products have been hand-selected by Alicia Keys, and the member chooses the other three. Brands offered in the bag include Uoma, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Keys Soulcare, valued at over $350!

A BONUS...The Keys Soulcare products comply with the regulations and restrictions set forth by the FDA and the European Union regarding over 1,680 ingredients. These products have no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or formaldehyde.

See some of the products included below. I have the ones I received in my August Ipsy bag and some other items in the 2022 August Ipsy Bag for those who want to partake in some online shopping.

Other Items In The August Ipsy Glam X Box

  • Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara
  • Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser
  • Lys Beauty Aim High Multi-use Liquid Highlighter
  • Uoma Beauty Brow-fro Baby Hair Ultra Slim Brow Defining Pencil 

August Ipsy Bag 2022, Barbies Beauty Bits

How Does The Ipsy Box Monthly Subscription Work
For those who have not subscribed yet. Ipsy offers a few glam bags filled with full-sized beauty products and glam samples. Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription where you will get a different makeup and skincare bag each month filled with beauty samples and full-size products.

For example:

  • Hair products
  • Skincare items
  • Makeup samples and full size
  • Cute makeup bags
  • And more!

How Much Does The Ipsy Subscription Cost
The Ipsy subscription has a price point for everyone, offering a few different bags.

Ipsy's Glam Bag: $13/month
This is the original beauty bag. With the Glam Bag, you can discover your newest favorite beauty products with five deluxe-size samples (worth over $50). Adding to the fun, you can choose one product for your bag each month.

Ipsy's Glam Bag Plus: $28/month
All the faves you love—full-size. Your Glam Bag Plus includes five full-size beauty products (worth over $120) in a themed drawstring backpack. Each month you get to select three out of five products, so there's always something fun to look forward to.

Ipsy's Glam Bag X: $58/quarter
Are you feeling a little extra? The Glam Bag X is an exclusive quarterly upgrade to your IPSY membership that includes eight full-size products (worth up to $350) handpicked by some of the biggest stars and tastemakers in beauty.

Each shipment includes three full-size products you choose from the most-coveted brands, hottest launches, and must-try products in beauty. Glam Bag X replaces your regular monthly bag during upgrade months (February, May, August, and November).


August 29, 2022

Top 7 Benefits Of Using A Body Scrub

top 7 benefits of using a body scrub, barbies beauty bits

When was the last time you took time out for self-care? How about some pampering from head to toe using a body scrub? If it's been a while, or if you need some tips on how to do this better. Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to help with seven benefits of using a body scrub for a full body exfoliation!

Gone are the days of banned microbeads that damage the skin and mess up your bathtub drains. Today's approach is a luxurious upgrade with moisturizing and beneficial physical exfoliators that leave your skin feeling and looking its best.

Exfoliate My Body; I Thought This Was For My Face
When most think about exfoliation, they think of one used on the face. But what about the rest of your body?! Just like the skin on your face, your scalp, lips, back, and even those feet could use a little exfoliating to slough away dead skin and build-up. In layman terms, where there's skin, you should be exfoliating for better skin health inside-out.

Today, we will discuss the benefits of a body scrub that should inspire you to make a full body exfoliation part of your beauty routine. So let's read on for the scoop.

So What The Heck Is A Body Scrub
Body scrubs are a body care product used to help remove dead skin cells from the skin by exfoliating. They have been around for centuries dating back to the Egyptians, who, at the time, they used a mixture of sand and Aloe Vera.

Today's formulas, like body polishes and scrubs, are more advanced. Body polishes and scrubs are similar as they both exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells. But today, I will only discuss body scrubs, like the body scrub from BodyandEarth.

A scrub's effectiveness depends on its exfoliants. Most body scrubs employ sugar and/or salt to exfoliate the skin. However there are other ingredients out there like grains, charcoal, and green tea. Each of these has unique benefits.

And let's not forget about my favorite which is coffee grounds. A coffee scrub not only smells amazing, but it also stimulates the skin to regenerate cells, tightens the skin, and decreases inflammation by constricting blood vessels.

The best body scrub treatment is combined with hydrating ingredients since super-abrasive scrubs can deplete your skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving it prone to dryness and irritation.

What Are The Benefits Of Body Scrubs, Barbies Beauty Bits

What Are The Benefits Of Body Scrubs

As with all exfoliants, the goal of a body scrub is to remove dead skin cells and encourage the healthy production of new ones. However, body scrubs are known to have other benefits other than exfoliating the skin. Here are some of them:

Speeds Up Skin Cell Turnover With Effective Exfoliation
"Cell Turnover" is a term often used in the skincare and beauty world. So why is it essential for our skin, and how does exfoliation from a body scrub improve it?

Besides being a natural and healthy process that naturally occurs in our body, aesthetically wise, the result of cell turnover is what we call a "more youthful look" and a "luminous complexion."

Sadly as we age the skin's natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down. It can also slow down from an unhealthy lifestyle and overexposure to the sun. Hence making you look much older than you are. The bottom line is that having naturally slow cell turnover can lead to multiple unpleasant aging side effects, like lackluster skin, wrinkles, and crepey, dehydrated skin.

