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September 26, 2022

The Glow Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Bright Year-Round

The Glow Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Bright Year-Round, Barbies Beauty Bits

Barbie's Beauty Bits Glow Guide To Keep Your Skin Bright Year-Round

A natural glow is a sign of youthful, healthy skin. You can lose your skin's radiance to factors such as lack of sleep, stress, the food you eat, and free radical damage caused by environmental factors.

Good news: you can transform dull, tired skin into radiant, glowing skin! So if you are ready to get your glow on, continue reading Barbie's Beauty Bits Glow Guide to keeping your skin bright and glowing year around.


In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a range of effective strategies and products that can help you achieve and maintain a luminous complexion. From nourishing skincare routines to lifestyle tips, we have you covered. 

As we embark on this journey to rejuvenate your skin, we'll also touch upon the latest advancements in skincare, including innovative products like SkinMedica TNS. Known for its remarkable revitalizing properties, the serum can assist in restoring your skin's natural radiance and combating the signs of aging.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a lasting, vibrant glow? Let's dive into the Glow Guide and discover how you can achieve a luminous complexion that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Schedule Professional Facial Treatments Regularly For Glowing Skin
Have you heard about the 80/20 principle regarding working out and eating? You can also apply this concept to your skincare routine.

Yes, 80% of your results come from your at-home skincare routine and 20% from professional treatments. Both play a vital role in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

This is why Barbie's Beauty Bits recommends you schedule regular professional facials performed by a skincare professional- which will ensure that your complexion stays bright and glows from within.

But what is the best facial treatment to encourage that elusive glow? Undoubtedly, the no-brainer choice is the increasingly popular Glow Facial, available in-salon in Melbourne, Australia. Involving laser treatments and superior skincare products, this facial treatment will keep your complexion bright and glowing so that it shines with health.

This treatment is ideal for dull, lifeless skin and will restore, rejuvenate, refresh your complexion, and help you achieve that coveted glow we all wish for.

best skincare products for glowing skin, barbies beauty bits

Use Good Quality, Nourishing, And Nutrient-Rich Facial Products In Your Daily Skincare Routine
Needless to say, if you want your skin to glow - you need to engage in a regular skincare routine, using good quality products. You can even opt for the products that your aesthetician recommends when performing a facial.

Often, they will recommend the products they have used on your skin during your treatment for your reference and advise on the best skincare products, like chemical exfoliants, vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid, you should incorporate into your skincare routine in the future. Not just to sell you, but because 80% of your results depend on your at-home skincare routine.

To maintain a healthy complexion, you should choose skincare products that suit your skin type and skin tone for the best possible complexion. Your aesthetician can help you identify this.

Importantly, your skin may be normal, oily, or dry - and you must choose skincare products that complement this. For dry skin, select hydrating products high in moisture content that inject the skin with hydration (probiotic infused skincare is extremely hydrating). For oily skin, opt for more astringent products that are lighter in texture - a gel (rather than a cream), for instance.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced, And Nutritious Diet For Glowing Skin
A balanced diet while drinking plenty of water is a must. Ever heard the expression you are what you eat? Well, this is ever so for glowing, beautiful skin. Your diet is just as important as the topical products you apply externally to your face and body.

For example, oily fish such as salmon do wonders, like leafy green vegetables containing abundant vitamins and minerals. Other skin-loving foods include nuts rich in natural oils and moisture - such as cashews and macadamias.

Alternatively, you may wish to consume a collagen supplement to help keep your skin bright. This can come in the form of a marine collagen powder which you can add to a fruit and veggie smoothie so you can get everything you need in one delicious drink!

best diet for glowing skin, barbies beauty bits

Exercise Regularly And Work Up A Sweat For Glowing Skin
It needs to be said that sweating out toxins is fantastic for a glowing complexion. As such, regular exercise does literal wonders for the skin. Engage in cardiovascular activities such as running, jogging, and, my favorite, power walking. All of this is a great way to increase blood flow which, in turn, helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.

Alternatively, you may wish to participate in high-impact circuit training at the gym. Even try some online videos or workout apps. if you feel uncomfortable going to a gym for a sweat session happening!

Swimming can also be a good form of exercise; however, wash the chlorine off your face and skin immediately after swimming, as these chemicals can cause harm to the skin if left on too long.

Remove Your Makeup For Healthy Glowing Skin
Washing your face before bed and removing all your makeup is not just something your mother taught you. As going to sleep with your makeup can not only cause clogged pores, it can also cause premature aging!

Beauty sleep is real! It's not just a fairy tale; science has proven that our body goes into repair mode while we sleep, fixing damage caused to our skin during the day!

Regardless of how tired you may be, how late you get to bed, how long your day has been, or any other extenuating circumstance. You need to cleanse your face like a pro and take off your makeup before sleeping.

I prefer micellar water over tap water as it can reduce sensitivity and help you fortify your skin's barrier faster. Your skin will thank you for it! 

best sunscreen for glowing skin, barbies beauty bits

Escape To A Tropical Paradise Holiday! But Make Sure to Wear Your SPF
Last but not least, if you feel dull and lackluster - you may need a holiday! And if you are going somewhere tropical, don't forget your sunscreen, using an SPF 30+ or SPF 50+ sunscreen, it is your skins superstar!

While tanned skin does look flattering on most complexions, it can be very damaging and is best avoided if possible. So also make sure to pack your aloe vera, sunglasses, and beach hat, avoid peek hours when the sun rays are the strongest and stay hydrated with plenty of water unless you want to look older.

So there you have it, beauties, Barbie's Beauty Bits Glow Guide to keeping your skin bright and glowing year around! Until next time



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