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January 18, 2023

Must Have Beauty Products To Start The Year

ust Have Beauty Products, Barbies Beauty Bits

From the new fitness equipment, to eyeliner, to LED masks, 2022 gave us some of best beauty products I am bringing over in 2023.

Fitness Equipment Must Haves

The New year is a time for many to work towards new at-home fitness goals. One way to help boost these fitness goals is by adding more cardio to your workout routine using a running machine, like a treadmill or elliptical machine. But where do you start if you do not want to go to the gym? Well, no worries, as Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to help you "run" towards your new fitness goals by putting together some of the best elliptical machines and treadmills.

Eyeliners From Victoria Beckham
Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog just reviewed Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liners in Ash, Olive and Copper, and after testing 9 shades has declared this the holy grail eyeliner formula!

Peace Out Under Eye Patches
Do you have puffy eyes? Are you forever regretting what your under eye area looks like. Marcia from Never Say Die Beauty found an undereye patch that she swears by.

Shop Some Of The Best Beauty Products Of 2022 Below

  1. Best LED Product: GET 10% OFF With Code: BARBIECB
  2. Best Face Cleanse: 20% OFF with coupon code: NEWYEAR
  3. Best Cleansing Balm 
  4. Best Clay Mask
  5. Best Face Toner
  6. Best Night Time Face Moisturizing Mask: Get 15% OFF with code: BBB15
  7. Best Anti-aging Serums
  8. Best Retinol Alternative: 15% OFF with coupon code: LITTLEBLOND
  9. Best Face Roller 
  10. Best Collagen Supplement
  11. No-Tox_The Best Wrinkle Reducing Serum
  12. Best Bra; The Honeylove Crossover Bra 
  13. Best Way To Melt Fat, With LED  Save $50 with code: SAVE50
  14. Best Way To Achieve Volume In Your Hair, The Voloom Petite  
  15. Glowing Skin Love




  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I try to keep up with beauty trends when I’m able, so you’ve helped me out! I’m grateful!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. I would love the under eye bag helper. That is totally what I need right now.

  3. I need those eye patches. I do have puffy under eyes and I hate it.

  4. There are several on this list I want to try. I really want to try that collagen!

  5. I'd like to try Victoria Beckham's eyeliner. I had no idea her line now includes makeup. :)

  6. Gym equipmentwise I have a cross trainer it's good to have something at home. I have across trainer that can also be used as a bike.

  7. I want those eye patches. Thanks for the list! -LYNNDEE

  8. I bet Victoria's eyeliner line is super Posh, I'll have to check them out!

  9. Wow! These are all really great products that I really wanted to try! Can’t wait to check this out.

  10. Some new fitness equipment is exactly what I need to start well this year! An elliptical machine sounds perfect!

  11. These sound like really great products, Most of them I will have to check out. thanks for sharing this with us.

  12. I could use some new bras. I'll have to check out the Best Bra from Honey Love out.


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