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May 13, 2021

Top Things To Consider When Wanting To Have A Cosmetic Procedure

Top Things To Consider When Wanting To Have A Cosmetic Procedure By Barbies Beauty Bits

Are you considering cosmetic procedures or even some noninvasive cosmetic treatments? With all modern-day technologies, many (not just the Hollywood movie stars) are considering going under the knife, getting fillers and other injectables like botox, even some noninvasive procedures like CoolSculpting.

However, many are just diving in before doing their research! Don't believe me, tune into the TV show Botched, where you can see botched cosmetic procedures thanks to unqualified, so call doctors corrected by some highly qualified surgeons who are on the TV show.

So before you consider any type of cosmetics procedures, treatments, or plastic surgeries, make sure you go through this checklist!

Top 7 Things To Consider When Wanting To Have A Cosmetic Procedure

Set Realistic Expectations When Considering A Cosmetic Procedure
While cosmetic procedures can enhance your appearance, which could ultimately boost your confidence, it is not end all fix all for any low self-esteem issues you may have. It is true that some procedures can boost your self-confidence, however it is only part of the picture, as it is not going to solve your job hunting problem, dating issues, depression, etc. And a qualified plastic surgeon will tell you this and may ask some uncomfortable questions. So instead of getting defensive, answer the questions honestly, as you may not even realize your true intentions.  

board certified plastic surgeons near me By Barbies Beauty Bits

Selecting A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon When Considering A Cosmetic Procedure
This is much easier said than done. Think about all of the botched procedures; more than likely, most people thought they did their research and worked with someone with a board certification. But this does not mean they are good at their job. The search for potential surgeons needs to be a lengthy one. Not one day you wake up and think, I want to get a tummy tuck or my nose done this month.  

If it a surgical procedure like a nose job, do your research by looking for a rhinoplasty expert. This is not just what you see on a website, as it is not like a Dr. is going to share botched photos or promote negative reviews. Research all reviews, not just ones on their website, look at the number of reviews, check out their social media page, google my business page, ask around town for referrals, and the best place is to visit is RealSelf.  

Visit RealSelf Website For Reviews On Cosmetic Procedures
I love the Realself website, it is a great plastic surgeon review forum. I found it a few years ago when working for a doctor. They offer tons of resources, answered questions from people considering procedures, doctors' inputs, and honest reviews from patients reviewing Realself doctors.

Another great thing about this website is their RealSelf Verified. It will show a blue check mark next to a doctor’s name in their profile, signifying they meet or exceed RealSelf's high trust, transparency standard, and have high patient satisfaction.

Be Prepared For Your Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon
Like anything significant in life, you need planning, and this involves questions for the plastic surgeon even debunking any myths about plastic surgery you may have and more. As not only will the Dr. be interviewing you, you need to be interviewing the plastic surgeon. And yes, some may be uncomfortable asking some of these questions, but it is better than ending up a botched TV candidate.

Some important questions to ask during your cosmetic surgery consult:

  1. Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  2. Is it the right choice for my body and my goals?
  3. How many of these procedures do you personally perform?
  4. Ask about the surgical facilities. Some could be in the office, others in an operating room.
  5. Will you be the one that performs this procedure?
  6. What are the risks?
  7. What happens if I do not like the end result?
  8. The type of anesthesia?
  9. What is the recovery period?

Plastic surgery consultation questions By Barbies Beauty Bits

Make Sure You Understand The Cosmetic Procedure
Many have misguided pieces of information and what to expect from a particular procedure. I will use CoolSculpting, for example. CoolSculpting is promoted as a method for fat reduction. What it is not is a procedure for overweight people to lose weight. This noninvasive procedure is actually recommended for people at their ideal weight; who have some stubborn body fat they can't get rid of by working out, yes I said working out. You need to be healthy and NOT overweight and following this lifestyle after the procedure! Bet you did not know that, did you?

Oh, and always ask for the potential side effects and how common they are, as there are side effects like paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) a nasty side effect with Coolscupting making you larger instead of smaller.

Cosmetic Procedures: Do It For Yourself, Not Others
A lot of females consider breast augmentation, for example, because their boyfriend suggested it. On the same token, never NOT do something because your husband or boyfriend doesn't approve, as it is not his body. Make sure you are doing it for yourself and you only. This is why I highly suggest not asking your friends for their opinions.

how much does plastic surgery cost By Barbies Beauty Bits

Budget For The Expense Of A Cosmetic Procedure
You need to be thinking about the financial side of your decision as, yes, some cosmetic procedures are costly, especially the ones that require anesthesia. And guess what, they are not covered by insurance. And this is where many try to cut corners, search for bargain deals, go out of the country and not work with an American board doctors, and end up with botched results. Cosmetic treatments and procedures should not be done with the bargain shopping approach.

SO HOW CAN I AFFORD THIS? Many may not know that most plastic surgeons offer financial assistance, so in your consultation, ask about these. This is like any type of loan, so your credit plays a significant part.

In conclusion, one of the doctors on Botched said it best, “Cosmetic surgery is something you do for yourself—not for a spouse, partner or parent,” “Your body is forever. Treat it preciously.”



  1. I just had a cosmetic treatment and I am so happy. The place you go to makes a lot of difference so do the research carefully.

  2. I will keep these in mind. I might have one at some point if we have extra funds.

  3. These are tips that I will remember. Surgery does have planning and these will help.

  4. I have had so much surgery in my life, I cannot imagine doing more on purpose. That being said, I need it. Ha!

  5. These are some really good tips for those who have plans on having surgery, thanks!

  6. I must agree, that if you are planning to have a surgery you need to do a research, ask question about it, and of course, you need to decide for it not others.

  7. Cosmetic surgery if far from my mind, but who knows, maybe at some point I might decide to have it done. I think finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon is the best first step.

  8. Going under the knife scares me. I would have to do lots and lots of research before considering it. I feel like it is best to be well educated before making a big decision like this.

  9. Great post. Any procedure has its issues and is always good to make sure you understand everything

  10. There sure is a lot to look in to when planning a surgery. I don't know if I could ever do cosmetic surgery myself, but it's nice to see all these wonderful tips for it.

  11. Yes, I am agree that we need to do that for ourselves, not for others. Only this way we can began to love our body!

  12. Thank you for sharing all these things to consider. As long as they are happy then they should do it.

  13. These are all great points to consider when choosing a procedure and a doctor. So important to do your research first!


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