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November 27, 2021

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Beauty Deals Of 2021


Black Friday And Cyber Monday Beauty Deals of 2021 Barbies Beauty Bits

At Barbie's Beauty Bits, we love deals, especially when it comes to beauty items. Check out these Black Friday & Cyber Monday Beauty Deals of 2021, which can help you get ahead of your holiday shopping for that beauty lover in your life.

From retailers like Sephora, Macy's, and Ulta to brands from Itcosmetics, Too Faced, Clayton Shagal Gift Sets, Sola Wave, Colleen Rothschild, and More!

This blog post will be updated on 11/28/2021 to reflect Cyber Monday weekend sales! So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to check those beauty buys off your wish list.

Cyber Monday Beauty Deals Of 2021


goli apple cider vinegar cyber monday deals barbies beauty bits

Cyber Monday Beauty Store Deals Of 2021

ulta beauty cyber monday sale barbies beauty bits

heaven on earth holiday skincare gift sets barbies beauty bits

Professional Skincare Holiday Gift Sets

Heaven On Earth Day Spa Skincare Gift Sets Savings of 30% off original prices, when purchased as a gift set. 

Wanna share a beauty deal with Barbie's Beauty Bits for Cyber Monday or just the holiday season? Let us know below.


November 16, 2021

Pre-holiday Beauty Sales With The Beauty Spotlight Team

preholiday beauty sales barbies beauty bits

Pre-holiday beauty sales are starting! From beauty mirrors and ring lights, to hair care and candles. The beauty spotlight team has you covered this week.

Take advantage of City Beauty’s early Black Friday sale: 40% off on everything! Check out Never Say Die Beauty’s favorites from City Beauty and get the code here.

With the quality of today’s smartphone cameras and lighted makeup mirrors, you can take amazing pictures without spending a lot of money on heavy and expensive photo equipment. Would you like to know a few of Barbie’s Beauty Bits secret photo-taking tips? If so click here

Plaids are so versatile. They’re great for print mixing and color mixing. They go with dressy or casual pieces for laid-back days or casual evenings, whether in or out. And age doesn’t matter. So why don’t you check out Angie’s style tip of the day for plaid love at Your True Self Blog?

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog LOVES Spongellé products, and has selected the top picks for gift-giving this holiday season!

This week Prime Beauty spotlighted affordable mass market products from Sorme’ Cosmetics and Noughty Haircare. It’s a good time to save on things for ourself so we can splurge later on others.

Make sure to check out some of the above pre-holiday beauty sales! 


November 15, 2021

Tips To Cleanse Your Face Like A Pro

tips to cleanse your skin like a pro barbies beauty bits

You may be thinking, what do you mean Barbie's Beauty Bits, cleanse my face like a pro? How difficult can it be to wash my face? Isn't it pretty straightforward? Well, there is a way to cleanse your skin correctly, and no, this doesn't include using bar soap and water unless you want to mess up your skin's PH balance, which allows for more bacteria and yeast growth, leading to skin irritations and breakouts.
Properly removing makeup and other grime your skin has been exposed all day is a difference between healthy, glowing skin and aging, dry, acne-prone skin. I partnered up with Hyalo AI Beauty for this post, so continue reading if you are ready for a clean start!
How To Cleanse Your Face Like A Pro
Cleansing is the first step in a skincare routine, but it's probably the last one many think about! Just look at all those Instagram posts. They are usually about products like a moisturizer, a serum, or a sheet mask that get all of the skincare credit! While a cleanser is more inclined to be forgotten as soon as it's washed down the drain.
But that is not the way it should be! Guess mom knew something when she said to make sure you wash your face before you go to bed! So, let's dive in a bit deeper on how to cleanse your face like a pro.
Avoid The Squeaking Clean Syndrome
When we hear the word squeaky clean, many think that is a good thing. But it is not when it comes to the health of your skin. If your face feels squeaky clean, you have more than likely damaged the skin's protective barrier, as you have stripped the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry, tight, damaged, and compromised. Over time, your skin will become more exposed to flaking, uneven skin tone, and free radicals, leading to premature aging.
So first step to becoming a cleansing pro is to select a suitable cleanser that does not leave your skin squeaky clean! 


