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March 21, 2023

Beauty Sleep: Sleep Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Beauty Sleep: Sleep your way to beautiful skin, barbies beauty bits

Beauty Sleep: Sleep your way to beautiful skin with beauty pillow

What if the fountain of youth was just a good night's sleep away? Well, it is with the proper beauty sleep.

When it comes to an effective anti-aging beauty routine, the tips are endless. But the one thing many seem not to take seriously enough is one of the most controllable factors of all... beauty sleep! 

So how can you wake up more youthful? With these top tips on beauty sleep. So continue reading.

The Benefits Of Beauty Sleep

In case you did not know. Beauty sleep refers to the sleep we get at night and its effects on our appearance. The idea that sleep can make you look better seems exaggerated, but getting a good night's sleep is known to have a lot of benefits for your body, including your physical appearance. 

Beauty sleep is essential for overall wellness, and it helps maintain a healthy, youthful complexion and provides an internal fountain of youth.

Mind, body, and skin all benefit from getting enough sleep.

How The Lack Of Sleep Impacts Our Skin, Barbies Beauty Bits

How The Lack Of Sleep Impacts Our Skin
So, how exactly does sleep affect the way your skin looks? Studies show that lack of sleep significantly reduces skin barrier function recovery.

Sleep deprivation can make your skin more vulnerable to dryness, irritation, breakouts, and flaking, leading to wrinkles in the long run. Add that to waking up with bags, dark circles, swollen eyes, and other signs of a poor night's sleep, and you've got your ticket to premature aging.

How A Good Night Sleep Impacts The Skin
When we sleep, our skin shifts into repair mode, like making new collagen, which prevents sagging. Collagen makes skin plumper and less prone to wrinkles.

The fine lines that develop from only 5 hours of sleep can be twice as much as when you get 7 hours. Moreover, less sleep leaves the skin drier, which can accentuate lines.

Hence, the optimal time to sleep is between 9 and 11 pm. If you wake up early, go to bed by 9.30 or 10. If you get home late, try to sleep by 11 pm.

Among the other top benefits of beauty sleep are the following: 

  • Decreased puffiness-getting enough shut-eye and staying hydrated at night can reduce swelling. 
  • Healthier appearance- When you're tired, your facial expressions change subtly and consistently. Our eyebrows tend to furrow and frown more frequently. Over time, they can become permanent, such as the 11s between your eyes and frown lines. 
  • Luminous skin-During sleep, blood flow to the skin is increased, resulting in a healthy glow in the morning.

Best anti-aging pillow barbies beauty bits

Why Beauty Pillow?
How To Boost Your Beauty Sleep Tonight

Invest In An Anti-aging Pillow
I will knock this one out of the way as if you are sleeping on a nice fluffy pillow (regardless of the pillowcase), you are likely aging yourself each time you go to bed.

Have you ever experienced sleep wrinkles? Well, not only are those unattractive when you wake up, but they also have a long time effect on your skin...wrinkles that are non-boxable. (meaning botox can't help)

Yep, sleeping is one of the leading causes of premature wrinkles, number 2 after UV exposure. And pressing your face into a plush fluffy pillow for thousands of hours per year is like ironing folds, creases, and wrinkles into the skin.

Think about it the average head weighs 11 lbs. This weight puts pressure on the skin when you sleep on your side or stomach, and the skin can become stretched and compressed, causing creasing and puffiness.

In time these creases do not snap back and eventually become permanent wrinkles

Generally, these sleep wrinkles are vertical or diagonal in shape. Since they can't be reproduced, like smile lines or horizontal lines on the forehead, created with natural muscle movement, Botox cannot treat them as it is used to minimize muscle movements that lead to wrinkles.

When we smile or frown, our facial muscles contract only briefly. However, pressing your skin on a pillow and creating wrinkles is usually 6- 8 hours, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

This is why sleep wrinkles are more difficult to correct, and this is where an anti-aging pillow comes into your beauty sleep routine, like this anti-aging pillow from Beauty Pillow. 

sleep wrinkles, beauty pillow reivew

How The Beauty Pillow Helps To Minimize Sleep Wrinkles
Using a specialty sleep support pillow to reduce facial compression and prevent skin pulling is the best way to avoid sleep lines from forming.

With its patented design, the Beauty Pillow supports your head and neck while you sleep and reduces facial compression. The elevated design of the Beauty Pillow stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage; increasing circulation can minimize compression.

A traditional pillow compresses the face and restricts blood flow, resulting in a puffy face and dark under-eye bags. But Beauty Pillow's slightly elevated VISCO memory foam promotes better facial circulation, helping to reduce morning puffiness.

Beauty Pillows Sleep Zones For Fewer Sleep Wrinkles
The Beauty Pillow is made of the highest quality VISCO memory foam to support you throughout the night.