Since the outermost layers of the stratum corneum (layers of your skin) cannot dissolve naturally, regular exfoliation with a body scrub will act as a breaking agent and boost your skin cell turnover process. When you remove the dead skin cells, you increase blood circulation resulting in new skin cells forming much quicker, promoting smoother, youthful-looking skin.

best exfoliator for hyperpigmentation, barbies beauty bits

Exfoliating With A Body Scrub Reduces The Appearance Of Dark Spots
We all love the sun, but the truth is it does not love us back. While accurate, the day-old terms of promoting vitamin D are minimal compared to the damage the sun can do to our skin. Sun damage in the forms of dark spots, liver spots, hyperpigmentation-whatever you would like to call it appear. And the good thing is you can minimize the appearance of these dark spots by regularly exfoliating with body scrubs.

Exfoliating With A Body Scrub Promotes Collagen
Anti-aging is the holy grail of the skin world. And one little beauty secret I am letting you on today, by introducing exfoliation with a body scrub into your beauty routine, you can help prevent premature aging.

That is right. Exfoliation can boost the collagen synthesis of the skin regardless of skin type. How? When you exfoliate the surface of your skin, the skin is shocked, and this type of trauma to the skin causes it to try to repair itself automatically.

So, in turn, your body reacts by increasing collagen production, which activates the fibroblasts, producing more elastin collagen—ultimately improving the tone and texture of the skin. 

best body scrub, barbies beauty bits

Body Scrubs Help Unclog Skin Pores
Granular exfoliation helps unclog pores so that they can shrink and get visibly tighter and smaller. Skin blockage is usually caused by dirt, access sebum, dead skin cell build-up, and toxins that destroy your skin's health. These impurities ultimately cause acne, pimples, ingrown hairs, and those pesky razor bumps.

One body scrub I use is Body and Earth's Puresoak Bath Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Set. Through osmotic actions, salts absorb the toxins in the skin and draw out dirt and excess oils.

A bonus with using a Himalayan Salt body scrub is that it balances your body's pH levels (high acidic skin is what causes dryness).

It also reduces signs of aging, sagging skin and improves sleep quality, which is why I love to use this scrub before I go to bed!

Your Body Moisturizers Will Work Better If You Exfoliate The Skin
Removing the outer layer of dead cells is like removing a film from your skin. Consequently, products like those moisturizers and creams you apply after exfoliating will work better and faster, providing longer-lasting results since they won't sit on top of lots of dead skin build-up.

This is also why it is advisable to look for body scrubs that contain natural oils, such as olive and coconut oil, to boost the skin's glow.

How To Use A Body Scrub Effectively, Barbies Beauty Bits

How To Use A Body Scrub Effectively
Now that you know the benefits, how do you use a body scrub?

Well, beauties, it is not that difficult.

  1. A relaxing, warm shower or bath is always the first step in body scrubbing. Warm steam gently opens your pores in preparation for the exfoliating treatment.
  2. Gently massage the body scrub into your slightly wet skin using gentle, circular motions. By doing this, the body scrub removes dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation.
  3. After exfoliating your entire body, rinse off the body scrub and lightly towel dry.
  4. Finish the indulgent treatment using hydrating body oil, lotion, or butter.

Over Exfoliating And How To Avoid It
As you can see, regularly getting rid of skin impurities has benefits. However, too much of a good thing can happen, especially when it comes to over-exfoliating the skin! Yep, if you exfoliate too often, the skin's barrier function can become compromised!

You see, our skin produces oils to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Overdoing it can strip your glowing skin of all its protective and nourishing elements, and it can leave the skin raw, resulting in cracked, dry skin, which leads to premature aging.

As a general rule, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week to reap its benefits: Yup, one to two times per week. So beauties, if you've been slathering on the exfoliating acids daily, there's a high chance you are overdoing it.

So despite the many benefits of body scrubbing, it's more about consistency than frequency.

Do you have a favorite body scrub tip? If so let us know below. Until next time! 


August 22, 2022

Cosmetic Procedures Yes Or No? 5 Things To Consider Before

Five things to consider before choosing a cosmetic procedure, Barbies Beauty Bits

Cosmetic Procedures Yes Or No? Five things to consider before choosing a cosmetic procedure!

Despite the pandemic negatively impacting many businesses, plastic surgeons are experiencing the opposite. The interest in cosmetic surgery is booming, and the "Zoom Boom Effect" accounts for many cosmetic procedure demands during the pandemic.  

Why? Because people are constantly viewing their own and others' faces on zoom calls. Starring at yourself for hours on end has caused more people to take notice of facial anomalies, irregularities, asymmetry, and even compare themselves to others on screen.

In 2021 alone, facial plastic surgeries like brow and face lifts increased by 54%, and non-surgical procedures increased by 44%, according to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons. More than $14.6 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2021 alone; 94% were performed on women. 

How To Avoid Botched Procedures

As the demand for cosmetic surgery procedures grows, botched procedures have been markedly rising thanks to unqualified practitioners.

Plastic surgery pitfalls include:

  •     The surgery was performed by an unqualified surgeon.
  •     A nurse is used instead of a qualified anesthesiologist.
  •     An insufficient examination of a patient's medical history.
  •     The procedure lacks a properly equipped space, such as a hospital.

