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March 15, 2023

The Natural Look; The Newest Plastic Surgery Trend


 The Natural Look; Is It The Newest Plastic Surgery Trend?

Is it time to say goodbye to the duck lips, cheek filler buildup that presents so much extra volume, the frozen eyelid lifts and brow lifts, and the Kardasion BBLs?

Well, InStyle comments about the end of the BBL era abound on social media, owing, in no small part, to the smaller derrières sported by Kim or Khloe K. that non-surgical procedures are also leaning more towards the natural.  

Recently, UK influencer Molly-Mae Hague had her lip fillers dissolved to embrace her natural lip shape. 

And last but not least... the Madonna Fiasco. 

You’re Not Offended That Madonna’s Had Plastic Surgery—You’re Offended That You Can Tell 

Yep, I'm bringing up the entire Madonna fiasco and all of the comments about how fake she looks. Now, are we a generation calling the kettle black? I do not think so. 

Essentially, the issue wasn't that Madonna had undergone plastic surgery- it was that it was very apparent that she had had extensive procedures that caused offense.

How is this trend affecting the current cosmetic surgery sector? Well, continue reading to find out what is popular in 2023

Smaller Is Better... The New Trend In Plastic Surgery
The natural look is gaining significant traction in the cosmetic industry. Don't get me wrong. People are still getting plastic surgery procedures. But the bigger is better mentality that many celebrities have influenced is now changing, as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported.

While people are still interested in a Brazilian butt lift BBL, they want one that harmonizes with their body shape.

And it's not just the size of BBLs that is shrinking. Smaller breast implants are an emerging trend in breast augmentation, with more desiring natural-looking, beautifully shaped breasts.

Breast augmentation procedures are now proportionate to other features of your body! Ideally, they should enhance your natural beauty and complement your anatomy.


More Subtle Changes Is The New Cosmetic Trend For 2023
According to board-certified plastic surgeons, more and more patients are seeking cosmetic surgery with a natural aesthetic result. As well as, minimally invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular - and this is what I've always said plastic surgery was all about! Not these crazy over-the-top looks being sported by celebrities.

Intimate Surgery On The Rise
The Instagram era has led to a demand for bikini-perfect bodies. Some patients seek vaginoplasty surgery as a means to remove excess tissue. This procedure is also popular in mommy makeovers, with some patients choosing to correct the asymmetries caused by episiotomies.

Vaginoplasties can have aesthetic or functional benefits. For instance, the procedure can be used to rejuvenate and tighten this part of the body.


Non-Surgical Interventions Continue To Shine
Facial plastic surgery is increasing, but it's about slowing down the aging process and correcting those troublesome features instead of more drastic alterations using some non surgical methods. See some of the popular non-surgery cosmetic trends below.

  • Patients are now utilizing dermal fillers and botox to reduce the effects of aging and postpone more extreme treatments such as facelifts.
  • Fraxel Laser treatments—Improves skin texture, tone, and pore size while eliminating brown pigmentation and stimulating collagen.
  • Body contouring procedures, like ultrasound, emsculpt, skin tightening treatments, injectable cellulite treatments, and radio frequency, that destroy fat cells that are exercise-resistant fat, including your “double chin,” love handles, abdominal fat, bra bulge, and more. Unlike liposuction procedures where fat is removed, these newer cosmetic procedures are not surgical and have minimal downtime.
To Sum It Up
It’s important to find a qualified physician who understands your needs and can give you a natural look. There are always things you want to consider when wanting to have a cosmetic procedure.

So always do your due diligence and read reviews. Look at sites like real self, which offer many resources, answered questions from people considering procedures, doctors' inputs, and honest reviews from patients reviewing Realself doctors.


  1. i am glad that plastic surgery is getting more natural. I can't stand to see women that look plastic because surgery is too extreme or too many surgeries.

  2. The author's ability to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner made this post an enjoyable read. Omnilux

  3. I would be open to trying some of these. I would probably avoid areas of my face just because I get worried about looking like an older woman in LA.

  4. Still not something for me. Great info for those interested, though.

  5. Interesting post! I do agree that it is important to find the right surgeon to help you accomplish your plastic surgery goals if that is what you wish. So many surgeons are doing botch jobs on many women now and days and its sad!

  6. Just hearing the word plastic surgery makes me cringe. Because up until now the results always look fake to me. But I’m glad to see that’s no longer the case! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    -Whitney Stewart

  7. I'm not really a fan of plastic surgery honestly. I think it's great that it is getting more natural for those who do want the surgery though.

  8. It is interesting to hear how plastic surgery procedures have evolved. It is nice that they are going for a more natural look!

  9. I would be afraid to have plastic surgery. So I just use lotions.

  10. I hope that plastic surgery remains more natural for people who want to have it done. To me there is nothing more unappealing than a botched plastic surgery job or having too much done.

  11. It’s really great that Plastic Surgery is now looking more natural. This is so informative thanks for sharing this with us

  12. It's good that they have made improvements. Still not for me though.

  13. I think that the most important aspect is to have a natural look, or close to a natural look. Only this way you can feel good with your body!

  14. Yeah... not for me and it is so superficial.... there is so much more to worry about in this world that growing old... it happens and deal with it LOL. Seriously though.... Diane Keaton is the perfect example of a lady growing old gracefully. She is not trying to look 40 when she is not and I appreciate that.

  15. All the power to those looking to get procedures done, all about feeling empowered and happy with yourself but it isn't for me!

  16. I find it fascinating to learn about the evolution of plastic surgery procedures, and it's heartening to see that they are now moving towards a more natural appearance.

  17. I find it fascinating to learn about the evolution of plastic surgery procedures, and it's heartening to see that they are now moving towards a more natural appearance.

  18. I haven't had any done. If I had a bigger finance budget though, I might try a thing or two.


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