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February 3, 2023

Wedding Jewelry Tips Every Bride Can Trust

Wedding Jewelry Tips Every Bride Can Trust, Barbies Beauty Bits

Wedding Jewelry Tips Every Bride Can Trust Is Essential...

Because your wedding is an unforgettable event, you want to look perfect, enjoy every moment, and make beautiful memories for a lifetime. But wedding prep can be overwhelming for brides, between wedding dress selections, makeup, finding the best salon, venue selection, and honeymoon bookings.

Choosing your jewelry pieces for the big day is even more daunting because it can entail a hefty expense. However, you can make the selection stress-free with some guidance and creativity. Let us share a few tried and tested wedding jewelry tips every bride can trust for her wedding day.

Decide On Your Budget When Choosing Wedding Jewelry
The most significant thing about buying bridal jewelry is the budget because precious metals and gemstones are expensive. Consider your overall wedding budget, and decide on a realistic amount you can set aside for jewelry.

Knowing the figure before you go out and shop can help you avoid impulsive buying and keep your expenses in check. You can always incorporate something borrowed, even some rental options, if your budget is tight.


Know The Bridal Jewelry Trends
Every bride wants to look her best on her special day because she is the center of attention. You cannot expect to steal the show with outdated jewelry. Check the latest bridal trends to choose your precious pieces for the occasion. You can even follow your favorite celeb styles to find perfect picks.

But remember to buy versatile and wearable pieces you can wear later instead of opting for heavy ones that may stay in your safe forever.

Match Your Necklace To Your Neckline
The general rule of thumb for choosing a necklace is to pick one that matches the neckline of your dress. A pendant looks best on a V-neck; chokers look best on strapless and sweetheart necklines. Regardless of the neckline, if the skin is showing, the necklace should sit on your skin, not the dress.

Match Your Metals With Your Wedding Dress
Did you know that some jewelry metals are associated with certain shades of dress: platinum and white gold for pure white, yellow gold pieces for champagne and ivory, and rose gold for blush.

matching your jewelry to your wedding dress, barbies beauty bits

Repurpose Old Jewelry On Your Wedding Day

Repurposing old items is a good option if you are tight on the budget. Moreover, it enables you to retain the sentimental value of your family heirlooms. For example, you can collaborate with a professional designer to redesign wedding rings of your parents for the occasion.

Consider it a way to wear their blessings for a lifetime. You can retain the original design with a few changes or opt for a makeover. But discuss the changes with your parents before going ahead.

Avoid Going Over The Top With Jewelry
In choosing wedding jewelry, "less is more" holds true. Jewelry is something brides do not want to overdo. The last thing you should do is wear all the pieces you can buy, even when you can afford them. 

Consider the style of the gown. For example light jewelry goes well with embellished gowns, matching your necklace with the neckline and earrings with your face shape. Remember that more is not always better!

wedding jewelry tips, barbies beauty bits

Never Compromise Quality And Your Personal Style
Jewelry and accessories make a dress belong to the bride. They really give it that personal touch, so you should never compromise quality. Look for top-grade diamonds and pure metal for pieces that never lose their luster. Also, buy certified jewelry from a trusted seller.

You must seek tips on the storage and maintenance of these precious pieces and adhere to them to preserve them forever. Aside from focusing on quality, opt for timeless pieces you can pass as family heirlooms forever.

Choosing the perfect wedding jewelry may sound like a lot of work, but the effort is worthwhile. Follow these tips to pick the perfect ones to look your best on your big day and invest in a treasure for a lifetime.



  1. These sound like some awesome tips. I just got married in a courthouse so it was simple!

  2. This is great advice. We brides do want to look our best.

  3. I still have my wedding jewelry that was handmade by one of my dearest friends. It's still so special to me and a couple of my friends have worn it as their "something borrowed."

  4. I am so agree that less is more in this case. I think a bride should choose her jewelry according to her dress style!

  5. Wow! These are all really great and very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing this with us

  6. I like the idea of repurposing old jewelry, especially handmade pieces. Such a special way to create memories with already special pieces.

  7. These are good tips, bridal jewelry can be so beautiful and elegant!

  8. I think when selecting bridal jewellery you should pick items that you like. Go with something that suits both your personality, taste and dress.

  9. Great tips! It is definitely a good idea not to overwhelm your look with jewelry. Simplicity is best and to have attention on the dress and a main piece or two.

  10. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips in choosing wedding jewelries particularly for the bride 😍 Loved it when you said that 'less is more' -- I definitely agree since overdoing anything doesn't really look good

  11. Such lovely pieces here and they are perfection for that special wedding day for sure ;) Sharing this one with my sister!

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  13. Those are some wonderful and important tips to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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