Invest In A Foaming Cleanser
One of my favorite types of cleansers is a foaming cleanser. This type deeply cleanses without stripping your moisture barrier. The foaming particles work perfectly at lifting dirt and debris out of the deeper parts of your pores and affect an even greater cleaning action leaving your skin soft and refreshed.
Foam cleansers like the OBubbly Dullness Defying Face Wash from Hyalo AI Beauty is a perfect example of this type of cleanser. As not only does this cleanser remove the dirt and other grime, but it also exfoliates your skin on a molecular level for faster skin renewal.
Look At The Ingredients When Selecting A Facial Cleanser
The second step to becoming a pro at cleansing your face is looking at the ingredients. Stay away from harsh fragrances and synthetic ingredients. Instead, you want to look for a cleanser like the all-natural Hyalo AI Beauty OBubbly Face Wash that harnesses active ingredients (AI) which primarily come from plants and food and pair seamlessly with the skin. Plus, Hyalo AI products have been clinically tested for safety and efficacy and are cruelty-free and nature-approved. Which equals Barbie's Beauty Bits approved as well!
Take a look at this below! Ingredients like their proprietary blend of 16 active ingredients (AI16), featuring Golden Corn AI, Allantoin AI, and Hops AI. Each is sourced sustainably, in its purest form, to deliver pure cleansing goodness. These ingredients work together to help with the way your skin looks and feels by healing and preserving.
Golden Corn AI- This ingredient packs a punch by replenishing and retaining moisture, improving elasticity and firmness while shielding the pores from impurities.
Allantoin and Hops AI join in to further calm and nourish the skin. The hops aid in shielding the skin from aging, boosting collagen products, leaving the skin soft and supple.
Comfrey AI- This is a hydrating exfoliant that defies, shields, and heals.

All ingredients work on a molecular level thanks to Hyalo AI Nanosphere Technology. Which are nano-sized particles that penetrate the epidermis to intelligently deliver essential active ingredients in a targeted, sequential, and time-controlled manner at the molecular level.  
The result? Beautiful skin that looks and feels rejuvenated, energized, and radiant!

Use Lukewarm Water When Washing Your Face
The best water temperature to be used when washing your face is to use warm water. Hot water can strip the skin of essential oils, leading to dry skin. Cold water doesn't effectively remove the grit and grime from your face. You can also invest in some micellar water for some extra TLC.

hyalo aI beauty obubbly face wash review barbies beauty bits

Avoid Pulling And Tugging On The Skin When Washing Your Face
You may not even realize that you could be pulling and tugging on your skin, and this, too, can lead to premature aging. Instead of aggressively scrubbing a cleanser into the skin when you wash your face, you want to be as gentle as possible. The correct way to wash your face is in an upward circular motion, rinse when finished, and if you're going to dry your face, avoid a washcloth. This takes us to our next tip, do not use a traditional washcloth.

Do Not Use Washcloths On Your Face
Washcloths can harbor bacteria, which can irritate the skin and lead to premature aging. Also, a washcloth can provide extra exfoliation, and you do not want to over-exfoliate, as the skin's barrier function can become compromised. Causing the skin to become dehydrated and capillaries can become damaged.
If you insist on using a washcloth, use a microfiber, antimicrobial towel. And when it comes to drying, air-drying is best, but if you must use something to dry off, do so by patting the skin.