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a cosmetic procedure. It can be challenging if you have never undergone this type of procedure before, especially given the cost and potential risks involved in some of these treatments. 

Finding a board-certified, experienced surgeon is the first, most crucial step, but it isn't the only one.The field of plastic surgery has advanced significantly over the past few decades. Several advances have been made in the field of plastic surgery, not only in terms of sophistication and safety but also in terms of women and men being more comfortable with the idea of having cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.

You just need to your part and I am here to help with five factors you need to consider before having any cosmetic treatments.


Here are five things potential cosmetic-surgery patients need to consider:

Have Realistic Expectations When It Comes To Cosmetic Procedures

I am bringing this up first as you need a realistic expectation of what these procedures can provide.

Although cosmetic procedures, even less invasive ones like treatments from a Botox treatment clinic, can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, they won't give you a better relationship, a better paying job, or a happier life.

But if you desire to correct crows feet, crooked nose, tighten a loose chin, or a mommy makeup over, chances are you'll be satisfied with the results, provided you do your homework first.

Finding The Perfect Medical Facility: Beyond The Google Search

Many people, especially in areas known for cosmetic procedures, start by searching online. For example, someone in Los Angeles might search for "Medical Spa Los Angeles." However, more than simply finding a website is required. You need to dig deeper to ensure you're choosing the best professional for your needs.

RealSelf: Your Trusted Resource for Plastic Surgery Research

Here's where RealSelf comes in. This valuable platform acts as a healthcare marketplace, connecting you with qualified physicians and allowing you to research various aesthetic treatments. RealSelf boasts over 430,000 doctor profiles, treatment options, and plastic surgery reviews – all from real patients sharing their experiences.

What Makes RealSelf So Useful?

  • Find Local Doctors: Easily connect with qualified surgeons in your area.
  • Unfiltered Reviews: Read candid reviews from actual patients about their experiences, good and bad.
  • Before & After Photos: See real, unretouched photos to gauge potential results.
  • Transparent Pricing: Get a general idea of costs associated with different procedures.
  • Social Proof Matters: While credentials are necessary, don't be fooled by fancy degrees alone. Look for surgeons whose patients showcase natural-looking results on social media platforms. If someone has a frozen Botox look, you may want to consider another injector. 

Beyond Credentials: Why Patient Experiences Matter

While a surgeon's qualifications are essential, they don't tell the whole story. Finding a skilled and experienced surgeon with a good bedside manner is crucial. RealSelf reviews and social media can reveal valuable insights you won't necessarily find on a doctor's website.

By going beyond a simple Google search and utilizing resources like RealSelf, you can make informed decisions and choose a plastic surgeon who inspires confidence and delivers exceptional results.

Check The Plastic Surgeons' Qualifications When Considering A Cosmetic Procedure

I was surprised at the growing number of OB/GYNs, internal medicine doctors, and even cardiologists performing cosmetic procedures~ WHAT?? I know. But the truth is that the US government doesn't require that a surgeon has training in the services they offer. What are the signs that your plastic surgeon isn't fully qualified?

For starters, if you have a surgeon who usually works on the cardiovascular system doing face reconstructive surgery! This may seem hard to believe, but it's legal. Trust me. 

I had a qualified vein surgeon, part owner in a spa, who botched a CoolSculpting procedure on me. And since he was not a plastic surgeon he could not perform the procedure to correct the negative side effects from CoolSculpting.

So, when searching for the right plastic surgeon qualified to perform a cosmetic procedure it is up to you to ensure that your surgeon is American board-certified.

Schedule A Consultation And Ask Questions When Considering A Cosmetic Procedure

If you are interested in a nose job, you want to find a board-certified plastic surgeon skilled in reconstructing that part of the face.

It's essential to have a reputable practitioner familiar with plastic and reconstructive rhinoplasty so that you can breathe normally through your nose.

Here are some questions you should ask your cosmetic surgeon during your surgery consultation:

  • Can you tell me how much training you have in the procedure I need?
  • What is the number of years you have performed this procedure?
  • Can you show me before and after pictures of past patients who have had this procedure? 
  • Patient safety is essential, so ask about the medical center, operating room, and general anesthesia. 
  • Are there any risks involved after the cosmetic surgery?
  • And make sure you feel comfortable during the consultation.
How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon Near Me, Barbies Beauty Bits

Think It Through: Avoid Impulsive Cosmetic Procedures

Impulsive decisions are never a wise idea, especially when it comes to a cosmetic procedure, even ones that are no invasive. In addition to the above research, you should also think ahead.

For example, if you plan on having kids, it is best to wait before having surgery unless you have a facial procedure (such as a facelift or rhinoplasty). Breastfeeding - and having a baby! - transforms your body dramatically.

To achieve the best results, wait until you've finished breastfeeding your LAST baby before looking at a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and/or lifting those sagging parts from pregnancies.

Be sure to select a cosmetic procedure right for you as cosmetic surgery is an art, not a science, requiring that patient and Doctor work together to achieve the desired outcome.

