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January 21, 2022

What To Consider When Purchasing An Elliptical Machine

What To Consider When Purchasing An Elliptical Machine, Barbies Beauty Bits

With the new year amongst us, you may be thinking of some ways to stay fit but within the comfort of your own home. One way to do this is with an Elliptical machine. However, they can be costly; hence, you need to consider some things when purchasing an elliptical machine.

Elliptical trainers are one of the fastest-growing fitness categories as they combine stair climbing, cross country skiing, and running in a low impact. And an elliptical machine can help you stay fit, regardless of your age. Not only is it great for your physical health, but it can even improve your mental health too!

If you are looking to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, here are some things to consider when shopping for a home elliptical machine.

The Benefits Of Using An Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine offers many benefits and is one of the most sought out cardio machines at a gym. No wonder people want to get one in their home. So what makes these fitness machines so popular? Check out for yourself all of the wonderful benefits.

  1. Low impact
  2. Boosts stamina. Many people find that they can run faster after using an elliptical machine for a while
  3. Builds your endurance
  4. Burns a lot of calories. Depending on your initial weight, you can burn about 270–400 calories in 30 minutes 
  5. Puts less stress on your joints when running or doing high impact cardio
  6. Offers a full body workout
  7. Provides a variety of exercise routines that mimic interval training, climbing a hill, running 
  8. Distributes your weight and resistance evenly. When done correctly you can build your glutes, hamstrings, core, back,legs, and arm muscles
  9. Burns body fat quickly
  10. Strengthen bones
  11. Improves balance
  12. Enhances proper posture. You'll notice that your posture will improve while using an elliptical machine, and you'll also see that you can stand taller

Fitness Goals To A Great Elliptical Workout, Barbies Beauty Bits

Fitness Goals To A Great Elliptical Workout
Determine Which Type Of Elliptical Machine Is Right For You

To find a suitable elliptical machine for you, you'll need first to figure out what you're trying to accomplish. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to increase your cardiovascular health? Are you looking to tone up for the new year, etc.?

To help you stride toward achieving your fitness objective, weight loss, etc., you should develop both short-term and long-term fitness goals. 

Also, what types of activities do you want your machine to offer. For example, if you are a runner, you would benefit from a device that provides the non-impact movement to complement your running. If you are older, maybe you would prefer something with super low impact. Or for those different short and long-term goals, perhaps a machine that offers many levels of resistance. 

Thinking about these objectives prior will help you choose the top-rated elliptical machines for home use.

Your Workout Area
While having an elliptical machine can sound fantastic, it will do you no good if you do not have room to use it.

Elliptical machines can take up a lot of space.  So you need to make sure that your workout area can handle all aspects of the machine.

For example:

  • The average elliptical machine is between four and seven feet in length
  • You need to calculate room for the pedals while in use. These can extend a foot or more behind the mainframe for some machines
  • Room for movement, you need to consider additional room on either side of the machine. It is suggested to have at least 20 inches of free space on either side; larger machines may need more
  • The height. Not only for the machine, but you also need to think of yourself or others when on the machine. If your space is small or taller, you need that extra room not to hit your head on the ceiling
  • Fold up options: Fold up some elliptical machines for more accessible storage. However, some reviewers have noted that the elliptical machines that fold up are more difficult to assemble
  • Low-profile elliptical machines may also be a good option if space is an issue

The Cost Of An Elliptical Machine, Barbies Beauty Bits

The Cost Of An Elliptical Machine
Elliptical machines range in price from around $100 to over $2000. If you are on a budget, you can find a good quality machine for about $200.

You should also take a look at how often you'll use it. If you're only going to use it occasionally, you may not want to spend a lot of money on it.
However, if you plan on using it every day, you'll want to invest in a more expensive elliptical machine. 

The Warranty On Your Fitness Equipment
With regular use, your machine will need service at some point. Most elliptical machines come with a one-year warranty, so make sure to read the warranty and what it covers. This includes the electronic components, labors, parts, etc. Also, check the reviews on the manufacturer about their customer service as a warranty is only good if you can actually use it when something goes wrong.

If you want a machine with more of a warranty, you can buy an extended warranty. Most high-quality elliptical machines have a 10-year warranty on the frame.

features to look for in an elliptical machine, barbies beauty bits

Features To Look For In An Elliptical Machine
This is one of the most important things to consider when buying an elliptical machine as you do not want to overdo it or underdo it as it can be costly.  

Try Before You Buy
Even if you plan on purchasing online, I suggest trying out different types of machines ahead of time. While testing things out, pay attention to the console. Is it user-friendly? Make sure the motion is smooth and that nothing impedes your movement. You will see what I mean as I explain some of these below.

And also, read the reviews and more. Take time to visit the manufacturer's website, Amazon, social media, etc. The best brands make commercial equipment that can be found in a gym, so this is a place also to try it out.  

Ease Of Use
Some people can be intimidated by all of the features, and the machine can end up being a dust collector or a new place to hang clothes it is too difficult to use. If you are not a gadgets person, you should keep it simple.

You'll want to know how to use an elliptical machine properly to get the most benefit possible.

The key to success in any exercise routine is to change it up to achieve the training results you desire. To avoid the workout plateaus in a workout performance and training results, you need to find a machine that challenges your routine and has some adjustable features. Minor tweaks will keep your routine fresh, prevent boredom, and are challenging to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Additional Features
This may seem contradictory as I mentioned you need it to be user-friendly, but you also need to get the most benefit from your elliptical, so you need to make sure that it offers some of the below.

  • Adjustable features, like adjustable incline, adjustable resistance, and stride length
  • Is it a front-drive elliptical or center drive
  • Smooth motion, you do not want to hurt yourself with a jerky unstable machine
  • Upper body ease. You want to be stable on the device, so look at handle rails or places to place your arms. While this is not necessary, you need to consider it when making a purchase decision
  • Heart rate monitor. This will help you increase the intensity of your workout by keeping track of how hard you are working on your exercise equipment
  • Different program selections. (cardio workouts, calorie burn, personal trainer, warm-up or cool-down features, etc)
  • Safety features. Look for other safety features that secure your fitness equipment when not in use.

To Sum Up
As you can see purchasing an elliptical machine is not a quick impulsive decision. But once you have considered the above factors as well as doing some research on your own, you will be able to find the perfect elliptical machine in your budget  to help you get fit and stay healthy.



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