the importance of washing your face at night barbies beauty bits

Do Not Go To Bed Alone
No, I am not talking about a person. I am talking about skincare at night with some Hyalo AI Beauty products as beauty sleep is real!
First, the skin is exposed to tons of things during the day. While many may not think much of it, the skin's surface builds up dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat, makeup, and other debris, that if not removed, will lead to free radical damage, which is the number one cause of premature aging.
Secondly, the skin switches from "protect" mode to "repair" mode at night to undo stress, undo pollutants, undo time, and recover the skin! While we are sleeping, our HGH (the human growth hormone), which is responsible for accelerating skin's repair and cell regeneration, kicks in full gear!  
Considering our skin cells are working full time at night, this is also a perfect time to apply other skincare products to help provide needed nutrients to maximize the cell regeneration process.
Hyalo AI Beauty products work amazingly overnight. With their timed-controlled release delivery system, the OBubbly Dullness Defying Face Wash continues to work on the skin for 24-hours.  
Implement A Morning Skincare Routine
One crucial step to tie into your morning routine is an effective skincare routine. To rock your day, you need to be prepared, and your skin is not excluded.
We just said above that when we rest, our skin rejuvenates, repairs, and recovers. Hence, your morning routine will prepare your skin for the day by nourishing, detoxifying, protecting, and re-balancing the skin.
Hyalo AI Beauty products work amazingly to kick start your day. And it is not just the cleanser. A fantastic way to perk up fatigued skin and brighten up your tired eyes is not with a morning cup of coffee but with a matcha shot instead, AKA Matcha Shot Time Defying Eye Serum.
And after the Matcha Shot, you can then Rosé all day in a healthy way with Rosé Spot Defying Primer. I love wearing this primer alone or using it with my makeup, as it is perfect for keeping my makeup in place and looking flawless throughout the day.

hyalo ai beauty holiday sale barbies beauty bits

Kick Start Your Skincare Regimen With Hyalo AI Beauty
With the holiday season right around the corner—it's time to get a kick start. Noone likes holiday stress! So, rather than let pre-holiday planning and stress get the best of you, we at Barbie's Beauty Bits like to stock up on some skincare essentials! And you can, too, with some Hyalo AI Beauty, 3-in 1 skincare routine. This system repairs underneath the skin, leaving the skin rejuvenated and quenched for lasting results.
Hyalo AI Beauty PreHoliday Sale
•    Buy 2 Rose Spot Defying Primer, get 1 OBUBBLY Face Wash for FREE
•    Buy 2 Matcha Shot Time Defying Eye Serum, get 1 FREE OBUBBLY Face Wash



November 4, 2021

How To Take Close-up Photos Of Your Makeup

how to take closeup photos of your makeup by barbies beauty bits

I get a lot of questions here at Barbie's Beauty Bits on how to take close-up photos of yourself wearing makeup. I always tell a newbie beauty blogger that they don't need top-notch equipment to start taking amazing photos. With the quality of today's smartphone cameras and lighted makeup mirrors, you can take amazing pictures without spending a lot of money on heavy and expensive photo equipment.

Would you like to know a few of my secret photo-taking tips? Continue reading to learn my favorite strategies and products for creating better makeup images, even as a beginner.

makeup with a mask ilios mirror review barbies beauty bits

It's All About the Lighting
When it comes to taking beautiful makeup shots, an essential element to doing it right is proper lighting. When it comes to translating color and nuances in images that will make your shot jump when scrolling through the feed, I usually recommend starting with natural lighting by being near a window. This will ensure that your photo has the most accurate colors possible, which is crucial. Don't believe me, check out this article I wrote on what is my actual hair coloring?

