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January 4, 2023

2022 Best Skincare Products For Younger Looking Skin

Best Skincare Products For Younger Looking Skin, Barbies Beauty Bits

Barbie's Beauty Bits List Of 2022 Best Skincare Products For Younger-Looking Skin

To mark the end of 2022, I wanted to share some of the best skincare products for younger-looking skin, along with some non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

For this post, I've pulled together my must-haves and some favorites from aestheticians and Plastic surgeons I work with.

Whether searching for the best LED mask, cleanser, collagen supplement, clay mask, skincare gadget, or cosmetic treatment, below you'll find the best Beauty Secrets of 2022 for your skin. Oh, and if you want to shop right away, scroll to the bottom to see some discounts too!

Best Red Light Therapy Devices

My all-time favorite beauty item of 2022 is red light therapy devices. The benefits of red light, from skincare to weight loss, makes it a winner in my book.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have seen the crazy-looking futuristic red light LED facial masks all over Instagram and TikTok. Do these work? The answer is yes!

According to board-certified dermatologists, these LED light masks offer significant skincare benefits aside from being one of the latest celebrity-loved social trends and looking like Mr. Roboto or a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

While these masks may be new in the at-home realm, red light therapy devices for Skincare are nothing new. Dermatologists and aestheticians have been using these devices for years to treat inflammation after facials, minimize breakouts, and renew your complexion on a cellular level.

However, these in-office treatments have a high price tag of $300 per session. So getting results at home at a significant price difference is a must.

Best Red LED Face Mask Of 2022, Barbies Beauty Bits

Best Red LED Face Mask

For Skincare, red light therapy has helped me achieve a younger-looking complexion.

The benefits are endless. See below. Red light therapy using (625-740nm) stimulates collagen growth, helping to reduce anti-aging by...

  • Stimulating collagen and fibroblast production
  • Enhancing elastin and firmness to minimize fine lines
  • Firming and smoothing your skin
  • Boosting hydration
  • Repairing sun damage through improved cellular renewal
  • Using it reduces inflammation, kills bacteria, and minimizes acne flare-ups
  • Energy is increased in the cells, making melasma (dark spots) less noticeable
  • Enhancing the appearance of the eyes by reducing inflammation, swelling, or puffiness
  • Red light has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce visible broken capillaries (which I need).

Product Recommendation: the CurrentBody Skin Complete LED Kit includes the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask and the CurrentBody Skin Neck & Dec Perfector.


Best Skincare Products Of 2022

Skincare Products That Deliver

So to not get overwhelmed, think of your skincare routine as consisting of five main steps:

  • Cleansing — Washing your face
  • Exfoliating- Removing dead skin cells and whisking away any dirt and debris deep within your pores that your cleanser may have missed
  • Toning — Balancing and prepping the skin for other skincare products.
  • Treatments- These are your anti-aging serums and creams
  • Moisturizing — Hydrating and softening the skin

This list will touch on each of those 5, with a Skincare Savior for each.

Best Skincare Products Of 2022, Barbies Beauty Bits

Best Face Cleansers Of 2022

One anti-aging skin care step you should always take seriously is cleansing your face daily!

I know I sounded like your mom when I told you to wash your face daily, and it turns out she was right, as Skincare does begin with washing your face. And no, that bar of soap you washed your privates with does not count.

You see, the face is "exposed" to sweat, dirt, pollution, and bacteria daily. Therefore, washing the face is vital to remove this excess oil and dirt. 

A booming beauty routine begins with a clean face. You can keep your skin healthy and youthful by washing your face correctly, which for me, involves the double cleanse approach.

Best Products For A Double Cleanse

When it comes to skin cleansing. I suggest the double cleanse method.

A double cleanse involves washing your face in two steps: an oil-based cleanser followed by a cleanser.

Get started on the double cleanse with these two amazing products that I love!!

First, Cleanse With A Cleansing Oil Or Face Balm like Colleen Rothschild Comprehensive Radiant Cleansing Balm. Unlike anything I have tried before, this facial balm effortlessly dissolves all makeup and other impurities from the skin.

The natural aromatherapy smell of cloves and rosemary is to die for! The cleansing balm leaves my skin feeling smooth and radiant. Plus, it is incredibly hydrating, giving me a luminous, dewy complexion.

20% OFF with coupon code: HONEY20

Best Cleansing Balm, Barbies Beauty Bits

Second, Use A Foaming Antioxidant Cleanser

Calm the skin and bring it life-giving a radiant, healthy glow by using an antioxidant-enriched facial cleanser like this one from La Roche-Posay. I found this Pigmentclar Brightening Face Cleanser and Exfoliating Face Wash on accident as an Amazon suggestion. It revives skin radiance immediately and leaves the skin looking soft and radiant.

20% OFF with coupon code: NEWYEAR

The Best Toner For The Skin

Following a thorough cleansing, you should use a toner. Toners help you to prep the skin to absorb other products more effectively.

The Best Toner: Mist Me, Baby, With The CICA Hydrating Toner
Baby, it's all about hydration! With its soothing formula, this toner doubles as a mist that calms even the most sensitive dry skin.

I love that this toner from Meebak is enriched with CICA, a great anti-aging ingredient. Aside from toning, it boosts collagen, aids in cellular repair, protects against free radicals, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Skincare Treatments

Invest In Focused Skincare Treatments is a must. Think of focused treatments as something to treat a skincare concern using active ingredients, for example, damage from UV rays, loss of collagen, improve skin tone, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. My favorites are serums.

best serums of 2022, barbies beauty bits

Best Serums For Younger Looking Skin

Two products I've been obsessed with is this skincare duo for under $20. That has been labeled as "Botox in a bottle."

