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September 1, 2020

Tips To Healthy, Salon Like Nails This Fall

Tips To Healthy, Salon Like Nails This Fall By Barbies Beauty Bits

It's time to get stylish this season with some gorgeous Fall nails! Yep, beauties, Fall is right around the corner, and for the next month, I will be sharing some fall beauty tips. And to kick this off, my first Fall beauty topic..."Tips To Healthy, Salon Like Nails This Fall"

Just like changing your wardrobe for the Autumn season, it is also essential to change your beauty routine, including your fall nail care. Believe it or not, the increased dry winds, changing temperatures can harm the nails.

While some of you may have already been treating yourself to a Salon-Like Pedicure During Quarantine, you need an at-home mani too!  Especially with the constant hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, both have been on overdrive. This consistent behavior can ruin the natural moisture in your nailbeds and skin, leading to cracking and long term nail damage. Just like to dry brittle leaves, your nails can start to look brittle as well.  But no worries with our top tips to healthy nails this Fall.

Top Seven Tips To Healthy, Salon Like Nails This Fall

Do Not Bite Your Nails
Are you a biter and a picker? Thankfully I am neither, but my sister sure is.  I see the pain from her biting and picking. Not only can cause you to rip your nails further down your finger then you should, but it can also lead to infection and painful injuries. Cut them evenly and squarely and avoid rough edges. If you are a chronic biter, it may be worth taking steps to determine why you do it and how you can prevent it.

Tips to stop biting your nails By Barbies Beauty Bits

Disinfect Your Nail Tools
Speaking of clipping, before you dive into clipping and trimming, you need to ensure that you disinfect your at-home nail tools. You want to make sure you are doing this after each use. To keep them clean, soak in alcohol 70% or higher. Also, do not use the same nail clippers on your fingers that you would use on your toes; you need a separate one for each.

Keep Your Cuticles Healthy
When you go to a salon, they sure love to cut and push back your cuticles. Personally, I'm not too fond of it, and for a good reason. According to my salon, he said for any DIY nails, stay away from cutting or pushing cuticles back. The cuticle is essential to protecting the nailbed from bacteria and other germs, causing irritations or, worse, an infection.

DIY Tips To Keeping Your Hands, Nails, And Cuticles Moisturized This Fall

No one wants their hands or nails dry as leaves this Fall, so keeping them properly moisturized is essential. There are plenty of DIY products you can use to keep your nails and hands hydrated despite the fall season's adverse effect.

Best Natural Nail And Cuticle Oil  By Barbies Beauty Bits

Shorter Nails Can Be A Problem- Before we get into our DIY Fall nail mositurizing secrets, we want to point out that shorter nails can be a problem. If you are one that prefers shorter nails, you will run into issues, like hangnails. Which can lead to chronic picking and cutting. Which is why you need to keep your hands moisturized! And beauties you can do this with everyday products, see some of our favorites below.

  • Use A Lip Balm On Your Nail Cuticles
  • Do An Oil Soak: Carrier oils are your cuticle's best friend, such as olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil. All are great at also strengthing the nails and keeping your hands and cuticles healthy. Simply keep them dipped for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure not to rinse with water after.
  • Limited Water Exposure: This is easier said than done, especially with how things are in the world. But when it comes to cleaning, washing dishes, etc., consider wearing gloves. And remember hot water is drying, which is why you need to consider those DIY soaks.
  • Salt Water Bath With Oil: Salt is excellent at helping to rid microbes, germs, and other yuckies in the nails. However, salt alone can be drying, so always use it with oil.
  • Honey: Honey is great for many things; it is a staple in my beauty cabinet.  Not only does it contain antioxidants and enzymes that are good for the skin, it's anti-fungal properties are the bees, knees for your nails.