I get it this can be easier said than done, as natural lighting isn't always readily available! But, don't worry; there are still solutions available to you. For example:

  • Clip-on selfie ring lights are inexpensive and can improve your illumination
  • There are phone cases with built-in illumination if you don't want to carry about an additional light. With only a press of a button, you'll be photo-ready.
  • Ilios lighting beauty ring- This Beauty Ring is the first-ever all-in-one makeup mirror and ring light combination designed by lighting experts and perfected by celebrity makeup artists. It also comes with a built-in smartphone holder that positions the phone horizontally/vertically and a light stand, making it perfect for makeup, skincare, content creation, even zoom calls! Plus, the lighting is the best I've experienced, as it mimics true daylight and...
    • It has 5 dimming levels 
    • 3-color modes
    • LED lighting combats overhead fluorescent lighting
    • The LEDs are covered with a layer of custom diffusion and won't result in unflattering shadows or eye strain commonly found on low-quality dot-style LED mirrors
    • No wonder Kim Kardashian calls it the best makeup mirror ever

Adjust Your Phones Camera Settings
To save space, most phones are going to be in a lower factory setting. For high-quality photos, you want to make sure to set the camera on your phone to the highest resolution possible.

The Back Camera Takes Higher Quality Photos
Regardless of the phone model, the rear camera (on the other side of the screen) is of higher quality than the front selfie camera. WHAT??? Yes, when I tell people no front selfie shots, they are shocked. But it is best to use the rear camera to take your makeup selfies, especially for catching up-close details.

I know what you are thinking. If I am using the backside of my phone, how the heck can I see myself? Well, I have a few tricks to help with below.

Tip 1: Set up your camera in front of a mirror so you can see where it's pointing.

Tip 2: Purchase a phone adapter that adheres to the mirror, so you are hands-free. And can also see yourself.

Tip 3: Add a re-stickable mirror that sticks to the back of all phones and cases!

Tip 4: Ilios reversible mirror is an upgrade to add to the ring light. The mirror is distortion-free and can be magnified 1x or 5x. 

best mirrors for content creation barbies beauty bits

Stable, Sharp Photos, Come From Tripods
The clarity of your phone images is what makes them seem similar to, if not identical, to photos shot with a DSLR. Yes, using a selfie stick, tripod, or better yet, a ring light, phone holder, and tripod combo, like the one that comes with the Ilios Lighting is the best option for those picture-perfect shots. (just make sure it is positioned at the right height, you will see this in another section).

There are Bluetooth remote options you can use with your phone that allows you to shoot shots with your hands-free. This combined with the Ilios goodies are ideal for full-face photos or even performing Instagram live 'Get Ready With Me' videos.

ilios mirror and stand content creation barbies beauty bits
Experiment With Various Angles And Poses To Get The Perfect Photo
To get the perfect photo of yourself and one that will best show off your makeup look, you will need to experiment with different poses. And knowing your angles is essential for the best photo possible of yourself. Bad angles can make you look bad. Think about some of those photos you've been tagged in on Facebook, and you're like, Oh my, I look horrible. It is because of the angle!!! So what is the best angle? Check out some of them below.

  1. Taking Photos With Camera Too Low Or Face On- Either one of these can cause a double chin, sagging skin, and some other unflattering photos. To avoid a double chin, you want to put your chin forward and then downwards. And a celebrity tip I learned, it to lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  2. Taking Photos With The Camera Too High-Shooting too high can make the person look small or emphasize a receding hairline or, in my case, grays roots!
  3. Taking Photos To Close To The Camera-Anything close to the camera will appear larger, so anything you're really self-conscious about, you move it back out of frame.
  4. The Most Realist Angle To Take Photos-Taking photos slightly above eye level will offer the most realistic representation of what you are shooting. However, it can feel monotonous when all your pictures are taken from this position. So remember always to use one of the mirror tips above to help switch it up.
  5. Equipment That Allows For This Angle Diversity? Why of course Ilios travel bundle kit brings the perfect light to the beauty industry just for this! 
how exfoliating helps with better makeup application barbies beauty bits

Exfoliate Your Skin For Flawless Makeup Application
I know you are thinking, what does skincare have to do with the quality of a photo? But makeup and skincare go hand in hand. Have you ever had your makeup look cakey or have it settle into fine lines or wrinkles? Caked-on, flakey makeup happens because of the buildup of dead skin cells.  
The key to flawless makeup application is smooth skin. That layer of dead skin cells is what ultimately creates false wrinkles, flakiness, creasing, and other issues as your makeup loves to cling to it!

