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September 23, 2022

Promote Longevity And Slow Aging With Fisetin

Promote Longevity And Slow Aging With Fisetin, Barbies Beauty Bits

Promote Longevity And Slow Aging With Fisetin? Sounds like something I am interested in, right? As who doesn't want to reverse their age clock?

Well, in this blog post, Barbie's Beauty Bits will explore what Fisetin is, why people are taking it, its potential benefits, and discuss where you can currently purchase Fisetin.

It's no secret that I am passionate about natural remedies, like herbal supplements, natural antibiotics, nutraceuticals, adaptogens, and other alternatives to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals.

So put your Sheldon, Big Bang Theory Science Hat on and get ready to read about a must-have flavonoid like Fisetin to help promote longevity and slow aging by protecting your body from toxins and everyday stressors.

Why You Need Flavonoids In Your Life
Before I get into the flavonoid Fisetin, I think it is important to tell you why you need flavonoids in your diet. Simply put, a healthy lifestyle rich in flavonoids has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects and protects your cells from oxidative damage that can harm your heart, brain, and diabetes.

According to the National Library Of Medicine, flavonoids are essential components of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medicinal and cosmetic products.

It is attributed to their antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, and anti-carcinogenic properties and their capacity to modulate critical enzymes in cells.

It is important to note that different flavonoids protect against specific ailments, diseases, and conditions. And Fisetin, for instance, has been shown to protect against inflammation, free radicals, and many age-related conditions – such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and brain diseases.

What Is Organic Fisetin, And Why Are People Taking This Supplement?
It sounds like a foreign language, doesn't it? Well, Fisetin is a natural compound that most of us have never heard of before. However, most of the foods we love and know contain them.

Organic Fisetin is a flavonoid, a yellow plant pigment belonging to the flavonoid polyphenols group. It gives color to many fruits and vegetables, including strawberries and oranges. Additionally, eating more vegetables and fruits contributes to our health benefits, especially the skin.

Unfortunately, most people do not consume enough antioxidant foods, which can lead to an imbalance of oxygen species that inhibits the body's ability to defend itself.

Fisetin has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-supporting properties and helps make glutathione the most powerful antioxidant in the body.

Supplements like Fisetin have become increasingly popular as people seek alternative medications they may not be comfortable taking long-term due to their potential health benefits.

How Does Fisetin Work, Barbies Beauty Bits

So How Does Fisetin Work
To understand how Fisetin works, let me share how it acts on a cellular level. I partnered with Nourishing Nutrients as their Fisetin supplements are USDA Organic Certified.

So let's get to it without being too complicated. To start with, oxidative stress has been identified as the root cause of the development and progression of several diseases.

Studies show that Fisetin reduces and protects your cells from stress-related damage so they can perform at their best. Fisetin, therefore, both prevents and boosts inflammation in your body. A low level of inflammation allows your cells to make more energy, so you look better, feel better, and recover more quickly-Makes sense, right?

Fisetin And Antioxidant Defense
Emerging clinical trials suggest that supplements such as Fisetin may boost antioxidant defenses. Oxidative damage can be delayed, prevented, and combated by neutralizing free radicals and increasing powerful antioxidants, such as glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase.

Fisetin Can Block NF-κB And Reduce Inflammation
There is a bad switch, so to speak, in the body called NF-B, which tells genes to produce inflammatory compounds, which is the primary cause of inflammation. The overactive NF-κB response is linked to allergies, autoimmune diseases, and cancer cells.

Fisten Increases Longevity By Suppressing mTOR
Who knew that a supplement could keep you looking young? Well, research indicates that partial suppression of mTOR increases lifespan in all organisms studied.

This is because autophagy, the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells to regenerate newer, healthier cells, is activated, which promotes longevity and slow aging.

The Health Benefits Of Fisetin, Barbies Beauty Bits

The Health Benefits Of Fisetin

Promotes Longevity By Eliminating Senescent Cells
We are starting with this as researchers have looked for nutrients that could slow degenerative aging for decades. With a recent focus, you guessed it, the effects of Fisetin.

To get a bit technical here. Our cells stop dividing, and these old cells become dysfunctional and are supposed to be replaced with new cells, and sadly, in some cases, the cells become senescent instead.

So what the heck does senescent mean? It means these cells lose their ability to divide or perform essential functions, and these bad boys, or harmful cells, shall we call them, refuse to die.

With increasing accumulations of these senescent cells, the body becomes more and more susceptible to age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease.

The term "zombie cells" is sometimes used to describe the cellular senescent cell burden, as senescent cells don't just linger around innocently. And instead, they pump out toxic compounds that start damaging healthy tissue.

Results suggest that removing senescent cells calms inflammation, improves physical function, and extends animal lifespan.

In recent years, anti-aging research has focused intensively on cell senescence. According to preclinical studies, compounds called senolytics may slow or reverse aging processes by removing senescent cells.

Our bodies can get rid of senolytic cells with the help of plant molecules like Fisetin. In studies, Fisetin can delay, prevent, or alleviate multiple senescence-related conditions, extending life spans by delaying, preventing, or alleviating senescent cells that accumulate in the body.

Promote Longevity With Fisetin Supplement, Barbies Beauty Bits

Fisetin Can Clear Brain Fog And Enhance Cognition
Besides making you feel better, Fisetin also boosts your cognitive abilities.

And if you suffer from mood disorders or memory problems, you might want to look closely at Fisetin.

As a powerful flavonoid polyphenol, Fisetin supports brain health and cognitive function, including concentration, memory, alertness, and clarity. It directly influences the hippocampus, where our memories are stored.

Fisetin Can Promote Healthy Skin
You know I am all about skincare benefits, so for me, I saved the best for last. Fisetin has been proposed to help prevent collagen breakdown, an essential substance to keep skin youthful.

Because Fisetin is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it can also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation caused by UV rays. And lastly, it helps shield your skin against environmental damage by promoting tighter seals between each skin cell.

Why Choose Nourishing Nutrients' Organic Fisetin
Nourishing Nutrients Organic Fisetin Supplement is sourced from organic Japanese Wax Tree (Botanical name: Rhus succedanea), which is primarily found in Asia.

As the Fisetin 400mg supplement from Nourishing Nutrients is 3rd-party tested for pure organic ingredients, it is better than the Fisetin 500mg supplement, so you are getting the most out of it.

You get the purest form as no GMOs, fillers, additives, or binders exist. It is also vegan, paleo, keto, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and grown organically without pesticides or insecticides.

As a final step, the supplement is tested for quality and purity and manufactured in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Fisetin supplements on Amazon, Barbies Beauty Bits

Where To Purchase Organic Fisetin
Nourishing Nutrients offers two ways to purchase their Fisetin 400mg supplement. You can get it directly from their website. And for you Amazon lovers, you can also buy Fisetin on Amazon!

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.




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