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January 7, 2022

How To Prep Your Body For Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

How To Prep Your Body For Non-Invasive Body Sculpting, By Barbies Beauty

In the past, body sculpting and fat reduction can only be achieved through surgical methods. However, Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to say this is no longer the case today. Technology has paved the way for various non-invasive methods for body sculpting that are just as effective as surgical ones. Given the ease and comfort of no longer having to go under the knife, it’s not surprising how you may have gotten interested in having a procedure done.

In a non-invasive body contouring treatment stubborn pockets of extra fat are removed to shape and contour the body. Depending on where you’re from and the availability of different non-invasive body sculpting procedures, you may have quite a lot to choose from. For instance, you may be introduced to the following treatments:

 EMSculpt: This treatment burns fat and builds muscle all at the same time. It could also isolate your muscles, so you can lose weight and tone your muscles.

Coolsculpting: This treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze subcutaneous fat. The purpose is to break down the fat cells in problem areas of the body, as love handles for example.

To achieve the best results, however, a united effort between you and your dermatologist before, during, and after the procedure is necessary. Read below for these insights and tips on how you can best prepare your body.

The Ideal Candidate For Non-invasive Body Sculpting, Barbies Beauty Bits
Access Whether Or Not You’re The Ideal Candidate For Non-invasive Body Sculpting
Even if you may already have the desired treatment in mind, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re automatically the best candidate for it. You need to have a thorough check-up and discussion with your dermatologist before the treatment starts.

Remember that each procedure also has its respective limits. If you’re in the hands of a good dermatologist, you can get paired up with the type of non-invasive surgical treatment which is the best for you for your fat loss procedure.

Discuss Your Medical History
Preparing your body for non-invasive body sculpting doesn’t just entail physical preparation. You'll also have to take it one step higher by preparing yourself, your daily activities, and your health in general. This is where a thorough discussion on your medical history comes in.

Your dermatologist needs to have a background of your medical history. This is for them to determine with certainty that you’re safe enough to undergo the non-invasive body sculpting procedure. Should you have any underlying conditions, your dermatologist can also take all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid any possible adverse effects.


When Considering Body Sculpting, Make Sure You’re At Your Target Weight
Before the scheduled first session of your non-invasive body contouring procedure, you may first be asked to make sure you’re at your target weight. Moreover, your procedure isn’t going to work overnight. If your dermatologist determines that you’re still on the heavier side, then you may need to exercise and implement a healthy diet to lose excess weight first.

This is a very important step to guarantee the best results out of your non-invasive body sculpting procedure. If you haven’t met your ideal weight and continue to lose weight after your procedure, you may have the unpleasant outcome of dealing with saggy skin.

Have Pain Medication Readily Available
Non-invasive body sculpting procedures are relatively less painful and have a lower downtime compared with invasive procedures. The reason behind this goes back to the very nature of the treatment. Unlike going for surgical body contouring, you don’t have to go under the knife. Right after your procedure is done, you’re sent home. This is done like any other ordinary cosmetic procedure at your dermatologist’s clinic.

However, minimal side effects are expected, such as pain in the affected area. If you have a strong tolerance to pain, then you may do without taking pain relievers. But, if you have a busy week ahead and you need to distract yourself from the pain, then go ahead and take pain medication. Be sure to have this readily available. Your dermatologist will also give you instructions on the proper dosage and interval requirements.

Protect Your Skin After Body Sculpting, Barbies Beauty Bits
Protect Your Skin After Body Sculpting
First, it’s important to remember that caring for your skin is an investment, not a luxury. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and its first line of defense against the outside world. It deserves high quality care.

So make sure your skin is healthy, and at its best condition for your non-invasive body sculpting treatment. Moreover, the treatment involves freezing, massaging, and suctioning pockets of fat in targeted areas. Hence, you’ll want to the skin in these areas in the best way that you can.

One of the best ways is to avoid sun exposure and tanning. Otherwise, that area where the procedure will be targeted will become even more sensitive.

Now that you’re aware of the preparation tips for your non-invasive body contouring procedure, there’s one important detail that we at Barbie's Beauty Bits want you to remember. Each body is different. Therefore, you should never compare yours with that of another. Keep that in mind whatever your dermatologist tells you to do as a part of your preparation process. Then, remember the general tips above as well. Soon enough, you’ll be on your way towards having a more sculpted and contoured body.



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