So to balance out your skin, you need to buff away those dead, dry, or dying cells. Otherwise, when you apply makeup, you will highlight those imperfections instead of concealing them!  I know, it seems contradictive, as isn't that what makeup helps with? Well, only if you exfoliate your skin regularly will you remove that buildup of dead skin cells. The end result is a smoother canvas to which the makeup can adhere, making for a more even, flawless look and better-looking, close-up makeup photos. 

And do not forget about the eyes! I love adding a collagen boost to smooth out the delicate eye area before applying makeup, especially since makeup can crease in this area, creating false wrinkles! Not good for photos, false wrinkles that is!!!!

Take Tons Of Photos Of Yourself
Think about a photographer on a photoshoot; they take tons of photos. Why? Because with more photos, the better the odds are that you'll get the perfect shot. You can quickly shoot tons of photos due to the mobility of the Ilios and the pull-down of the built-in arm for your phone- making it easy to turn any space into a professionally lit studio.

There are many different photo poses for girls’ selfies that you can choose from. Oh, and don't forget to delete the bad images. You do not want to take up space on your phone with unwanted photos.

best makeup apps barbies beauty bits

Editing Photos Shouldn't Be A Controversial Subject
Last but not least. I saved this for last as I wanted to dispel this myth: retouching your makeup shots does not imply you're a phony. Editing may take your beauty selfies to the next level in a positive way as long as you're not substantially changing the appearance of your makeup, facial characteristics, or texture. There's nothing wrong with boosting colors to make them more "real" or editing the background, so it doesn't look like you are taking photos from the same room in your home all of the time.  

If you want to alter your photos, these are some of my favorite apps. I like to edit the brightness, lighten any shadows, and boost vibrancy so you can actually see the quality of the makeup look. BUT stay away from editing your skin, as you want the shots to be realistic as possible. Fake, phony magazine perfect skin photos, people will not relate. Accidental ones get rid of (those caused from an off position, etc.)  Otherwise, embrace your natural skin imperfections.

best makeup photo editor barbies beauty bits
In Closing
The above are a few of my favorite photo tips and tricks, as well as beauty ring lights, allowing me to take close-up photos of my makeup and sharing them on Barbie's Beauty Bits blog or my insta.

There are loads of other ideas out there, some similar to mine and some completely different. Why not share some of your top hacks and make another selfie queen's photos stand out. After all, we beauty lovers have to stick together.



November 2, 2021

November Fall Beauty Must Haves

november fall beauty must haves barbies beauty bits

November brings with it patio fire pits, holiday travel planning, and the start of some holiday prep shopping lists for some beauty buys for Barbie's Beauty Bits. From teeth whitening to getting you picture ready to treating those dry, chapped hands from the seasonal change, and we can't forget the pumpkin that is still in full swing, the beauty spotlight team has you covered with our November Fall Beauty Must Haves!

See some of the must add to your beauty shopping basket this week.

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream is a wonderful cream that deeply moisturizes chapped hands, and the aroma is absolutely delectable. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog highly recommends this lovely ultra-luxe cream for you or people on your holiday gift list. 

Halloween and Thanksgiving mean pumpkin spice season is here! Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has been loving the pumpkin spice facial skincare products from Pumpkin & Spice. Enter to win her giveaway of Pumpkin Spice Exfoliator Scrub!

Over The Counter, Teeth Whitening Versus Professional Teeth Whitening is a question many have, but which is better, and do over-the-counter teeth whiteners really work? Are they even safe? In this post by Barbie’s Beauty Bits, she will share the difference between the two! 

Victorian Gothic or Goth style is mysterious, poetic, edgy, and dramatic. It caught on around the world and persists to this day. Whether you are Goth from way back or just looking into it for Halloween, Angie at Your True Self Blog has some beautiful up-to-date ideas for how to get inspired by Gothic style.