With Beauty Pillow's six unique sleep zones, your head is supported, and your position is maintained while you sleep. When it comes to real beauty sleep, lying on your back is the most effective position.

When you sleep on your back, you reduce the likelihood of deep-set sleep wrinkles forming on your face. Also, side sleepers will benefit from the cradle since it reduces movement during sleep.

By reducing or restricting your movement while you sleep, you can sleep deeper and longer and prevent sleep wrinkles.

And last but not least. With less face-to-pillow contact, your skincare will be less likely to transfer onto your pillowcases and bedding, increasing their effectiveness at night.

Beauty Pillows Sleep Zones For Fewer Sleep Wrinkles, Barbies Beauty Bits
Anti-aging Pillow For Side Sleepers
For me sleeping on my side is the most comfortable. However, it can lead to excessive compression along one side of the face.

I've also been guilty of favoring one side to sleep on. Sadly, this repeated contact with your face and pillow can cause facial asymmetry. In the face and facial muscles, one side of your face will wrinkle more heavily or sag more.

Anti-aging pillows such as the Beauty Pillow can prevent facial asymmetry from developing. A significant advantage of The Beauty Pillows design is the cutouts and head positioning zones that help to center the head for a comfortable overnight position.

As a result of the cutouts, there is less facial contact with the pillow, preventing facial shearing and reducing the impact of overnight compression on deep-set sleep lines.

Why You Need To Add A Silk Pillowcase

Adding a layer of luxury to your Beauty Pillow with Silk Pillowcases is a must.

When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, moisture is drawn away from your skin, and friction from the rough cotton on your face can cause wrinkles.

While silk pillowcases are gentler on the skin, they reduce friction and wrinkles and promote healthy hair.


Better Skin, Better Sleep

How Skincare Can Help Your Beauty Sleep
A nighttime skincare routine can be challenging to commit to when you're mentally drained and tired. However, following a nightly skincare routine is crucial to maintain a healthy and glowing complexion.

I am a big fan of nighttime skincare as I've proven beauty sleep is real! During sleep, our bodies shift into repair mode, repairing damage caused by the day.

Check it out...

  • Cleanse your face for about 10-15 minutes before you go to bed. Then apply your nighttime serums and night cream
  • Between 9 to 11 pm, the skin absorbs the most topical treatments, and repair is boosted
  • Between 11 pm and 4 am, we can double our cell production 
  • Cell turnover increases by three times between 2 am and 4 am

Choose Skincare With Antioxidants And Anti-aging Benefits
No skincare routine would be complete without an antioxidant-rich night serum. Beauty Pillow's Rejuvenating Night Serum is perfect for adding after washing your face. It can rejuvenate and smoothen your skin while you sleep!

Among its active ingredients are protein-rich Bio Bifida to exfoliate and even the skin's tone and texture, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and soothing Arnica Extract.

Help, I'm Not Getting A Good Nights Sleep
So now you have your anti-aging pillow, silk pillowcase, and just slathered on some fantastic skincare, you are ready to sleep like a sleeping beauty, but you can't seem to go to sleep.

Well, here are some top good sleep hygiene tips if you are struggling with getting a good night's sleep

  • Eat hours before retiring to sleep
  • Be sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime
  • Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime, as blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm
  • Establish a dark, cool sleep environment. The ideal sleeping temperature is 65 (shh, don't tell my boyfriend)
  • Don't watch TV, eat, or work in bed. Your bed should be used only for sleep and sex. By doing this, your brain will recognize that it's time to rest


Boost Your Beauty Sleep With Beauty Pillow’s Pillow Mist!
Still can't fall asleep? Before bed, relax your mind with some lavender, like Beauty Pillow's Lavender Pillow Mist.

Throughout history, lavender has been used to reduce anxiety and stress hormones (cortisol), which can interrupt sleep and affect sleep hygiene.

Rise And Shine Sleeping Beauty With Some Vitamin C Serum
Skincare products have an optimal position in your skincare routine. You won't hurt the overall health of your skin by using a product outside that time, but it won't be as effective.

Vitamin C is a holy grail ingredient for me! Dermatologists have found that morning is the most effective time for this antioxidant.

What's the reason? Doing so prevents free radical damage from over-sun exposure, pollution, and other environmental aggressors during the day. Furthermore, it can improve uneven skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

A brightening Vitamin C serum is a must-have for brighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

To Sum It Up
As you can see, the tips for an effective beauty sleep routine are endless.

Sleep is essential for the wellness of your mind, mental health, body, and soul, and it's your internal fountain of youth and a pivotal element to beauty.

So good night, sleep tight, and do not let the anti-aging bugs bite!



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