Lastly, any cosmetic procedure, and I repeat any, is something you do for yourself—not for a spouse, partner, ever!!!!! Your body is yours forever, and treat it preciously.


August 19, 2022

How Busy Adults Can Reduce Back-To-School Stress

How Busy Adults Can Reduce Back-To-School Stress, Barbies Beauty Bits

It's time to reduce back to school stress and return to routine after the Summer! Whether you are:

  •     A working parent getting your kids ready for the school year
  •     A college student returning to school in the fall
  •     Simply getting back into a routine after the Summer vacation

Often, we start feeling stress, tension, or increased anxiety, making us feel less than ideal. As if that wasn't hard enough, now skyrocketing inflation adds another concern for adults struggling to afford back-to-school clothing, school supplies, and after-school care.

Resilience and refuge are more crucial than ever for parents, kids, and even college students in these challenging times.

Here are some ways to reduce back-to-school stress from Barbie's Beauty Bits to get through this year's hustle.

Understand Stress Is A Natural Defense To Uncertainty

Realize that stress is a natural reaction to uncertainty. The problem, however, is that too much stress can be detrimental to our health.

In a report by the National Institute for Mental Health, anxiety disorder and chronic stress affect the immune system, digestion, cardiovascular system, sleep, and reproductive system. Symptoms vary from person to person, including digestive problems, headaches, sleeplessness, sadness, anger, and irritability.

Hence having your feelings validated (and kids) ease back-to-school anxiety, support your child (especially the younger children who may have separation anxiety), and adopt some back-to-school stress relievers. 

These steps are essential to help you during this difficult time.

Resume A Routine To Help Reduce Back To School Stress

During the summer months, routines often take a vacation as well. Add regulating patterns to your household's schedule a few weeks before school starts to reduce stress and help transition back to the school schedule.

If no one has been maintaining a bedtime during summer break, set one that can be held for the school nights (this goes for parents, college students, basically all family members too). Getting much-needed sleep will help everyone with the first day of school, properly adjust to the change in schedule, and benefit everyone's mood and immune system.

If the family has been sleeping late over the Summer, start waking up close to the time you need to get up for school. If you haven't been eating regularly, stick to regular meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Include some fun rituals into the evening or weekend routine that can continue after school starts, in addition to a regular chore.

The first few weeks of school are also an excellent time to schedule playdates or activities with a friend of your child's. Psychologically, spending time with peers during times of transition or high stress can help reduce stress.

Maintaining a routine can help those struggling with anxiety,  reduce stress and promote resilience. (That applies to parents, too!)

How CBD Can Help College Students With Stress, Barbies Beauty Bits

How CBD Can Help College Students With Stress

There's no denying that college students are under tremendous pressure. Your schedule is packed with academics, internships, socializing, and much more.

Plus, when you're just coming into your own, it's easy to feel nervous and stressed out about the future at this time.

It has been shown that CBD can reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. So you can become excited about going out on your own, rather than nervous. And of course that "Squirrel Brain", finding it difficult to concentrate!

If you haven't tried CBD products, you might want to educate yourself on CBD products from  CBDistillery and see if they could be helpful to you when you feel anxious or a lack of focus. Many people find that using these products is beneficial.

Take Deep Breaths To Help With Stress

Stress often causes you to think less clearly than you might otherwise. Breathing exercises can help you calm down quickly. They are especially useful for reducing anxiety before tests and other stressful times. You can do them virtually anywhere and relieve stress in just a few minutes. 

how adult coloring books reduce stress, barbies beauty bits

Engage In Some Creative Activity To Help Minimize Stress Levels

Getting in touch with your creative energy can boost your overall health. It might sound silly, but an activity as simple as coloring in a trending adult coloring book outdoors or back in your dorm can improve brain function, psychological well-being, and physical health.

Crafting is another form of creativity. Believe it or not, many compare crafting to meditation for its calming effects on the brain and body. Crafting has also proved to help focus the mind.  

Being creative helps us enter a calm state, in which all our negative thoughts melt away, and we simply exist in the present moment. Whether baking, crafting, arts and crafts, it doesn't matter. You just need to do whatever your heart desires without worrying about how well you do; most importantly, you love it.

Enjoy The Outdoors To Help Minimize Back To School Stress

The benefits of spending time in nature and exercising for both kids and adults have been demonstrated in numerous studies. The results were extraordinary: Stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate levels decreased.

Exercising reduces tension and releases feel-good brain chemicals that elevate your mood and support calm. In addition to helping you sleep better, regular exercise can also help your kids!

Don't complicate things. Even a half-hour or 15 minutes can make a huge difference. After school begins, you can continue this activity as part of your "routine."

Meditate Outdoors To Reduce Stress, Barbies Beauty Bits

Meditate Outdoors To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Since you are already enjoying the beautiful outdoors, why not combine it with one of the best things you can do for your mental health, which is meditation? The practice of going to the nearest natural setting, preferably a forest, and simply meditating on your surroundings is known as "forest bathing" in Japan. Get completely absorbed in the here and now, and pay attention to everything that may be seen, heard, smelled, and felt.