It’s always fun to learn of new cosmetic products, and Cindy of Prime Beauty has done that. True + Luscious has created a palette that contains beautiful clean beauty shades that can be used for bronzing, contouring, and highlighting. This is a must-have to add to you November Fall Beauty Must Haves!


October 29, 2021

Ipsy 2021 Halloween Beauty Bag Review

ipsy 2021 halloween beauty bag review by barbies beauty bits

What is a Vampire's secret to immortality?? BOO-tiful goodies from Ipsy's 2021 Halloween Beauty Bag for Barbie's Beauty Bits Halloween night, which is just in a few days!

The Ipsy Glam Bag is so SPOOKtacular, filled with beauty products to get you in the spirit for Halloween night and to prevent you from looking like the nightmare on Elm Street the morning after with formulas for supernatural skin, out-of-this-world highlighters, shimmering shadows, and more.

How Does An Ipsy Subscription Work
IPSY is a beauty subscription service that delivers beauty products to your home every month. It is a great way to discover some of the latest beauty trends and products on the market without breaking the bank!

There are a few different Ipsy beauty subscription offers. And no worries, there are no tricks, just treats as you  have a say in what goes in your bag (by sharing your beauty preferences in Ipsy's Beauty Quiz to choose and add products to your shipments).

How Much Does An Ipsy Subscription Cost Each Month
For Barbie's Beauty Bits Ipsy 2021 Halloween Beauty Bag Review, I will share with you all of the options Ipsy has. There are a few options with the Ipsy subscription, and one thing I like about this subscription box is you always get a cute themed makeup bag with your subscription each month.

ipsy glam bag review barbies beauty bits

Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription Overview
The beauty glam bag that started it all is $13 and includes five deluxe samples (worth over $50) sent in a cute makeup bag. You also get to personalize your Ipsy glam bag by choosing one product for your bag each month, making this beauty experience a treat to yourself.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Subscription Overview
The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus delivers you five personalized, full-size beauty products (worth over $120) in a themed cute drawstring bag. You have the option of personalizing this a bit more as you get to pick three of your five products each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag X Subscription Review
This is a quarterly beauty box subscription for $55. But it is only available as a members-only upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership. This quarterly subscription includes seven to eight full-size products (worth up to $350)! Some of them are themed with great celebrities and contain some of the most coveted brands, hottest beauty launches, and must-try beauty products! This subscription is somewhat personalized as you get to choose three of your full-size products. The upgrade Ipsy Glam Bag months are

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

** The Glam Bag X replaces your usual monthly Ipsy bag.

ipsy glam plus bag review barbies beauty bits

Ipsy's Pretty Wicked October Halloween Beauty Bag Review
Fangs out and lipstick on this Halloween with some shimmering eyeshadows, eyeliner to create that perfect cat eye, and brows on fleek. This SPOOKtacular Halloween-themed beauty set, includes all the glitz, glamour, and ghoulish behavior for your Halloween night and beyond.

AND do not forget the morning after reBOOt! Admit it. You may be feeling a fright the morning after because you had a bit too much fun! As while we all like a good scare now and then, the horror of dull, dry, and hungover skin? No, thank you! And this Ispy Halloween 2021 bag has some skincare products to banish that hungover skin to boo-tiful skin! Check out all the items that are included in 2021 Ipsy's Halloween Beauty Bags below.

ipsy halloween beauty bag review barbies beauty bits

October 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Products:

October 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Products:

  • This Works In Transit, No Traces makeup remover pads
  • Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum
  • Il Makiage Icon Mascara
  • Murad skincare Renewing Eye Cream
  • Buttahskin Vitamin C Serum

 A must for a reBOOt for the week!

So there you have it, Barbie's Beauty Bits Ipsy 2021 Halloween Beauty Bag Review! Wanna sign up for Ipsy's Beauty Subscription? If so, click here (on the highlighted words prior).


