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June 6, 2022

The Best At-Home LED Red Light Therapy Masks

The Best At-Home LED Red Light Therapy Masks, By Barbies Beauty Bits

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have seen the crazy-looking futuristic red light LED facial masks all over Instagram and TikTok. And may be wondering, do these work, what are the best at-home red light LED devices, and how does red light therapy work anyway?

According to board-certified dermatologists, these LED light masks offer significant skincare benefits aside from being one of the latest celebrity-loved social trends and looking like Mr. Roboto or a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

While these masks may be new in the at-home realm, red and blue light therapy devices for skincare are nothing new. Dermatologists and aestheticians have been using these devices for years to treat inflammation after facials, minimize breakouts, and renew your complexion on a cellular level.

However, these in-office treatments have a high price tag of $300 per session.

Today you can purchase these devices and use them at home, like these two devices—one for the face and one for the neck and decolletage from CurrentBody Skin.

The brand has combined ten years of industry knowledge and expertise to create the Best LED Light Therapy Masks that deliver the perfect dose of red and near infra-red light.

The convenience of improving your skin in the comfort of your own home is a significant selling point, and let's not forget about saving money from seeing an aesthetician for numerous office visits. 

  • But do these at-home LED light therapy masks actually work?
  • What are the benefits of LED Red Light?
  • Who sells the best-LED red light therapy mask?
  • How much do these LED masks cost?
  • And, What the heck is LED light therapy?

Well, no worries, beauties, as Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to answer all of those questions.

Do At-Home LED Masks Really Work, Barbies Beauty Bits

Do At-Home LED Masks Really Work?

Yes, LED light therapy really does work! NASA has used this FDA-approved therapeutic LED technology for plant growth tests on shuttle missions.

But regarding the skincare realm, don't just take my word, for instance. In a study published in Dermatologic Surgery, researchers found that red LED light treatment improved measures of eye-area wrinkles.

However, from my experience speaking with Dermatologists, it is essential to look at the NM (nanometers) for light-Emitting Devices for Treating Wrinkles when purchasing a device, as all are not created equal. Wavelengths of light from 630 to 680 nm demonstrate the most healing power.

What Is LED Light Therapy For The Skin

Not to get too technical, but LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Unlike some other wavelengths, these wavelengths are absorbed into the skin, where they can heat and constructively impact the cellular process to target problem skin areas.

This burst of energy triggers a response for your body, healing your skin from the inside out as your skin cells soak up the red light, resulting in cellular energy and collagen production.

The elevated collagen and elastin production and hydration activated by red light therapy create an increased immune response, diminishing signs of aging.

And no worries, unlike sun rays, there are no harmful side effects or UV elements. Instead, red light therapy uses light energy which cannot ionize the cells and will not cause them to alter, mutate or change; it is a non-evasive anti-aging treatment that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

the best led mask for antiaging, barbies beauty bits

Scientific Benefits Of LED Light Therapy For Anti-aging

We at Barbie's Beauty Bits are a big fan of LED therapies because they work from skincare to red light treatment for weight loss and full body treatments. From handheld devices to facial and neck devices, they are a must for younger-looking skin (even some other light settings like blue led lights).

While skincare creams and red light therapy can improve some facial skin conditions and take years off your face, red light is more effective for anti-aging. It stimulates energy within skin cells helping with facial rejuvenation. Unfortunately, creams and lotions lack this ability.

Cells become larger with age, making it harder for them to divide and multiply, slowing body regeneration. Using red light therapy stimulates and energizes your skin cells, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and your skin’s texture.

And red light therapy using (625-740nm) stimulates collagen growth, helping to reduce anti-aging by...

  •     Stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production
  •     Minimizing fine lines by increasing elastin and firmness
  •     Restoring your skin to a firmer, smoother texture
  •     Increasing hydration
  •     Improving cellular renewal to help repair sun damage
  •     It kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, minimizes acne flare-ups
  •     Cellular energy increases, diminishing the appearance of melasma (dark spots)
  •     Reducing inflammation, puffiness, or swelling around the eyes
  •     The anti-inflammatory qualities of red light can reduce the appearance of visible broken capillaries  (what I need)
CurrentBody Skin Complete LED Kit Review, Barbies Beauty Bits

A Breakthrough In LED Facial Therapy-CurrentBody Skin Complete LED Kit

Okay, now that you understand how this LED light technology works, along with some backed by scientific results. Which at-home LED device do you use? Remember, not all at-home devices deliver the same strength, so be careful for some of those found on Amazon, as they are not always high quality and can be dangerous for the eyes.

I love the CurrentBody Skin Complete LED Kit, which includes the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask and the CurrentBody Skin Neck & Dec Perfector.