Revamp Your Skincare With Some Retinol To Help With Stress

Not only can stress affect your mind, but stress can also take a toll on your complexion. The effects of stress can be seen in an increase in cortisol levels, which, in turn, leads to an increase in inflammation, like swollen eyes due to a lack of sleep and dry skin from eating unhealthy. Stress can even show up as stress wrinkles! Have you ever heard the expression "worry lines"? Those pesky lines on the forehead area!

One skincare ingredient that can improve stress-induced skin is topical retinol. Studies have shown that retinol can be a strategy to attenuate the effects of stress on the skin as it promotes collagen and elastic fiber production and reduces protease synthesis.

A product I love this time of year is "The A Method Pearls of Retinol." It's common to see people's skin become very dry when using retinol without any follow-up products. But not with this system, as it offers the perfect microdosing scenario with hydrating ingredients, like Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, and 24K Gold, that prevent dryness, redness, and irritation.

They offer 0.5% and 1% strengths to build strength and tolerance. 

how retinol can help stressed induced aging skin, barbies beauty bits

Pamper Yourself: Self-Care Solutions For Stress Relief

We saved this for last. As it is important to set an example for your children and prioritize your health and well-being during this stressful transitional time. 

First, let's clear up one common misconception: Self-care does not mean self-indulgence, vanity, or selfishness.

Self-care means taking care of yourself to stay healthy. From managing stress physically and mentally to lowering blood pressure, self-care for anxiety, and even the amount of sleep you get. The health benefits will not only allow you to succeed at work and care for others but basically live.

The need for self-care to take better care of yourself is more prevalent than ever, especially this time of year, and it doesn't haven't to be something extravagant. It can be something as simple as a stress-relieving massage, an uplifting facial, a hair blowout, or a relaxing spa treatment, these are a must for the ultimate self-care practices.

To Sum It Up
Realize it is normal to occasionally become stressed in anticipation of a test, getting the kids off to school for the first time, and balance family and work.

If you sense you are over committed, you may feel like you are failing in every sphere of your life. You may sometimes notice you are frustrated and wonder why everyone else seems to manage school, kids, and work so quickly. Most adults deal with stress daily, and you are not to blame. Despite this, you can still make it easier by following the steps above.


August 17, 2022

Everything You Need To Do Your Nails At Home

Everything You Need To Do Your Nails At Home, Barbies Beauty Bits

Everyone seems to be opting for DIY beauty these days, so why wouldn't doing our nails at home be one of them? Whether you don't have time to go to the salon or simply want to keep your beauty budget in check, learning how to do your nails at home is a skill worth learning.

The possibilities are endless, from press-on nails to gel manicures to nail art. And to be honest, it is not that difficult once you master it. A little practice, patience, and the right nail tools will take you far.

So beauties, keep reading as Barbie's Beauty Bits shares everything you need to do your nails at home with the help of MelodySusie!

How To Prep Your Nails For Your At-Home Mani, Barbies Beauty Bits

How To Prep Your Nails For Your At-Home Mani
No matter the type of nail you want to create, if you do not prepare, you will not be happy with the outcome.

Remove any old polish: Prepping your nails is the first step in any manicure. Start by removing any old nail polish, natural oils, and a good nail cleaning with some pure acetone.

  • Push back your cuticles: Soak your nails in warm water to soften the area, and then gently push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. (Avoid using cuticle nippers or cuticle remover as you can hurt yourself. Save those for the professionals).
  • Trim your nails: Trim your natural nails to an appropriate length. Not too short and not too long.
  • File your nails: File your nails so they're even and don't have any snags.
  • Buff your nails: If applying nails, you want to use a nail buffer on top of each nail bed so that your acrylic tips, press-on nails, etc., will have something to grip.

So now that your nails are prepped, you have to decide the type of nails, nail art, etc. And no worries, as MelodySusie, is here to help with all things nails. They are my go-to nail place!

Press-On Nails, The Must Try Nail Trend
As artificial nails, press-on nails are the nail industry's superstar. Not only are they fashionable and beautiful, but press-on nails also do not damage your real fingernails like gel nail polish or acrylic nails do when they come off.

Press-on nails are very easy to apply. They also come in so many shapes, lengths, and nail designs, that there is bound to be one (or more) set of nails that will suit your fancy!  

Who Is Buying Press On Nails
Everyone! Thanks to the rise of intricate nail art and "nailfluencers" on Instagram! Press-on nail brands are growing in popularity. They're not just found at the drug store; everyone is seeking them.

The number of Google searches for press-on nails has increased by 40%, while the number of Google searches for nail stickers has risen by 55.3%.

The look of press-on nails has changed as opposed to the nails worn years ago, which were hard and popped off all the time. Today's press-on nails are thinner, more flexible, and more comfortable to wear. From simple French manicures to animal prints, solid hues to funky, these designs are "more of the moment."

best press on nails, barbies beauty bits

Popular Press On Nails This Summer
Let's see what press-on nails are chic and popular this Summer 2022.

French Manicure Press-On Nails
A traditional French manicure, defined by the white polish across the nail tip, oozes sophistication and chicness. It's no wonder French manicures are timeless!

Rainbow Manicure Press-On Nails
Somewhere over the rainbow...If a single color on your nails seems boring and dull, why not try the rainbow manicure? Make your nails stand out by painting them with different vibrant colors, transparent textures, and even adding glitter stars throughout the nails.

