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December 12, 2012

Lipstick Tips

Staying Pucker Pretty! 
Lip stick tips, how to achieve a great lip by barbies beauty bits

Do you catch yourself pouting because you can’t seem to achieve the perfect lip? 
Well here are some lip tips you can stick with!

Are You My Type:  Matte or glossy?  Both work great, but depending on the time of year, one may be better for your lips. 
·         A matte lipstick lasts a long time, but it can dry out your lips.
·         A glossy look, wears off quickly, however they are hydrating.  Another great bit about a gloss is it can give your lips the illusion of being plumb. 

Tips on how to apply lipliner & how to achive a fuller lip look by Barbie's Beauty bitsKnow Your Lines:  I know the thought of lip liner can be scary, but if applied correctly you won’t look like an 80’s chic!  The goal is to make sure you are picking the right color, and most important that you are lining your lips correctly.  Way above the lip line is a big no, no. Instead lightly outline your lips with a shade that is close to the color of your lipstick.  Lip liners can also intensive the color of the lipstick when applied to the entire lip prior.

Are You In Your Prime: As with your face, primer is essential.  It helps prep your lips, ultimately extending the life of your lipstick, as well as helping to even out the tones of the color.  Another alternative to primer, is to apply a light coat of foundation and powder to your lips.

No Cake For You:  You must make sure that you start with a clean lip, and I don’t mean just removing your old makeup.  You want to exfoliate your lips. (Click here for a tip on this), this will make your lips smooth, preventing your lipstick from caking on dry skin.  When your lips are exfoliated, your lipstick will apply flawlessly.

By Cupid's Bow: The which, by Cupid's bow she doth protest. A little Shakespeare's to show some love for your lips!  None the less, if you want your lips to look fuller, add some highlighter to the Cupid’s bow (this is the double curve of upper lip).  The highlighter will draw attention to your lips, giving you a better shape as well.



  1. Thanks for the cupid bow tip, I'm going to try this tomorrow. Mauh!

  2. I love gloss! MAC, has some great ones, that don't come off as quickly as some others!

  3. Found you through Monday Beauties!

    Great tips in this post!

  4. Nice post. I will admit...lip liner I fail at. I am so lazy when it comes to that. Thank you for linking up with Makeup Monday! New Follower. Hope to see you back next week.

    xxAndee Makeup Monday Co-Host

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