October 19, 2021

Macy's $100 Gift Card Giveaway And More Early Holiday Fun



Get a jump start of your holiday shopping with some of these beauty items and a Macy's $100 Gift Card Giveaway from the "Beauty Spotlight Team."

MUJJO iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Wallet in Monaco Blue is a gorgeous high quality phone case, and Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog thinks it makes the perfect gift for yourself, or for someone on your holiday gift list!

Plaids are always loved and in style for fall and winter. Angie at Your True Self Blog thinks there are probably a million ways to wear a plaid shirt, no matter the weather. But she kept her outfit ideas for you to just over 50 ways to wear a plaid shirt. Lol! The stylings range from easy to awesome, so have fun choosing your own favorite outfit combinations. Age doesn’t matter.

When Allison from Never Say Die Beauty strained her knee while biking, she turned to Derma E Arnica Warming Sore Muscle Rub. What a surprise when the pain was gone in two days! 

Ready for a head of beautiful conditioned hair? Then it’s time to learn about OVERTONE’S The Remedy. Prime Beauty thinks you’ll love your look and be ready for your own commercials.


Join Barbie’s Beauty Bits for Macy’s 10 Days Of Glam, Fall event, where you can save up to 50% off on select beauty products. Plus, register to win a $100 Macy’s Gift Card


October 15, 2021

Must-Have Fall Beauty Items At Macy's

Must Have Fall Beauty Items At Macy's By Barbies Beauty Bits

Must have "Fall Beauty Items" from Macy's? But of course! Like you would change up your wardrobe, you need to do the same with your beauty products. While I do not need a reason to try some new beauty products from Macy's, the change of season is always a great time to do this.

And Macy's is here to help us do just that with their Macy's 10 Days of Glam Fall Event, where you can save up to 50% off on select beauty products! Like Too Faced, Clinique, ItCosmetics, Dr. Brandt, Tarte, Smashbox, Anastasia, Philosophy, Murad, MAC and more!

Plus Free Shipping on 10 Days of Glam Daily Purchase Deals. Using code: GLAM10 (some restrictions apply).

Below is a list of some of my Macy's beauty buys that will be a part of my fall beauty routine.

Bye, Bye Skincare Issues With These Serums From ItCosmetics Found At Macy's
Rarely does anyone have just one skin concern. Usually, we’re trying to address a few while ensuring our skin stays wholly balanced at the same time and avoiding the ouch burn from mixing the wrong skincare products. The trick is to find the right serums (preferably one suitable for all skin types, even sensitive) that work best together to do precisely that, and ItCosmetics is doing just that with their Bye, Bye Serums. With the help of dermatologists’ expertise, each serum contains high percentages of active ingredients proven to drive visible results!

This serum skincare line comes with four different concentrated derma serums, so there is a serum for you depending on what you want to skincare concern you want to say, bye, bye to this fall season!

itcosmetics skincare found at macys by barbies beauty bits

Fall Skincare For Puffy Eyes 
The last year and a half it’s been all about the eyes. Preventing and treating under-eye issues has been on the rise. That's right; our eyes are taking center stage, but are your eyes ready to be the center of attention?
Mask wearings and the Zoom meetings forced many to look at themselves with unfavorable lighting and awkward angles, noticing some features that make you look older than you are, like puffy eyes.
And Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel is here to the rescue.

Within minutes you will notice a tightening effect as it smooths the under-eye contour to visually minimize the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles for an immediately brighter, well-rested look. And the best part no needles!

BONUS: This product is a DEAL OF THE DAY, Tuesday, October 19th

dr.-brandt no more baggage eye cream review by barbies beauty bits

Stop Looking Tired In Photos
I do not know about you, but another thing I've noticed is how fatigued my eyes have been looking in photos lately. And what better than some caffeine to perk me up! And this goes for caffeine in beauty products too. Yep, GLAMGLOW Bright Eyes Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream is infused with caffeine to energize and revitalize the eye area.