Party Manicure Press-On Nails
Time to get a bit wild with some party Animals' press-on nails. These are one of my favorites; they are so fun. As you can see, three solid black nails and the animal pattern also pearls make your nails so unique and wild.

melodysusie press on nails review, barbies beauty bits

Shining Manicure Press-On Nails
What the heck is a shining manicure? You can see different colors in this manicure through different angles and lights.

Crystal Manicure Press-on Nails
You'll love this nail style if you don't like too many colors or want the simplest look. With its sheer pink base, the nail looks natural with no flashy colors, giving the beauty of simplicity.

Show Your Piggies Some Love
Pedis will never be the same! Take your pedicure to the next level with a press-on pedicure!

What the heck? I know I thought the same thing when I heard about these. I don't particularly enjoy having people touch my feet, so having the option for a press-on pedicure has been a savior, especially for those last-minute events. 

As you can see, press-on nails are quick and easy, offering a variety of patterns, art, shapes, and color options. You can mix and match sets to change your looks and suit your style. 

How To Decorate Your Nails At Home Barbies Beauty Bits

Decorate Your Nails At Home With Some Nail Art
Get the fanciest fingertips with rhinestones and decals; for those who have the artsy touch, you can paint some creative designs on your nails.  

You will need a few nail tools and accessories, and I will share them with you to make it easy.

Nail Rhinestones, Glitter, And Decals, Oh My!
Melodysusie offers top-quality nail rhinestones and decals for any occasion. Whether you add one stone, glitter sets, or apply an easy nail art sticker, there is something out there for everyone.  

Nail Art Liner Brushes
MelodySusie has a nail liner pen set that comes in three different sizes: Ideal for drawing, dotting, painting, creating intricate flowers, and other small nail art .

The Best Gel Polish For At-Home Nails, Barbies Beauty Bits

The Best Gel Polish For At-Home Nails
MelodySusie gel polish is high-quality and suitable for those who want an at-home gel manicure. There is an entire set I like that comes with 24 gel colors. The gel polish colors are made from non-toxic ingredients, which makes it safe for the nails and has a low odor.

The gel is long-lasting, it rarely chips, and I'm clicking away on a computer all day long. The application of gel polish is simple. It does, however, need to be cured under an LED nail lamp for about 90-120 secs.

Nail Art Lamp
Use a professional nail lamp to cure your gel nails as they won't dry on their own. I recommend selecting a UV nail lamp like this 2-in-1 UV nail lamp from MelodySusie if you want the best curing effect possible.

This nail lamp with LED lighting makes the gel manicure at home process much easier, especially for a beginner, as it is more flexible and can hold the nails for drying.

It also has a quick 60-second curing with high power, low heat, and no harm, so your gel nails dry fast and efficiently.~can I get a hell yeah?

The best uv nail light to use at home, barbies beauty bits

To Sum It Up
Now that you're an at-home mani-queen, seal your cuticles with the most refined cuticle oil- the product should be a part of every woman's beauty stash.

In addition to promoting overall nail health, growth, and longevity, cuticle oil enhances polish, gel, and manicures!
So as you can see, it is not impossible to get Insta-worthy nails at home; it's actually pretty darn simple to figure out how to do your own nails. With a bit of practice, patience, and the right nail tools, you will look NAILtastic in no time!


August 13, 2022

Sunday Funday Hair And Beauty Tips

Sunday Funday Hair And Beauty Tips, Barbies Beauty Bits

It's a beauty truth that bad hair days suck away your confidence! Yep, according to a Redbook poll 74% of women say a crappy hair day does not make them feel confident. Indeed, when your hair is healthy, it looks better, and when it looks good you feel good!

So what can you do to keep your hair healthy? Well, the Beauty Spotlight Team is here to help with some Sunday Funday hair and beauty tips to help you feel confident to start the week out with a bang! 

Transforming your locks to look fuller and healthier may seem impossible, but it is possible with Barbie's Beauty Bits tips on how to make your hair look fuller and healthier.

The new paradigm shifting self-cleaning CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a definite game-changer, and Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog declares that it is covet-worthy.

Some other tips to gorgeous, healthy hair

  •     Before you shower, brush your hair.
  •     Correctly condition - and with care.
  •     Don't forget to take time for hair masks.
  •     Make sure you pay attention to key ingredients.
  •     Maintain a healthy diet.
  •     Your shower should be set at a lower temperature.
  •     Don't let the sun damage your strands.
  •     Don't forget to wash your scalp

Now that your hair is in check, why not try some other activities for a Sunday Funday Of Beauty!

Party In Your Lounge Wear

Evening pajamas are not for sleeping; they're for partying! Wear them while hosting a dinner party (whether indoors or on the patio), for a romantic evening at home, or for so many other events. Angie at Your True Self Blog explains how to look glamorous in evening pajamas with outfit combinations and the places to wear them.

Treat Yourself To Some Skincare And A Movie

Thinking of heading back to the movie theater? Check out the new comedy, Mack & Rita, starring Diane Keaton and the film debut of City Beauty's Multi-Action Sculpting Cream! And to celebrate, City Beauty is hosting a half price sale on that anti-aging cream that's one of Allison's faves! Get the deets on Never Say Die Beauty.

