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September 24, 2022

Revamp Your Beauty Routine For Fall

Revamp Your Beauty Routine For Fall, Barbies Beauty Bits

As September draws closer, now is the perfect time to revamp your beauty routine for fall. 

The transition between summer and fall is an excellent time to reevaluate your beauty routine, as with a change of season comes a change in your beauty routine. From skincare and  hair tips, to your wardrobe, the Beauty Spotlight Team has you covered.

Skincare Beauty Tips For Fall
Allison from Never Say Die Beauty just featured the Paula’s Choice Hydration-Vitamin C Duo, and you are sure to want this eye cream and moisturizer after reading her expert in-depth review!

Boxwalla October Beauty Box: From Where the Tulips Bloom featuring Bloomeffects is a striking revelation in skincare and protection. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is effusively gushing over this eco-luxe box, and thinks you will too!

Hair Tips For Fall From Barbie's Beauty Bits

Hair Tips For Fall From Barbie's Beauty Bits
Hair Products

Noone wants their hair as dry as leaves and this goes for your scalp too! And Vitabrid C12's scalp+ shampoo is here to help with their non-stripping antioxidant scalp+ shampoo.

This shampoo is perfect for fall as it gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while providing the foundation for optimal scalp health and fuller looking hair.

Infused with 97% naturally derived ingredients, this shampoo strengthens the hair roots and shafts to bring hair back to its strongest, healthiest state!

Hair Tools

Nothing is better than getting a blowout at the salon. But it can be costly if you go a few times a month. And the thought of trying to do this at home can be a little hairy, to say the least. But no worries, as Barbies's Beauty Bits shares The Best Hair Dryer To Achieve A Salon Blowout At Home

Fall Fashion Tips
Comfort and simplicity have taken over our lives during the pandemic and it seems we won’t let it go. White tanks and tees have shown up as a favorite outfit staple all over the streets this past spring and summer. They have become a centerpiece of designer looks, including for the coming fall and winter. Angie at Your True Self Blog has almost 40 outfit ideas for how to wear a white tank or tee. You can dress one up or use one to dress down your suits, skirts and such. Age doesn't matter, so lay back and enjoy a life of greater ease!



  1. The change of the seasons is always a good reminder to switch up beauty and hair care routines.

  2. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love changing up the beauty routine when it comes to fall too.

  3. My skin is so dry in the winter, especially my hands and face. Thanks for these tips!

  4. I’m surely going to check this out! Thanks for sharing these really great tips!

  5. These tips are awesome! I need to do some changes now that Fall is here!

  6. Im so excited for fall and revamp my skincare routine. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Definitely an amazing routine we all can do for revamping our beauty regime! Loved it!

  8. Defiantly more moisturizer for this time of the year when the humidity goes down and the heat cranks up.

  9. Great ideas and tips for a new fall routine! Will have to incorporate these into mine!

  10. Such great ideas and tips for a routine in fall. Will have to try some of these for mine!

  11. I need something for my eyes. They are starting to change in appearance as I get older.

  12. I need to switch things up for the fall, especially since I am working in an office now. Nice to change things up a little!

  13. Such great advice!I do follow most of these beauty tips this season 🙂

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