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July 26, 2015

Skincare Tips For Women In Their 30's

Skincare Tips For Women In Their 30's, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

The age of 30 is when we start to see some changes in our skin's appearance.  While I think skincare prevention and maintenance is essential at all ages, if you're over 30 and reading this and don’t have a skincare regimen, you need to get one!

For this post, I have partnered up RevivSerums.  They specialize in novel, and innovative clinical treatment serums. Their unique formulations are next-generation, high-performance, cruelty-free, and leading-edge to help you achieve a more youthful skin appearance.  So if you want to see how you can start turning back the time on your skin, continue reading.

Taking care of your skin in the 30s

...Begins with consistency, especially if skincare to you meant just washing your face and applying moisturizer. Your 30’s is when fine lines and wrinkles start to appear and guess what, they will only get worse if you don’t have a skincare plan.

Pay Attention To The Ingredients In Your Skincare Products

...more so looking for ones that will benefit your skin, not just clean and moisturize it!  Aside from wrinkles, as we get older, we also start to lose collagen!  When we lose collagen, our skin loses its tone, resulting in those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles! Ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, Vitamin C, brightening agents, and a collagen stimulator can help.

This is where the Ultimate Serum from Reviv Serums, comes into use.  Aside from being an award-winning TNS Essential Serum® (NEWBEAUTY™ Beauty Choice Award Winner and InStyle™ Beauty Award Winner) by SkinMedica® / Allergan, Inc., the serum has 11 different products in one:

• A brightening product
• An antioxidant serum
• A firming and tightening product
• An anti-inflammatory
• A peptide serum
• A green tea complex product
• A vitamin C serum
• A sebum controller
• A collagen stimulator serum
• A growth factor serum
• A moisturizer and light emollient

As you can see, it’s the ultimate rejuvenator in a single serum.

How To Use: 
Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin (face, neck, chest, and hands) once or twice daily. The Ultimate Serum is suitable for the upper eyelid orbital bone area, but avoid contact with eyes.  Finish by applying a moisturizer with an SPF.  A great moisturizer will help to plump up your fine lines and more, so never leave home without it!

In addition to selecting a great product, you need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water...

Proper hydration is essential for healthy skin, so hopefully, this is something you’ve been doing for years!  When you add drinking plenty of water to your skincare regimen, it can help your skin to look plumper and minimize the signs of aging. Make it a habit of having a glass of water or bottled water near you at all times. IMPORTANT:  Once you realize you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, and no one wants dehydrated skin, so plan ahead!

Top Skincare Tips For Women In Their 30's, By Barbie's Beauty Bits
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July 25, 2015

Savvy Saturday Deals On Urban Decay, Lorac Pro, MAC, And Allure Beauty Thrills

Savvy Saturday Deals On Urban Decay, Lorac Pro, MAC, And Allure Beauty Thrills, By Barbies Beauty Bits, Top Beauty Blogger

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means? It’s time for Savvy Saturday, where I share with you some great beauty offers, deals and other steals!

This week there have been some great Beauty Deals, so check them out.

Free shipping at Urban Decay: 

For one week Urban Decay is offering FREE Shipping! So what better time than to try the new Naked Smokey palette and more! 

$10 Coupon at Kohl’s:  

Kohl’s has a great offer with makeovers, consultations, gift with purchase offers, and free samples; the day has never looked more beautiful. For every $30 you spend you get $10 off, by using the PROMO CODE HEATWAVE10! So, if you’ve wanted to try the LORAC PRO Eyeshadow Palette with Mini Eye Primer, you can for only $32!

LORAC PRO Eyeshadow Palette with Mini Eye Primer, you can for only $32, By Barbies Beauty Bits

M·A·C Look in a Box - Fashion Lover Lip Kit:  

This beauty exclusive features a monochromatic trio of products to create some great looking lips. It even comes with a face chart to guide you through your look for an effortless application. You can purchase this at Nordstrom with free shipping! A $47 value for only $29.50. 


Allure Beauty Thrills: 

This is the best deal. I love this offer from Allure, but you have to act quickly on this one, as once they sell out they sell out.   For only $44.95, plus $10 shipping and handling, you get a collection of full-size beauty products—hair, nail, makeup, skin, and more, valued at over $250! Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to a charity chosen by Allure! There are Limited Quantities Available! Sale begins on July 28, 2015, at 12:01 P.M. ET. Shop now for your Allure Beauty Thrills
Allure Beauty Thrills, Barbies Beauty Bits
Image Create To Allure Beauty Thrills

Haute Looks:

This is an awesome site that has some awesome makeup deals, up to 80% off on top makeup items.  Deals only last a few days, but they are always updating with all the must have beauty items at a great deal.