This fast-absorbing cream works on all skin tones to energize and brighten under and around the eye for a well-rested look. It also has some other "perks" like...

  • Illuminating spheres brighten dark circles
  • Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates all day
  • Peptides help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the entire eye area

BONUS: This product is a DEAL OF THE DAY, for Friday, October 15th. Shop Now!

GLAMGLOW Bright Eyes Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Best Fall Eye Makeup From Macy's
Not that I've bagged those under-eye issues. I'm ready to rock my next Zoom call, which means a volumizing mascara and eyeshadow palette to fit the fall season.

Too Faced Teddy Bare It All Eye Shadow Palette
Cuddle up with these warm, luxurious fall eyeshadow colors from Too Faced. I am such a pink and rose gold person, and this palette offers many gorgeous colors.

Fourteen shades perfect for fall to create that high-impact Paw-sistively gorgeous eye look to that Bare-ly there for a more natural look. And a bonus, this Too Faced eyeshadow palette smells like honey graham crackers. Too bad there isn't a scratch and sniff on our computer screen. 


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara
Ha, what the perfect name for something that can help while on Camera...A cult classic for over a decade, this best-selling vegan mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, and conditions, acting like a push-up bra for your lashes.~Yeah!!!

Another reason why I love this Tarte mascara that can be found at Macy's as is it has a 2 in 1 wand that helps to curl and add volume! Plus, the key ingredients are an unexpected bonus.

  • Olive esters: conditions, treats & protects lashes
  • Rice bran wax: wax that helps lengthen the appearance of lashes
  • Provitamin B5: helps hydrate & improve the appearance of lashes
  • Vitamin C: antioxidant that helps fight free radicals

BONUS: This Tarte Mascara is a DEAL OF THE DAY, for Friday, October 22nd.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Must-Have Hair Product For Fall Found At Macy's
Many people do not know that dry shampoo provides some amazing volume for the hair. To give my hair that extra volume boost and to have my curls and blowout last longer, I turn to my all-time favorite dry shampoo Klorane. This product formulated with organically harvested oat milk offers an ultra-gentle yet powerful cleansing action to rid hair of excess dirt, oil, and odor, with no white residue. 

This 3- piece set is the bomb as it provides options and is perfect for travels over the holiday. And if you are a newbie to the brand, you can see which Dry Shampoo formula is best for you. 


  • Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk helps to soothe and protect with ultra-gentle Oat Milk.
  • Dry Shampoo With Nettle Extract is fantastic for controlling excess oil in just 25 seconds.
  • Detoxify the scalp and refresh hair with Aquatic Mint. This one removes impurities from the scalp while absorbing sweat and oil; menthol, camphor, and essential oils provide an instant, fresh, cooling sensation.

IMPORTANT: There has been some controversy over dry shampoos. This is because many are not using them correctly. The rule of thumb should be that you use dry shampoo on the day before you plan to shampoo your hair. This will prevent product build-up and hair loss. Personally, I prefer to use them on the day I shampoo my hair as it helps give my hair volume and helps prevent oil instead of using it after when your hair is already dirty.  

Macys fall giveaway by barbies beauty bits

Macy's 10 Days Of Glam Event Reminder And Giveaway Bonus
As mentioned above, every day for 10 days, Macy's will announce their 50% off daily beauty offers. Plus, there will be other great offers online and in-store 10/15-10/24.

And beauties, I have another offer just for you, Macy's Glam Giveaway, with a chance to win one of five $100 e-gift card prizes to spend at Macy’s. 

Giveaway Details...

  • Giveaway starts on Friday, October 15th at 12:00 AM PT
  • Giveaway ends on Thursday, October 21st at 11:59 PM PT
  • Five (5) winners will receive a $100 e-gift card to spend at Macy’s
  • The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Friday, October 22nd via the email address they used to enter.

See what’s on the horizon, by scrolling through the image below. What beauty products are you most excited about? Let me know below!

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