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September 22, 2020

Top Beauty Treatments For When You Are Bored At Home

Top Beauty Treatments For When You Are Bored At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits

Bored at home? Why not try some beauty treatments? 

Yes, we've all been there binging on Netflix, whiling away the time until we have something to do or somewhere to be.  However, when you are short on time and bored, it's hard to know what to do, especially because of the limits during this pandemic! You don't want to commit to something that will take too long or too much of your attention, like household chores. But, you've got time to kill and need something to help you to pass it.  Well, fret no more beauties, with some of my top beauty treatments for when you are bored at home!

Okay, to be honest, they aren't all treatments per se, and they certainly aren't all as life-changing as laser hair removal, but they will pass the time, help you look and feel great, and when you look and feel great, you do great!

7 Beauty Treatments For When You Are Bored At Home

Give Yourself An At-home Facial
An excellent facial needs time. But, you can give yourself a quick boost, cleansing, tightening, and improving tone with a Jade Roller and a 15 minute home face mask. If your skin is a little tired or dry, opt for a moisturizing mask with plenty of vitamins and minerals to brighten your skin. If you are struggling with blackheads, a charcoal mask might be a better use of your time. 

Best product to get rid of puffy eyes by barbies beauty bits

Bag Those Puffy Eyes
Say bye-bye to extra baggage by using a great eye cream infused with CBD!  Eye Love is a fantastic infusing eye cream that reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines for smoother, brighter, younger-looking eyes.  Speaking of eyes that brings us to our next must have.

Long Lashes With No Glue

No glue how is that possible? Well it is with this "Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit"
If you love long lashes, but getting them on is a nightmare this is a must for you. This kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic liquid that allow the eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is smudge-proof. No need for any sticky glue! 

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit By Barbies Beauty Bits

Pamper Your Feet
A little Pedi passion is excellent. One of the best ways to revive your feet and toes is with an at home pedicure. Because when your feet feel good, your whole body feels refreshed and energized.

Another great way to show those piggers some TLC is with an Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask. Make your rough heels and foot calluses a thing of the past. Your feet can look and feel baby soft again.

exfoliating foot peels by barbies beauty bits

Do Something Different With Your Hair
If you've got a busy lifestyle, you may have fallen into a pattern with your hair, either wearing it loose or throwing it up into a top knot when it needs washing. Free time at home is the perfect time to try something new. Watch a hair tutorial on YouTube on the latest top knot trends, or why not make some of your own clip-in hair extensions?

At Home Red Light Therapy For Your Face
Looking for the ultimate non-surgical solution for younger looking skin, then do I have a skincare regimen for you. The beauty tool, the Jelessi Torche combined with Venofye Iron Bee Vemon transforming cream. This powerful combination helps to target fine lines, wrinkles and maturing areas of your face and neck. Red light therapy is one of the safest, most effective natural skin treatments available by some top skincare professionals and now you can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home!

At Home Red Light Therapy For Your Face BY BARBIES BEAUTY BITS

Practice Face Yoga
Face yoga might not be a treatment as such, but it will tone and tighten your face, stretching your muscles and boosting circulation. The best thing is, you only need to do a few minutes a day to see results, and you can do it while you watch TV. 

Shave Your Face
Yes, you read that correctly. I said that women should shave their faces, and I am not talking about shaving to remove unwanted facial hair but instead shaving your entire face to help improve your skin tone, texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, I know you are thinking won't this make my peach fuzz grow back thick, dark, or coarse? The answer is no, it will not.  It will grow back the same texture as before shaving.


Shaving your entire face helps to soften the surface irregularities by mildly exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells more thoroughly than say with a facial scrub. It is less abrasive than microdermabrasion. It can also contribute to getting rid of the vellus hairs (peach fuzz) that we all have, which on some people can make their complexion a bit dull.

Furthermore, exfoliating your face by shaving also stimulates your skin to produce new skin cells and collagen (whenever there's trauma to the skin, collagen is stimulated to help cell renewal), which gives your complexion a smoother, radiant appearance. It can also soften the appearance of fine lines by removing the layer of dead skin that contained them.

To Sum It Up
Some of the best beauty treatments take time. You might have a self-care routine that you like to devote yourself to when you've got a free evening. But, they don't have to. Even if you've just got a free 30 minutes, there's plenty that you can do to boost your skin tone, improve your mood, and generally give yourself a lift by simply implementing so of these beauty treatments!



  1. Oh gosh, I need to help my puffy eyes. I always look tired. I also need to shave my face. I come from a hairy family.

  2. Those sound like some things I need to do! I'd love to get rid of the puffy circles under my eyes.

  3. I love having a little makeover day. These are some awesome ideas.

  4. I can’t wait to give some of these treatments a try. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. oh yes! You just gave me some great ideas! First I need that Eye Love cream and I need to find the time for myself!

  6. Oh wow! My wife will surely love this beauty treatments at home. I will definitely share this with her.

  7. My feet could use some love. The exfoliator mask looks awesome. I'll have to try that!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Trying a new hair has been one my plans these past few weeks

  9. I have most of these - the jade roller is one that I had wanted to buy but always forgets! Great items on your list!

  10. I think these are all wonderful ideas. I love doing beauty treatments at home. My kids even love to join in.

  11. Great beauty tips. Yoga and pampering my skin and nails is my favorite things to do.

  12. Love that at home pedicure, your feet look so healthy.

  13. Whoah, it's great recommendations !! :)


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