Tauts collagen supplement review, by barbies beauty bits

Try A Beauty Collagen Supplement
If you've ever searched for an anti-aging skincare product, there's no doubt you've heard of collagen, which is the foundation for radiant, youthful skin.

But did you know that research has shown that collagen production decreases by 1% every year after 20. So by the time you're a beauty over 40, your collagen production is only 60% of what it was when you were in your teens. WTH?!

This is where supplements come in! Skin-supportive supplements can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin by improving the health of your skin cells from the inside out!

And Taut's Premium Collagen Transformation System with drinkable collagen supplement to help you to produce new collagen again!  It's like a genie in a bottle, granting your wish for younger looking skin.


August 9, 2022

5 Effective Ways To Conceal Blemishes


5 Effective Ways To Conceal Blemishes, Barbies Beauty Bits

Barbie's Beauty Bits 5 Effective Ways To Conceal Blemishes

Nothing is worse than waking up the day of a big event with a big ole zit on your face. While skincare is king for minimizing breakouts, it will not wholly neutralize those last-minute overnight breakouts. 

So, beauties, when you're faced with a blemish that just won't quit, you need multiple options to conceal that bad boy, and Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to help with five ways to conceal your blemishes effectively.

Tip 1: Find A More Permanent Solution
We are starting with this as if it is a constant; you need to nip it in the bud by consulting a dermatologist for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment instead of trying to conceal it daily.

A dermatologist can prescribe medications that are stronger than what you can find over-the-counter or do at home. They can also discuss other options, such as laser treatment for scars as well as some medical grade skincare products like Skinmedica.

You may have to try a few different treatments to find the one that's most effective for you, and a dermatologist is best to help find the right acne treatments for those with acne-prone skin. 


Tip 2: Zap That Zit With A Pimple Patch
Consider investing in pimple patches for those naughty zits and breakouts that appear out of nowhere at night. 

Many of us have our first instinct to pick at our skin when we realize one blemish, and the pimple patch helps curb the picking action, which always leads to scarring. 

Acne patches do not only prevent you from picking at breakouts, but they also quicken the whaling process by absorbing all oils and fluids from your blemishes. 

I prefer these because, unlike a spot treatment cream, these patches don't leave your skin dry and flaky. Plus, they work very quickly. 

The Peace Out Pimple patch works in 6 hours or less. It also helps with redness, making the area easy to cover up! Leading us to our next tip... 

Tip 3: Say Bye, Bye To Breakouts With A Multitasking Concealer
Adding makeup to a breakout can worsen your acne if not applied correctly, especially if you opt for a full-coverage foundation. This is why makeup artists prefer to use a multitasking treatment. Several multitasking concealers are on the market, many acting as spot treatments to heal breakouts for all skin types. 

One product I love is from Itcosmetics, as it is a drying lotion and concealer in one. This brand is known for combining makeup with skincare. So not only the Bye, Bye Concealer full-coverage, but it's also a spot treatment to help heal your breakout.

While this product does come with an applicator, the application isn't the best. I suggest stippling the product instead of sweeping it on because you will remove it instead of adhering. Once it is where you like it, conceal it with a translucent powder to keep it all in place. (It is also great for dark spots for those who may have some acne scarring).

A concealer isn't the only makeup option. Some others to consider include:

  • A color corrector
  • Green concealers
  • Liquid foundations 


Tip 4: Wash Your Makeup Brushes And Sponges
You will hear me say this constantly. But the truth is a dirty makeup brush can harbor bacteria and dead skin cells.

And guess what? If you are not regularly cleaning your makeup brushes, you put this gunt right back on your face. This can lead to breakouts as well as premature aging. So beauties, wash those makeup tools!

Depending on how regularly you use your makeup tools, wash them with a gentle solution; even baby shampoo will work. 

best toner for acne, barbies beauty bits

Tip 5: Your Skincare Routine
A great skincare routine is the best way to avoid those last-minute breakouts. And no worries, it doesn't need to be a complex step-by-step routine to be effective.

There are some multitasking products if you want to keep it real simple. One product my niece so loves is from Tula (Acne All-Star). It is a 3-in-1 formula that can be used as a daily cleanser, mask, or spot treatment, catering to your skin's specific needs. 

She also is a big fan of Derma-E using their "anti-blemish clarifying bi-phase toner" as it has tea tree oil in it which is great for acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 

If you are not prone to constant breakouts, you can keep it with an everyday anti-aging routine that consists of

  • A washable cleansing cloth
  • A double cleanse
  • Toner that contains Cica or Tea Tree Oil
  • Treatment serum containing salicylic acid
  • Moisturize (even if you have oily skin)

Best lightweight sunscreen by barbies beauty bits

BONUS Tip: Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen

There are ingredients often found in sunscreen, that have anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation and relieve acne. Sun damage can also cause hyperpigmentation, which can make acne scars look much worse than they are.

So make sure to apply a lightweight suncreen like this one from Klairs! I so love this All-day Airy moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA++++.