Forget about your expensive salon visits and harness the perfect nanometers to rejuvenate the skin with these two professional red light therapy devices from CurrentBody Skin. They have your face, neck, and decolletage covered!

The Benefits Of Using Both Red And Near Infra Red Light In Skincare

Both LED devices combine Red (633nm) and Near Infra-Red Light (830nm). Clinical studies show the combination of these two wavelengths work below the skin's surface to stimulate the natural rejuvenation process. This process is what kick-starts collagen and elastin production, and continued use will firm and smooth your skin.

So why both? There are a lot of light therapy devices on the market, and most only use red light, which targets the epidermis. While you will see anti-aging benefits from red light alone. When paired, red and near infra-red are the power couple offering ultra-powerful and proven light therapy treatment for plump, smooth, and even-toned skin that looks younger as the infrared light penetrates more deeply.

Beauty spas take advantage of the anti-aging benefits of red and near-infra red light. So if you are looking for spa-like results in your home, you need to make sure you use a LED skincare device that incorporates red and near-infrared led lights.

See the low down on these two devices below.

The Best LED Face Mask For Younger Looking Skin, Barbies Beauty Bits

The Best LED Face Mask For Younger Looking Skin

Because our skin becomes thinner and drier as we age due to collagen and elastin loss, it will leave us with an uneven skin tone. And this rough-textured skin is what will develop wrinkles!  

While these wrinkles will make us look older, the crown-wearing culprit of premature aging is uneven skin tone, like hyperpigmentation, saggy, crepey skin, sun damage, etc.

The CurrentBody Skin LED Mask uses its two light technologies to plump, firm, heal, resurface, and tone that uneven skin and texture! These processes also help the skin cells absorb your topical skincare product effectively to rebuild the damage caused by the aging process-See how this cycle works?

What Do I Like About This Medical-Grade LED Face Mask?

Aside from the noticeable results, I like this device over other LED Masks I have tried because it is flexible and easy to wear. I do not know how often I feel stuck charging my skincare devices at my desk, as most have to be plugged into a USB to work.

Not this LED face mask, as it is comfortable and convenient! It comes with a portal charger made with fully medical-grade flexible silicone that contours to your face, sitting directly on the skin for optimal results. It also has an adjuster on the back of the head, so it is hands-free, and you can do something else while your skin gets healthier.

Lastly, the mask has been made to medical device directives and delivers the same clinically-proven wavelengths as professional salon machines, but in the comfort of your home. (remember, I said this was important earlier).

the best led mask for neck and upper chest, barbies beauty bits

Led Light Therapy Neck Device

Sagging, loose neck aka Turkey neck is for the birds. But all kidding aside, skincare for our neck is often an afterthought, and many even go as far as to wipe off the access skincare onto the towel. Instead of extending our skincare to the neck, WTH? I've been guilty of it myself.

But did you know that the skin on the neck is very thin, so it will show signs of aging, especially from sun and environmental exposures much faster than other areas of the body. Tie that in with the downward gauge technology (spending hours upon hours hunched looking down from posting on social media to reading emails and texting), people are aging more quickly than in years past.

Unfortunately, this constant downward gaze is another prominent cause for premature aging with creases around the neck and chin, wrinkles, loss of elastin, sagging neck skin, and more. But the good news is there is something you can do to address these aging issues; Current Body Skin LED Neck & Dec Perfector.

With the LED Neck & Dec Perfector, red and near-infrared LEDs work together to create a more powerful effect. The epidermis absorbs these two lights stimulating collagen production, so you get more profound results in a shorter period. 

Its design brings light directly to the neck and upper chest area ensuring the maximum amount of light reaches its cellular targets, softening the more delicate skin of the décolletage and neck, improving the tone and texture, and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Best LED mask 2022, Barbies Beauty Bits

To Sum It Up
LED light therapy at home could be the answer if you want to restore your youthful glow without breaking the bank and having to spend money on Botox and other spa treatments.

And remember, the key to success with at-home skincare devices and treatments is consistency, with slow and steady, winning the race.

Like a salon, where you would need multiple visits early on and then cut back, you need the same approach when using these devices in the comfort of your home. For example, use the LED therapy masks for 10 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week for the first four weeks.

Then after the initial LED light therapy treatment course, you need to complete your LED at-home treatments for maintenance when you feel your skin needs an extra boost.

So what are you waiting for beauties, are you ready to try the best at-home LED red light therapy masks for that Hollywood glow? These masks are loved by famous faces like makeup artist Wayne Goss, Nina Garcia, Kaley Cuoco, Carey Mulligan, and now YOU because it just works.



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