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April 10, 2021

How To Change Energy Balance For Weight Loss

How To Change Energy Balance For Weight Loss By Barbies Beauty Bits

Help is right! Understanding how to change energy balance, what the heck is this, and how does that work?

We've all been taught that life is all about achieving balance. Well, not if you need to lose weight! Unfortunately, if you reached an energy balance, then you will not lose weight. Why? Because a balanced energy equation helps you to maintain your weight. Meaning, if you have a positive energy balance, you will gain weight. If you want to slim down, you need to create an energy deficit or a negative energy balance. But how do you do this? This is where energy balance control and change comes into play!

What Is Energy Balance
When you decide to use energy balance change for weight loss, the first clue is to have an energy balance equation to consider how much energy your body needs to perform all necessary functions. (energy input vs. energy output. Or calories in, calories out equation).

This equation is called your basal metabolic rate, or BMR, which measures the number of calories your body needs to perfect all essential functions, including cell production and breathing. The BMR accounts for approximately 60% to 75% of the total number of calories the body burns in a day. The remaining depend on activities and the thermic effect of food. Knowing how much energy your body needs enables you to manage your caloric intake.

How To Use BMR To Lose Weight By Barbies Beauty Bits

How To Change Your Energy To Lose Weight
The equation is pretty straightforward. You either reduce your caloric intake or increase your energy output. For those who are older, like myself, I need to combine the two to lose weight. But what is suitable for me may not be for you, so consult with a physician first. And you can quickly do this virtually. Many physicians see an increase in weight gain because of the pandemic, so do not think they will find your need for a visit unnecessary.

Targeting Metabolic Syndrome
Fitness and a healthy diet can help improve your metabolic response. You can also use pro-active treatments that target your cells and boost your metabolism. Indeed, NADH and NAD are different forms of the same coenzyme that plays an active role in the body’s energy management. They are critical to the processes of the cell’s powerhouse, the mitochondria, and help create more energy. As a result, the metabolism can burn more calories as more food is used as energy rather than going into fat storage to help you lose weight.

Pilates and walking for weight loss By Barbies Beauty Bits

Burning Additional Energy For Weight Loss
Once you’ve defined how many calories per day you should consume for your energy requirements, you can introduce calorie-burning activities to your everyday routine.  Fitness workouts combined with cardio are the best approach as they offer a double advantage. They help burn immediate calories. They also improve your metabolism, increasing your basal metabolic rate, which means your body consumes more calories for essential functions for a positive energy balance. 

Don't Give Up On Your Workout
Personally, I'm not too fond of workout videos that have you jumping all around, increasing your cardio. As honestly, I spend more time figuring out what the heck they are doing than actually working out.  Instead, I try to walk 2-3 miles every other day. And with the warmer weather, I will also add some weekend bike riding. Additionally, I've incorporated Pilates into my fitness routine. Pilates is also a form of weight manipulation by making you appear to lose weight, which is called the “Pilates effect” as Pilates helps improved posture, muscle tone, and something I sure as heck need... a toned core area. The result of this effect is that it may appear you have lost weight. That's because if you've gained or toned up your muscles, you may look more fit overall, even if you haven't lost weight.

Red light therapy for fat loss using the Nushapes Lipo Wrap by Barbies Beauty Bits
Say "Yes" To Red Light Therapy For Fat Reduction

Using Red Light Therapy For Fat Reduction
While exercising and implementing a healthy diet is something you should always be doing. It is not always enough to help fat reduction, which is different than weight loss. It is challenging to target some stubborn areas; for me, it is my stomach where I got PAH, a horrible side effect caused by Coolsculpting.  

One solution I've found highly effective to help reduce fat in my stomach is red light therapy for fat loss. I had terrific results in the past with this by going to a physician. But with the pandemic, I needed a more at-home approach to red light therapy. This is where the Lipo Wrap from Nushape comes into play, which offers the same "Red-Light Phototherapy Technology" used in a professional med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable belt you can use from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

I just started using this device (stay tuned for fat reduction updates), and I am very excited about this particular red light device as not all red light therapy is the same! The bottom line for it to be effective, you have to have the correct Nanometer waves. Nushapes Lipo Wrap offers clinical strength power density for effective fat loss treatment using both 635nm and 850nm near-infrared waves at a power density of 37 joules per cm with medical-grade LEDs. 

Botched Coolsculpting By Barbies Beauty Bits
Say "NO" To CoolSculpting To Lose Fat

To Sum It Up
When you first begin to try to control your energy balance to lose weight, be patient. As many factors affect your daily energy balance that can make the weight loss process more complicated and cause you to want to give up, but don't! You just have to be willing to tweak it and realize this is not a diet it's a lifestyle, which means it is something you will need to do consistently if you want to maintain a healthy weight and life.

Also, come to realize that it is hard to achieve that "so-called" perfect body we see plastered everywhere, and that is OK as it is not realistic. And if you want to add some non-invasive approaches to your weight loss journey, this too is OK! It's your body, and no one, not even a spouse, has the right to weigh in on your decision to better yourself. It is up to you as it is your body. Red light therapy is a fantastic way to help eliminate fat cells, burn calories, rev your metabolism and increase ATP production, resulting in a healthier, slimmer you.



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