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September 9, 2022

The Best Hair Dryer To Achieve A Salon Blowout At Home

The Best Hair Dryer To Achieve A Salon Blowout At Home, Barbies Beauty Bits

best hair dryer for salon hair, barbies beauty bits

Nothing is better than getting a blowout at the salon. But it can be costly if you go a few times a month. And the thought of trying to do this at home can be a little hairy, to say the least.

There are some big no, nos when it comes to drying your hair that can lead to damage, breakage, frizz, or styles that won't last- heck, some stylists suck at perfecting the look.

Trust me, as there are many stylists who can color like a pro, and when it comes to a blowout, they fail miserably.

This is why I was excited to partner up with Hair Cares Shop and try their Professional Salon Fast Drying Hair Dryer, IG INGLAM Brushless Motor Blow Dryer with Negative-Ion Low Noise (now that was a mouthful). To share everything you need to know to blow dry your hair like a pro at home.

The Best Hair Dryer For Salon Looking Blowout At Home

The most important tool is, of course, a great hair dryer. People tend to focus on the product as the essential factor in how your blowout turns out. While hair styling products are crucial, you will struggle to get that salon blowout look at home if you do not have the best hair dryer.

Blow dryers are like partners; you need to find the right one. The process can seem overwhelming, with so many options to choose from.

But no worries, as I am here to share with you the perfect hair dryer to help you achieve that salon-like hair at home, the IG INGLAM Hyperspeed hair blow dryer. The Inglam has quite a luxurious feel with its pristine white outer case and pink accents.

The Best Hair Dryer For Salon Looking Blowout At Home, barbies beauty bits

Dry Your Hair Without Damage Using The IG INGLAM Brushless Motor Blow Dryer

This bad boy is equipped with a unique Hyperspeed digital motor with more than 110,000 RPM...WHAT? Yes, beauties, that is six times the air pressure of traditional hairdryers! The powerful airflow technology leaves your hair dry but not stripped of moisture, as it's designed to remove water only from the surface.

Unlike mediocre hair dryers that blow only hot temperatures, the Inglam uses a low-temperature and quick-drying effect, so you do not damage your hair. The strong airflow makes the water droplets evaporate quickly and saves half the drying time without turning your bathroom into a sauna.

When your hair is wet, it is most vulnerable, so if you're using a mediocre blow dryer, it will likely evaporate the water on the surface and inside of the hair, which can cause damage.

Hence, each time you go to blow dry your hair, you're stuck in a self-defeating cycle of damaging the fibrin of the hair, which can cause the hair to become dehydrated, dull, frizzy, and brittle.

Multiple Heat Settings, Including Cool Air

The IG INGLAM Professional hair dryer has three-speed settings and three grades for temperature. Different hair types and hair textures call for varying levels of heat. For example, if you have fine hair, you don't need to use the highest setting to achieve great results, so hair dryers with only one heat setting force you to do unnecessary damage.

A cool air setting is a must as that helps set your hair and seal the hair's cuticle. It is also the trick to locking in a style. So, to keep adding that lovely lift at the roots, you want to blast the roots with the cold shot button for a second or two before moving on to the next section of hair.

hair dryer attachments for a blowout , barbies beauty bits

You Need A Blow Dryer With Multiple Attachments

You need a hair dryer with the necessary attachments, such as a diffuser for curly hair and a concentrator. The concentrator nozzle is the attachment that makes a blowout possible as it helps direct the air at the hair on the brush. It is also great for drying your roots upwards to create more volume.

Other Benefits IG INGLAM Professional Hair Dryer

  • Lightweight: Anyone who has felt their arms start to ache halfway through a blowout knows how strenuous styling your hair can be.  
  • Perfect for colored-treated hair: On color-treated hair, many other dryers will change the tone of the color by overheating the hair, but not this one, as it doesn't change the color of my blond highlighted hair.
  • It uses ionic technology to leave hair looking shiny, hydrated, and never frizzy or staticky.
  • Small size, so it is easier to use and store.
  • Great for travel with its portable, water-resistant polyester bag. It can store the hair dryer, diffuser, concentrator, gloves, hair towel, straightening comb, and other hair tools.
  • The concentrator nozzle and diffuser attachment are magnetic.
  • Quick drying time: This slim tool is designed to dry hair quickly to cut down your styling time.
  • Durable so that it will last for years.
  • ALCI plug for safety.
  • One year guarantee with 24 hour email service
  • Long cord so you can see all sides of your hair
  • Plus, did we mention it's also self-cleaning? Yep, it has an auto-clean function that reverses the motor's spin to deep clean the filter.
best hair dryer for at home blow outs, barbies beauty bits

More Tips On How To Get The Perfect At Home Blowout

Now that you know the best hair dryer for a salon, like blowout at home, you still need to remember a few other things to achieve a gorgeous blowout.

  • Fast dry your hair with INGLAM Quick-Dry Microfiber Hair Towel. The goal is to ensure your hair is about 70% dry before using the blow dryer when doing a blowout style.
  • Use a heat protectant to help seal your hair cuticle.
  • Add a volumizing spray: Droopy roots are to blame for any blowout-lover's existence. To get maximum volume at the roots, mist spray on damp roots.
  • Divide and conquer: Take the time to divide your hair into 1-inch sections to dry.  
  • Use the concentrator nozzle, and point it down toward the ends of your hair. This will ensure that the hair dries smoothly and frizz-free.
  • If you desire sleek, bone-straight hair, use the comb accessory that comes with the hair dryer, as it simultaneously brushes and straightens your hair for a sleek, smooth finish.
  • For BIG voluminous hair, use the "pull and roll" technique with a round brush:
    • Using your hairbrush, work it tightly into the roots of your hair.
    • Pull your hair brush slowly toward the end of your hair as you blow dry.
    • When you reach the end of your hair. Roll the hairbrush toward the root and pull toward the end of your hair again.
    • Continue this technique until each section of hair is completely dry.
    • Direct each section in the opposite direction for more lift at the root.
  • Know Your Spray. Hairspray can be your blowout's best friend if you know what type to use and how to use it. Heavier sprays can weigh the hair down, and I prefer to use the Redken line. The key is to look for the number 2 to withstand humidity.

Make Your Blowout Last As Long As Possible

I do not know about you, but I do not want to be styling my hair daily. So to make your blowout last as long as possible—whether overnight or through a workout- you want to put your hair up.

To avoid the dent syndrome, I prefer to use something with big claws, like a yoga clip. This clip is easy to sleep in as it will not poke you in the back of the head when lying down. It also helps prevent your hair from rubbing and getting frizzy.

How To Get The Perfect At Home Blowout, Barbies Beauty Bits

Refresh Your Hair With A Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Is Your Hair’s Best Friend
There's a reasonable chance your oil glands didn't get the hair memo that you wanted to stretch out your blowout as long as possible. As a result, your scalp could become oily before you're ready to wash it.
That's why dry shampoo is the blowout's best friend. It will absorb oil at the scalp, refresh your ends and even give your hair more body. The key is to apply BEFORE it gets dirty.

Revive With Your Hair Dryer

Here's another trick that will revive your blowout quickly. If your blowout has lost its shape, grab the comb brush and your IG INGLAM Professional ionic hair dryer and go back through your dry hair, section by section, just as you did when it was wet. The airflow technology from the dryer will restore the shape and remove any bumps or creases that may have formed.

So there you have it, beauties, everything you need to achieve the perfect blowout at home using the IG INGLAM Professional hair dryer.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself or even a friend by shopping on Amazon! Yes, easy and convenient. Simply click here for salon-looking hair!




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