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January 15, 2022

Tips To Starting The New Year In Style

Tips To Starting The New Year In Style, Barbies Beauty Bits

Start the new year out in style, and the beauty spotlight team here is here to help. From jewelry and fashion to eye shadows to skincare we have you covered with tips to starting the new year out in style. 

What can you wear anywhere and be as comfy as you are at home? It’s the popular athleisure and athflow style. Angie at Your True Self Blog shows you how to get the look. Click here to read all about it and get outfit inspiration!

There are many ways to build your style regarding jewelry- from the classics to some statement pieces. Here are some beginners tips from Barbie’s Beauty Bits to starting your own jewelry collection that is beautiful and meaningful.

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog fell madly in love with the new VISEART Paris Love Letter ÉTENDU Eyeshadow Palette because it is the perfect warm-toned palette punctuated by lilac, taupe and green shades. Featuring matte and satin metallics, this is unmitigated 12-pan perfection.

Never Say Die Beauty‘s Marcia is sharing her love of eye products by introducing you to her latest find. I-N Eye Gel from Intelli-Cell is going to help you with all those complaints you have about your eyes. We need to protect that precious skin under our eyes and this is a big help.



  1. Thank you for sharing best style tips and I follow these points to be fashionable.

  2. These are great tips. I never leave the house though so it doesn't help me much. I need good overalls and much boots.

  3. These seem like great starting points to begin the new year in style!

  4. I like the warm-toned palette too. I'm due for something new, I'm tired of using the same shades over and over again.

  5. Great tips and I just told my kids I want to add more fashion jewelry to my collection this year!

  6. What a really great and very helpful tips you have here! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  7. I think that it's very important to start the new year in the right way!


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