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September 6, 2022

What Makes Arizona A Great State To Live In

What Makes Arizona A Great State To Live In, Barbies Beauty Bits

Moving out of your current state may be a good idea for several reasons, such as insufficient jobs or a higher cost of living. Sometimes, you need to move to another state like Arizona for work, family, spouse, even a new home.

Or you may just be looking for the best path to a fresh start. It's nice to switch things up and explore new areas of the united states.

Whether alone or with family. The state of Arizona should be at the top of your list if you're searching for a new city or state to relocate.

Why Is Arizona Such A Great Place To Live?

Currently, Arizona is the 14th most populated state in America, with a population of 7.3 million. The state has the third fastest growing population after Texas and Florida, which is no surprise. Arizona is a great place to live, and Barbie's Beauty Bits will tell you exactly why living in Arizona is the best!

The Best Cities In Arizona To Live
There are tons of great cities in Arizona to live in. One of the major cities like Phoenix or Scottsdale communities is on my list, but if you are not a big city person but rather a small-town person, you may prefer to be in a more rural area. You'll easily be able to find the perfect home in Arizona.

Arizona Has A Strong Economy
If you're career driven, you'll be happy to hear that Arizona has one of the strongest economies in the country. The state's job market is thriving and is a technology-driven, innovative place.

Some of the best spas are in Arizona, and some of Barbie's Beauty Bits Clients. I've considered living in Arizona because of its pro-innovation, embracing of technology, and forward-thinking companies. This is why Arizona is known for where innovation can thrive and new companies can set up roots (Uber, Lyft, and other public transport).

Regardless of the career path that you want to pursue, you will have endless opportunities for growth and progression in the Arizona economy. Several world-renowned organizations operate in the state and are also an excellent area for young professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Arizona Has A Great Cost Of Living
An advanced, strong economy is essential. But it only goes so far if you can't afford the cost of living. And it just so happens that Arizona has earned a reputation for its relatively low living cost, so it can be perfect for families with excellent public schools and college towns like Arizona State University.

It is surprisingly affordable in many parts of the state. Plus, Arizona has many free things to do right in your backyard, which brings us to the next reason Arizona is a great place to live.

Why Is Arizona Such A Great Place To Live, Barbies Beauty Bits

Arizona, The Grand Canyon State
Arizona is known for its world-famous tourist attraction, the Grand Canyon. One of the world's seven natural wonders is home to Arizona state! People travel to the state worldwide to view the Grand Canyon in all its glory. And you could have this natural wonder on your doorstep if you move to Arizona.

Oh, and it is not that far from Las Vegas either if you want a fun weekend getaway or a road trip!

Wilderness And Outdoor Activities In Arizona
Another thing that makes Arizona so attractive to tourists and ex-pats is its vast open landscapes and stunning scenery.

Arizona is home if you're an outdoor lover. The state has miles and miles of breathtaking mountain ranges, national parks, and intriguing forest trails.

You can play golf on some of the best golf courses, go camping, trail running, hiking, or cycle in the greenery. Or maybe you'd prefer to go swimming, fishing, or white water rafting on one of the many rivers in the state.

Arizona Has Amazing Weather
Arizona is often called the 'Valley of the Sun' because of its fantastic weather. The state receives more than 300 days of sunshine every year, so if you're somebody who enjoys warm weather, you won't be disappointed.

Because of its location near the equator, Arizona doesn't get four traditional seasons. So if you struggle with seasonal affect disorder (I know my sister does), Arizona can be your place to live.

Even November, December, and January aren't too cold, and you'll get away with wearing a light jacket in the evenings due to the cool desert air.

To Sum Up Why Arizona Is A Great State To Live In
Moving to a new state may be the best path to a better life. But there can be some cons if you don’t have the right information, which is why I've provided you some much needed bits of information, why I think Arizona is a great place to move to!

If you are looking for a new place to live with breathtaking landscapes, endless activities, a strong economy, a low cost of living, and even the chance to spot an alien aircraft, Arizona is a calling your name.

It is the perfect state for those of all ages, from young professionals looking to get their start to retirees looking to settle down. And as far as we know, there hasn't been any alien abduction... Until next time!



  1. I would love living here in the winter. The summer is way too hot for me.

  2. I've heard wonderful things about Arizona, it sounds like such a wonderful state to live in.

  3. My daughter plans to visit there on personal matters and to visit The Grand Canyon. It is beautiful.

  4. I've always wanted to visit Arizona. I have heard many great things about it. Maybe it's time I take a trip there and see what it's all about. Sounds like a wonderful place to live.

  5. My friend lives in AZ and every time I visit her I wonder why I haven't moved there yet. The weather and landscape are so beautiful!

  6. I wish I could visit Arizona with my whole family next year! I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about Arizona

  7. The cost of living and amazing weather would have me sold if moving were an option! I'd hate to be so far from family though.

  8. I've heard nothing but great things about AZ but every time I see it in pics and on TV it's just not very pretty...I guess I need to just experience it for myself!

  9. I have agree that I love living in Arizona, however, the summers can be brutal if you're not ready for it.

  10. I've visited Arizona before, and I love it. It was so pretty and such a nice place to do many things. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I haven't ever been to Arizona. The only downside to living in Texas these days is the cost of rent and other living expenses. They have climbed very rapidly and its getting harder to to get by.

  12. I actually went to school in Arizona at the Biosphere2 for a year! Totally loved it there and almost picked up and moved there at one place. I'd love to go back.


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