It is very lightweight, so that I can wear it by itself or under makeup.This SPF IS MY BFF!!

Get yours today and enjoy 15% OFF with my code: BBB15

As you can see, there are many effective ways to cover a blemish. You can conquer whatever it is by visiting a dermatologist, updating your skincare routine, color correcting, and improving your makeup tool's hygiene.


August 8, 2022

How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Healthier

How Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Healthier, Barbies Beauty Bits

Most people dream of having thick, voluminous hair. But, sadly, few people are naturally blessed with hair that looks like this. If you once enjoyed a bouncy, luxurious head of hair but have found that it has become thin, dull, and lifeless in recent years, you may be looking for ways to bring your hair back to its former glory.

Transforming your locks to look fuller and healthier may seem impossible, but it is possible; you simply need to know how.

So, if you want to leave behind your thinning hair and achieve a hairstyle that looks voluminous and luxurious, the following hair care tips to help make your hair appear fuller and healthier are for you!

Establish Why Your Hair Has Changed

If you once had thicker, fuller, longer hair but have found that you now have the opposite hair type, it is helpful to try and identify the reason for this. Many factors can impact the hair and cause issues such as hair loss and poor condition, so understanding why this may be happening to you is crucial. For many women, pregnancy marks the start of their hair-related issues.

The hormonal changes during pregnancy and after birth can cause hair to thin around the top of the head, the front, and the sides. This makes the hair appear thinner and also occurs during menopause. You may notice your hair falls out when brushing and taking a shower. Identifying the cause of your hair loss allows you to take steps to reverse it and prevent it from deteriorating further.

Best hair extensions for volume, barbies beauty bits

Enhance Your Hair With Hair Extensions

I am a big fan of hair extensions, and I talk about them a lot as they are more than just making your hair longer. One benefit of hair adding extensions is that it is an effective way to make your hair look full and healthy. It is also an excellent technique to add dimension to the hair, which creates the illusion of fullness.

Companies such as Irresistible Me provide beautiful human hair extensions and wigs. Adding extensions can instantly improve the look of your hair and will ensure that it looks thick and full as soon as the hair extensions are added. 

If you want to enhance your hair further, then learning to give it the perfect blowout is a great way to add volume and make it look glossier. Once you have mastered styling your hair in a way that makes it look thicker, you should find that doing this each day becomes a breeze, and you will soon become a styling pro.       

Select Professional Hair Products That Can Help Thicken Hair

You want to start with a specialized shampoo and conditioner. I suggest two types: a thickening shampoo and a volumizing shampoo. Thickening shampoos focus on individual strands of hair, while volumizing shampoos focus more on the roots.

Thickening Shampoos
The name says it as thickening shampoos are ideal for thickening fine hair types. These shampoos infuse the hair with proteins, vitamins, polymers, moisture to plump it up, and even natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and argan oil. As a result, each piece appears thicker, which is ideal for boosting thickness in fine hair.

Volumizing Shampoos
Volumizing shampoos focus more on adding lift to the roots, and they accomplish this through the ingredients in the shampoo to create a 'hold' lifting the hair away from the head.

Thickening Hair Products
After washing your hair, double down on your quest for full-bodied hair using thickening products such as texture creams, texturizing sprays, dry shampoos, and thickening tonics.

For a fuller effect, start with a thickening product on wet hair, then follow it with a volumizing product on dry hair. This will target both the roots and the hair shaft.

Also, use hair styling products that do not contain drying alcohols, such as ethanol, SD alcohol, propyl alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol.

Need some guidance on how to pick out the right products? Check out our list of the best thickening hair products here.

How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Healthier, Barbies Beauty Bits

Show Your Scalp Some Love

Thickening products are great, but this is temporary. One way to help promote hair growth is to ensure your scalp is happy, healthy, and well-nourished, providing the perfect environment to grow thicker hair strong and at its maximum potential.

One thing I love is exfoliating the scalp with a scalp massage tool. Not only does this increase blood flow to the scalp to encourage thick hair growth, but it can also unclog hair follicles that are blocked from growing due to sebum and product build-up. Over time, hair thinning and overall hair health may improve.

Rethink Your Hot Tools

Hot tools cause breakage—the enemy of thick, full hair. With fewer long locks to create body, creating volume will be even more challenging.

Since I can't go without my heat styling tools, I usually let my hair air dry and then use a styling tool on the lowest heat setting that works for my hair and a heat protectant spray. If you're blow-drying your hair, the trick is to style with heat and set with cool, and this will help accomplish what you want with less damage and will hold much longer.


How Changing The Color Of Your Hair Can Make It Appear, Fuller 

One approach you may not have considered is creating dimensions with hair color. Trick everyone into thinking your hair is packing much more than its actual weight by changing your hair color with a process called "hair contouring," Yes, it is really a thing.

Similar to makeup contouring, hair contouring creates a flattering look by using light and dark tones to complement your face shape. Highlights and shadows are then added to add dimension to complete the look.

In other words:
No more single-process color! If your hair is all one color, it will look flat and lack dimension. Instead, it's all about ensuring that light, medium, and dark colors complement one another.

So there you have it. Barbie's Beauty Bits tips to help make your hair appear fuller and healthier!

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