CLICK HERE TO SHOP This week at Haute Looks... Stila is up to 40% off, Eyelashi 33% off,  Posh Brushes and beauty tools up to 80% off!


July 18, 2015

Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know, By Top Beauty Blogger Barbie's Beauty Bits and book your lifestyle

I was given the chance to guest post with Book Your Lifestyle, sharing with them some of my hair tips! As most of you know I have a plethora of tricks and hacks from over the years, hence I shared with them my Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

Hair maintenance and techniques can be expensive and even worse, time-consuming.  Let’s speak truthfully, most of us don’t have hours to primp, and those quick fixes aren’t something that always comes naturally to everyone!   But fret no more, as today Book Your Lifestyle and Barbie's Beauty Bits are going to share with you, our Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know. (click on link to read the article)

A bit about Book Yourlife Style. 
BookYourLifestyle, founded in January of 2015, is based in London! Their platform was born with the simple mission of making it easy for everyone to look and feel fantastic! They have set out to find and partner with the best beauty, health and fitness providers enabling their customers to book services!  

BookYourLifestyle, the easiest way to looking fantastic!

This is a sponsored conversation. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

Barbie's Beauty Bits, Top Beauty Blogger

July 16, 2015

Is Sugaring Better Than Waxing For Hair Removal?

Is Sugaring Better Than Waxing For Hair Removal, By top Beauty Blogger Barbie's Beauty Bits.

What if I told you there was an easier and less painful way to remove hair than waxing, would you try it? Well there is, it's called sugaring. A friend of mine is an esthetician and shared with me some great tips on sugaring, and I'd like to share them with you.

So what is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an all-natural method of removing unwanted hair, by applying a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair.

The three ingredients in sugar paste are a lemon, sugar and water.  In addition to this being an all natural approach to temporary hair removal, there are also some other great benefits derived from the sugar and lemon.  Known for its naturally astringent qualities, ;emon is an excellent cleansing agent. Sugar is a natural exfoliant in beauty, ridding the skin of dead cells.  BONUS: You can also add honey to the mixture.

How To:
  1. Similar to waxing you need to make sure that you have not shaved for a few days as there needs to be a fair amount of hair in which the mixture will adhere to. 
  2. Start with a clean surface, make sure you have removed all lotions and oils from the skin. 
  3. Make sure you have created a thick paste consistency.  It should be applied warm. 
  4. Once you have made your sugar paste you want to apply the thick mixture against the direction of your hair growth. 
  5. To remove, simply peel back the sugar layer in the same direction the hair in growing. 
Benefits of Sugaring Vs. Waxing, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Benefits of Sugaring Vs. Waxing: 
  1. Hurts less than traditional waxing.
  2. There is minimal redness, and if do have some, it fades.  
  3. You can apply the sugar paste to a larger area at once, as it does not harden like wax does.
  4. There are no chemicals in sugar wax.  Hence, it is perfect for sensitive skin.
  5. You can remove any leftover sugar easily, with just water and some soap.
Have any of you tried this before? Do you prefer it over waxing? Let me know!


July 5, 2015

Top 5 Best Highlighting Products

A great highlighter is a must have in your beauty bag. They wake up the skin by providing a natural, radiant glow to your face. As we get older that youthful brightness of our skin diminishes. So a great highlighter can help you camouflage your aging skin while accentuating your pretty features, giving you that instant dewy glow.

There are many options out there and today I'm going to share with you my top 5 best highlighting products. Whether you prefer a powder, cream, gel, liquid or stick, I've pick the top 5 must haves in each type.

e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whips

This cream based product instantly brightens at ½ the cost of other products. Additionally it is a multipurpose highlighter that  can be used on your cheeks, lips, eyelids and more, giving you that pop of shimmer!

Benefit High Beam

Benefit calls this liquid product a supermodel in a bottle.  Benefits High Beam lives up to the name, as it gives you that beam of glow while creating a radiant, dewy complexion

Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, Radiant

I like this product because it has dual purposes.  It acts as an illuminator while it covers imperfections, leaving me with an instant brighter complexion.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact

This baked powder is my favorite.  It provides a healthy glow that is versatile as it has buildable coverage, enabling you to customize your look.  You can give your face an instant pop of luminosity or a subtle one for the days you don’t feel like wearing makeup, but want that healthy glow.

Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up!

This one is a bit unique as it is a cream to powder product. It has a smooth application with an luminous champagne sheen for any complexion.

So there you have it beauties my Top 5 Best Highlighting Products!  Feel free to shop for your next highlighter by clicking on one of the images below! Once you've picked your highlighter, check out the Tips You Must Know About Contouring and Highlighting.

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