Like Botox, skin care benefits include wrinkle reduction, plumping, and firming!

These products are excellent. You see, around the age of twenty, our skin loses collagen, so using preventive skin care products containing retinol and peptides is recommended!

I can also attest to this, but based on board-certified dermatologists, prevention is more manageable than correction. In other words, if you think anti-aging is only for those in their forties and older, you'll regret it if you wait till then!

Product Recommendation: The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10% and Matrixyl* 10% + HA

  • A YouTube scroll led me to this duo by The Ordinary, which pairs matrixyl with Argireline. Like Botox injections, it reduces facial muscle contractions and helps reduce wrinkles and lines.
  • Similar to Botox, this duo softens facial creases and inhibits facial muscle movement.
  • You can apply a few drops twice daily - don't combine them with hyaluronic acids or vitamin C serums.

Best Retinol Alternative Of 2022

There are tons of damaging elements that we expose our skin to daily, like dust, pollutants, sweat, and even makeup, all of which can age the skin.

Retinol is a valuable product that helps diminish these signs of aging and visibly contributes to improving your skin barrier and appearance.

Retinol speeds up the cellular turnover rate, allowing the healthier cells to work their way up to the surface faster and decreasing the activity of the destructive enzyme collagens.

While I am a big retinol fan, I know many hate the irritation, especially those with sensitive skin. So a product I highly recommend is Tula's Wrinkle treatment drops-retinol alternative serum.

This powerful, dry oil serum is formulated with a blend of 3 botanical retinol alternatives- bakuchiol provides what you love about retinol without the irritation.

15% OFF with coupon code: LITTLEBLOND

Best Exfoliating Clay Mask, Barbies Beauty Bits

Best Exfoliating Clay Mask

Red clay is here to the rescue if you want a way to perk up that dry, dull skin.

I used to think clays were for oily skin, but that is not always true! A product I love is Zion Health Vegan Pumpkin And Red Clay Mask.

This clay mask has high levels of iron oxide in red clay, making it beneficial for purifying, brightening, and strengthening the skin.

Add that to the fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in pumpkin, and you are on your way to increasing cell turnover while brightening and smoothing your skin.

Advantages Of Active Ingredients

  • French Red Clay help pull toxins out of the skin
  • Shea butter contains vitamins E and A
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil contains beta-carotene, vitamins A and B, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, niacin, vitamin E, and selenium
  • Ionic Clay Minerals contain 57 trace minerals to stimulate cell renewal

The Best Facial Moisturizer

Keeping the skin properly moisturized is a must for healthy, younger-looking skin.

I am a big fan of nighttime Skincare as beauty sleep is real! It's not just a fairy tale; science has proven that our body goes into repair mode while we sleep, fixing damage caused during the day.

  • Between 9 to 11 p.m, the skin absorbs the most topical treatments, and repair is boosted
  • Between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., our cell production can double
  • Cell turnover increases by three times between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.

One of my all-time favorite ways to moisturize is at night with a sleeping mask, like rovectin_us the best CICA sleeping pack. From toning the skin, boosting collagen, aiding in cellular repair, protecting the skin from free radicals, and reducing fine lines! It keeps my skin hydrated during my beauty sleep and will allow me to wake up with glowing and smooth skin.

Shop this product here & Get 15% OFF with code: BBB15


Best Collagen Supplements For Glowing Skin

If you've ever searched for an anti-aging skincare product, there's no doubt you've heard of collagen, which is the foundation for radiant, youthful skin.

But as mentioned above, research has shown that collagen production decreases by 1% yearly after 20. So by the time you're a beauty over 40, your collagen production is only 60% of what it was when you were in your teens. WTH?!

This is where skin supplements come in! Skin-supportive supplements can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin by improving the health of your skin cells from the inside out!

And Taut Premium Collagen Transformation System is here to help you to produce new collagen again! 

  • Taut Premium Collagen Drink Advanced Formula (8 bottles)
  • Taut® Premium Collagen Powder 60 sachets
  • Taut® Collagen Mask [5 Sheets]

Get the best collagen supplement today to be on your way to glowing skin! 

Roll Your Way To Younger-Looking Skin

Reward yourself with brighter skin and a boost of positive energy (chi) using  Spa Sciences Isla Sonic Face & Body Contouring Ice & Heat Roller

Many have heard of the benefits of Jade rolling, but this device has an some extras which is sonic technology and two detachable medical-grade stainless steel treatment globes that can be cooled or heated to help:

  • Penetrate your skincare deeper
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Lift sagging skin
  • Boost circulation rejuvenating the skin
  • Restore elasticity + plumps the skin
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Brighten the skin
  • Stimulate detoxification by lymphatic drainage
  • Minimize puffiness + dark circles

6 Non-invasive Procedures That Will Help You Put Your Best Face Forward

What if you could also start the year off not with a new you, but an improved you? Well now you can with these top 6 non invasive cosmetic treatments.
  • Microneedling/RF Microneedling:
  • Chemical Peels
  • IPL (intense pulsed light)
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Botox 
  • No-Tox® technology (short for "non-toxin-based wrinkle reducing serum")

Shop The Best Skincare Products Of 2022 Below

  1. Best LED Product: GET 10% OFF With Code: BARBIECB
  2. Best Face Cleanse: 20% OFF with coupon code: NEWYEAR
  3. Best Cleansing Balm 
  4. Best Clay Mask
  5. Best Face Toner
  6. Best Night Time Face Moisturizing Mask: Get 15% OFF with code: BBB15
  7. Best Anti-aging Serums
  8. Best Retinol Alternative: 15% OFF with coupon code: LITTLEBLOND
  9. Best Face Roller 
  10. Best Collagen Supplement
  11. No-Tox_The Best Wrinkle Reducing Serum



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