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March 7, 2023

How Can Endodontics Help You With Your Dental Care

How Can Endodontics Help You with Your Dental Care, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

How Can Endodontics Help You with Your Dental Care, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

If you’re having trouble with the soft pulp inside any of your teeth, endodontics can help. Endodontic treatments may sound foreign, but they’re merely a fancier term for root canal treatments.

Dentists that are endodontists specialize in saving teeth. In addition to root canals, they also perform endodontic surgery and other special procedures. These are often used to save teeth after traumatizing dental injuries. Along with advanced technologies and specialized techniques, endodontists can treat your teeth quickly and comfortably in these scenarios. 

So if you want to know how endodontics can help you with your dental services, continue reading.

What Endodontics Can Do
The internal part of each tooth is called the pulp. When the dental pulp becomes damaged, it may be necessary to have endodontic surgery to repair it.

The pulp is the only portion of your tooth alive in the teeth. It has a network of blood vessels and nerves that gives your tooth the nutrients it needs. Pulp also forms dentin which gives the tooth color.

The outer part of your tooth may deteriorate from bacteria, which can expose your pulp to infection. The result is painful, and it must be handled quickly by your dentist to bring you relief.

Common Endodontic Procedures, Barbies Beauty Bits

Common Endodontic Procedures
The root canal procedure is the most common of all endodontic procedures. When a dentist performs a root canal, your dentist removes the diseased tissue from a cavity. After that, the tissues surrounding the area are cleaned and disinfected before sealing with a filling or a crown to prevent infections from getting back into the tooth. This also prevents it from spreading to your gums or other teeth.

In other cases, a root can fracture below the surface of your gums. Your dentist may need to reshape or even seal off an infected root. When a root canal doesn’t get all of the infected tissue out, endodontic surgery may be able to save the tooth. Pulp capping and apexification are other ways endodontics can help.

What makes endodontics a unique specialty in dentistry is that it requires the use of small microscopes and a series of specialized tools. These intricate moves require further extensive training by your dentist. 

What If An  Endodontic Treatment Can't Save A Tooth

If an endodontic treatment can't salvage a tooth due to significant damage, infection, or other issues, the next step typically involves tooth extraction. In such cases, dentures emerge as a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for restoring both oral function and appearance. Dentures come in customized dental prosthetics tailored to replace missing teeth, and they may be either partial or complete based on the extent of tooth loss. 

It's crucial to have a conversation with your dentist about this, although it's worth noting that this could entail additional expenses, which might not always be covered by office visits. Some individuals explore the option of home dentures and partials, which are not just a temporary fix but offer the same high-quality product as those obtained from a traditional dental office. Curious to learn more? Click to buy dentures online or read further about it.

Endodontics For Your Healthiest Teeth
Endodontic procedures are used to preserve the health of your natural teeth. Most dentists would agree that keeping a natural tooth in place whenever possible is best.

Since each internal part of each tooth is alive and joined to your body, the mission of an endodontist is to keep your teeth healthy and intact. This will prevent further problems with your oral health, like tooth pain, tooth decay, an infected tooth, etc., and keep a healthy bone structure in your mouth.

With a dentist specializing in endodontics, you can better preserve your natural teeth and oral health. These procedures can correct existing problems by removing infections, relieving pain, and restoring your quality of life.

Oral health is extremely important in regard to your overall health. If you are experiencing any pain, it is urgent that you have your dentist check your teeth for these types of problems. The sooner you seek treatment, the more likely your dentist can save your teeth and bring you relief to the root of the problem or, in this case, the root of the tooth!

If you are in need of endodontic procedures such as a root canal, R+R Dental | general dentist | Levittown, NY can help.

You can learn more about how root canals and endodontic surgery can keep your smile brighter with your natural teeth rather than getting implants or partial dentures. Ask your dentist about endodontic procedures today!


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