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January 17, 2022

Do Septum Piercings Close? A Closer Look

Do Septum Piercings Close, By Barbies Beauty Bits

Do septum piercings close? You might be asking yourself that question if you're thinking about taking a septum piercing out for a little while for one reason or another.

Septum piercings are some of the most painful to get. So the last thing you want to do is take a septum ring out and have your piercing close you up, as it might put you in a position where you have to get another nose piercing done to put a nose ring back into your septum.

Today, Barbie's Beauty Bits is going to talk to you more about septum piercings and whether or not you'll have to worry about one closing on you. This blog post should provide you with all the information you'll need to decide if taking a septum piercing out for a little while is a good idea.

To Start, What Is a Septum Piercing
Before I answer the question, "Do septum piercings close?" for you, I want to make sure that you know what a septum piercing actually is. Septum piercings have started to become more popular in recent years, so you might already be familiar with what they are. But just in case, I will run through what septum piercings are to kick things off.

Your septum is the cartilage and bone located inside of your nose that separates the two sides of it. If you put one of your thumbs and one of your index fingers into each side of your nose, your septum will sit right in between them.

If you're interested in doing it, you can have this piece of cartilage and bone pierced. Most people who have their septum's pierced will wear circular pieces of septum jewelry that will hang down below their noses.

As we mentioned a few moments ago, getting this area pierced can be painful. But fortunately, this pain will only last for a relatively short time before the area begins to heal. So if you're able to withstand the initial discomfort, you can get a septum piercing without having to deal with too many lingering effects.

what is a septum piercing, By Barbies Beauty Bits

Do Septum Piercings Close
Now that you know what a septum piercing is, let's move into answering the question, "Do septum piercings close?"

The easy answer to this question is "yes." Just about all piercings will close up on you if you don't give them the right amount of time to heal.

So if you get this type of body piercing and you decide to take it out within just a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months, you might find that it will close on you. Everyone's body is slightly different when it comes to a healing period. But you'll want to avoid removing the septum ring before the end of the healing time to prevent it from closing on you.

Once it is fully healed (you've had the piercing for about six to eight months), you should be able to remove the jewelry and leave it out without having to worry about it closing up. But in the immediate aftermath of getting your nose pierced, you'll want to leave it alone for the most part.

The only time you should even think about taking it out is so that you can clean it. But otherwise, you should do your absolute best to leave a new piercing in place.

How Quickly Will A Septum Piercing Close
Although a septum piercing might close on you if you remove it too soon after getting it, you shouldn't have to be concerned about it closing up right away. The only time it's going to close up within a matter of just a few hours is if you remove it right after getting it and leave it out overnight, and that could cause the piercing to close up pretty fast.

In most other cases, you should have a small window of time when you can take the nose ring out without having to stress out over it potentially closing up. The healing process should only take a month or two, and it should stay open; hence, it will take several days to close up completely.

This does not mean that you should get into the habit of taking the nose piercing out when it's still fresh, and you're going to run the risk of not being able to get your nose ring back in every time that you remove it.

But with every passing day, your septum piercing will start to become more and more permanent. So the longer that you have it, the lower the chances of it closing up on you should be.

How To Prevent A Septum Piercing From Closing Barbies Beauty Bits

How Can You Prevent A Septum Piercing From Closing
If your goal is to prevent it from closing at all costs, then you should make leaving your piercing hole open at all times a top priority. You should wear it throughout the day and at night to not close up.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't do anything at all to it. You should still clean your septum piercing and ensure that you're taking good care of it.

But you should try not to take the ring or clicker out too often, especially when it's still on the newer side. It's the only surefire way to guarantee that your septum piercing won't close.

What Should You Do If You Have To Take A Septum Piercing Out
There might be some instances in which you won't be able to wear the piercing. For example, if you have a big job interview coming up, you might need to remove it.

The great thing about having a septum piercing is that you can usually hide it. You should be able to flip a ring up into your nose to conceal it when you don't want others to see it.

If flipping inside your nose is not an option, you might want to invest in what's called a septum retainer. This is why I suggest purchasing a septum retainer after 6-8 weeks of your piercing, as this retainer will essentially serve as a placeholder for a septum piercing and keep your piercing intact when you need to remove it for whatever reason.

Can You Re-Open A Septum Piercing If It Closes
If you get your septum pierced and it closes on you at some point, you might be devastated to discover this. But you'll be happy to know that you might be able to re-open the hole—or any piercing for that matter—if this happens.

You will want to be very careful when you do this. But if you sense that it has closed up, you should take a warm shower and then try to find the hole and re-open the area where it was pierced by attempting to put your septum ring back in. It might slide right back into place without a problem.

You shouldn't try to force a nose piercing back into place. If you do this, you could cause bleeding to occur, and you might even end up with an infection if things go awry.

best place to get a septum piercing near me, barbies beauty bits
Is It Possible To Have Your Septum Pierced Again
If the piercing hole closes on you and you aren't to slide the piece of jewelry back in yourself, piercing that area again might be possible. But before you venture into another piercing, you'll need to give your original site the time that it will need to heal, and this will typically take somewhere between two and three months.

At that point, you can then go back to whoever you got the piercing from the first time and have it down again. It shouldn't be as painful the second time around with a bit of luck since there will only be a little scar tissue. But a piercing professional might also have to create a brand-new hole for you, which will result in you dealing with the same amount of pain as you did the first time.

With this in mind, it would be wise for you to try to avoid needing a second piercing. You can do this by using what you've learned here to stop a septum piercing from closing on you.

Try Not To Let A Septum Piercing Close On You
As you've seen here, the answer to the question, "Do septum piercings close?" is "YES." That might concern you if you had your septum pierced recently.

Barbie's Beauty Bits has shared plenty of steps that you can take to stop the hole from closing. Make sure that you're prepared to take these steps before getting the piercing in the first place.

As always, this blog post is for informational and educational purposes only. So if you would like to learn more about how to take care of septum piercings and other types of piercings, make sure to consult with a professional piercer.



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