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About Barbie's Beauty Bits™

Award Winning Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits, Featured In Allure Magazine

Hi welcome, my name is Barbie Ritzman. I've always loved beauty, especially skincare! Obsessed with wanting to know how to achieve the Hollywood beauty glam. I started exploring the diversity of skincare options and other aesthetics you can do in the comfort of your own home, without breaking the bank. That's where the passion grew and grew, leading to eventually specializing in the skincare and aesthetics industry, with my own marketing boutique.


How I Began Barbie Beauty Bits 

To be honest, I took my passion for aesthetics, cosmetic procedures, skincare, makeup, and anything BEAUTYful, and started writing. It initially was a way to relieve stress from my day job as marketing director for an international brand with tons of locations. 

The marketing skills from years of working in the field poured over into my blog. Allowing me to become the awarding-winning beauty blogger I am today. Voted in the Top 100 American Beauty Blogs, Top 100 Beauty Blogs To Follow On Skincare, Makeup & Beauty Products, even recognized internationally as the Beauty Influencer Of The Year-The USA.


Ghostwriting And Client List

My passion for beauty has enabled me to expand my writing outside of my own beauty blog by being a ghostwriter. My client list includes an extensive range of Fortune 500 companies and smaller indie beauty brands from skincare, wellness, fitness, beauty, med spas, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, and more to expand their online audience and brand presence. 


Magazine And TV Features

Moreover, being a creative and accomplished blogger has enabled me to be featured on/in ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX affiliates, C-Suite Prime Time TV, Vogue, Entrepreneur, ROKU, and Allure Issue. "The Allure 50." The only Beauty Power List that matters. Allure's new annual list of the year's 50 most influential people in beauty.

I've always felt that everyone has their own definition of beauty, and there should be no shame about this! We CAN ALL be BEAUTYful & Smart, so don't be afraid to show your true self! And I am here to help by educating, engaging, and entertaining with my beauty tips.


Lastly, if you have any questions, comments or ideas feel free to send me an email at...

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  1. I am so excited to find your blog. Its just what I need And with giveaways? You rock and I thank you for all your help!!


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