Prepping Your Nails For That Fall Nail Look
To get salon looking nails at home this Fall, I have some other quick nail secrets, like ways to keeping your polish longer:

  • Look for a nail polish remover that doesn't dry your nails. Acetone can be drying and cause your nail polish to flake, so I try to avoid this.  
  • Use Vinegar: This is a great way to help to remove any leftover nail polish remover, moisturizer, or any other residue, ultimately enabling the polish to adhere longer.
  • Use Petroleum Jelly: For no more messy manicures consider applying a small bit of petroleum jelly along the sides and the base of your nails. If polish seeps off the nail, who cares, as all you have to do is wipe off the petroleum jelly, and you now have perfectly painted fall nails!
top fall nail colors 2020 by barbies beauty bits

Top Fall Colors For Your Nails
Like the change in the color of leaves, Fall invites a change of nail polish colors. There are tons of shade options for Fall, all that will look amazing with those cozy blazers and fall sweaters.

Sally's Beauty has a great selection of gel-based nail polishes that can allow you to be creative and even SPOOKtacular when Halloween comes around. 

Fix A Broken Nail WIth  A Tea Bag  By Barbies Beauty Bits

DIY Ways To Mend A Broken Nail
The dreaded broken nail is always the worst, but there are some DIY ways you can save that broken nail.

  • Use a Tea Bag: This is similar to the silk method you would get from a salon. You would replace the silk wrap with a piece of a teabag and glue.
  • Superglue It: While this isn't the best, you can get it to look pretty good if you smooth it out nicely after.
  • Baking Soda: This approach is similar to a dip method you would get from a Salon. But instead of using acrylic powder, use super glue and baking soda.
  • Fake It: You can always replace it with an artificial press-on nail. There are some out there that work well, and with it only being one nail, you'll be OK.

Safe Ways To Get Your Nails Done During Covid By Barbies Beauty Bits

Go To A Professional For Your Mani Needs
Finally, you can always go to a professional if you have any concerns or worries about your nails or hands. Ignoring small problems can lead to big ones. You don't want a small chip to lead into a fully broken nail, just because you didn't want to bother someone with such a simple problem. They're experts for a reason. See them as often as you need to.

Well, beauties, I think we nailed this Fall nail tips, how about you?

Top Fall Nail Tips By Barbies Beauty Bits



  1. This was a really intersting read. I don't use nail polish or really do anything with my nails other than trim them. I had no idea so much went into it.

  2. I love these tips! I've never heard of using lip balm on your cuticles before. I have to try that!

  3. These are some great tips - I really need to try and take care of my cuticles, they are such a mess right now!

  4. I'll keep these in mind. I hate when my nails are cracking and look gross.

  5. I need to keep that in mind about moisturizing. I have short nails and am always getting hang nails.

  6. I definitely need help in the nail department. I have tried doing my own but they never come out as good as the salon. These are some good tips to follow.

  7. This tips are good and achievable. Biting my nails especially when I am stressed or bored was a bad habit I used to have but I overcame it

  8. I love the colors for fall! I think I will go with a pretty brown!

  9. Great tips, I didn't know vinegar was good for nails. I bet this fall I will have the best nails thens to you.

  10. This is a really informative post. I can’t wait to implement these tips.

  11. Biting/picking at my nails is definitely a vice of mine. I go through stages where I'm able to leave them alone but I've had a lot on my mind lately.

  12. I’m the worst about cleaning my makeup/nail tools. 😩

  13. I learn something new everyday. Now I know nail repair.

  14. These are some great tips. I think it really is important to disinfect your tools. That is something I should probably do more of.

  15. My nails are looking pretty rough. I’ll have to give myself a manicure at home. I love the French tip look without putting on acrylic nails.

  16. Oh I love your tips. I will keep all these in mind. Love the fall colors.

  17. I don't bite my nails, but I don't do much else. Thanks for the tip for using nail cuticle balm. My nails do get dry in the winter and I'll get some this year.

  18. Thanks for the tips on acetone and using vinegar! It's so frustrating when polish chips so quickly.

  19. those are great tips. i tend to neglect my nails :(


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