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April 25, 2018

How To Make Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions With Divatress

I am a hair extension queen and have been making my own clip in hair extensions for over 15 years, way before they became readily available to the public.  While you can purchase clip-in hair, the volume of hair on the wefts used to make the clip in hair pieces are thin and can be costly. Hence, Barbie's Beauty Bits prefers to make our own clip on hair pieces.

Clip-in hair is perfect for those who want to make a change to the length, add volume, change up the color, have thinning hair, etc. without a long-term commitment.  Plus, there is not any damage to your natural hair regardless of hair type.

Hair Extensions On Amazon& Sally's
I have updated this post using Amazon and Sally's as the other company, no longer offers the products I initially shared in this post.

So how do you make clip-in hair? Well, it is not difficult, all you must do is find a company with quality hair and purchase the needed products. There are a lot of companies, but one of the easiest ways for clip in extensions, tape in extensions, even glue in hair or glue in hair extensions is to search on Amazon. You can also find both synthetic as well as human hair extensions, along with already made clip-in hair if you do not want to make your own..

So, if you want to find out how to make your own human clip-in hair continue reading.

DIY tips to making your own hair extensions by Barbies Beauty Bits

The Type Of Hair
Personally, I prefer to use Remy Human Hair as you can heat-style it with a curling iron and or flat iron, color it, wash it, cut it, basically anything you would do with your hair.

Furthermore, Remy Human hair is the highest quality of real, human hair on the market. Remy human hair has a luxurious quality because unlike other human hair products Remy hair is not stripped and the cuticles are kept intact. The hair is held in a unidirectional fashion that helps create extensions with a natural appearance.

Remy human hair is also super soft, shiny, and silky. Plus, when you use them to make hair extensions, the hair is much more manageable to maintain and completely tangle-free.  Remy human hair styles go beyond anything synthetic extensions can give you. No matter your style or hair needs, there are companies that offer a broad selection of some of the best Remy hair that comes in lengths ranging from 10 inches to 20 inches.

Products needed to make your own Clip in Hair extensions by Barbies Beauty Bits and Divatress

Other Products Need To Make Your Own Clip-in Hair
Amazon has everything you need to make your own clip-in hair, like this entire set  85 Pieces Hair Extensions Clip Wig Making Set, Includes 50 U-Shape Snap Clips, 10 Curved Needles, 20 T-Pins, 3 Rolls Weaving Thread, 2 Needle Threader for Wig Making Hair Extensions 

 Check list of items needed to make you own clip in hair extensions
Magic Weaving Combo- This is a must as it makes it so easy to sew the clips on the hair, so your hair extensions are sure to turn out with sturdy clips that will last throughout the duration of the hair!

Wig Clips- Don’t let the name fool you, these are not just for wigs. I prefer to use the large ones; the quantity will depend on how many hairpieces you have.  Also, the wig clips need to be high quality; this is not something you want to cheap out on as the last thing you want is for your hair extensions to fall off your head!

Measuring Tape- To measure out the hair as you want it even.

Hair Scissors- Quality scissors are essential as you do not want to damage the hair.

Bonding Hair Glue-  Sally's offers a variety of hair bond (glue) options for all hair colors that delivers a perfect hold at an amazing speed.

Super hair bond glue to make your own hair extensions by Barbies Beauty Bits

How To Make Your Own Clip In Hair Extensions

Now that you have all the accessories you are ready to start making your clip-in hair.  There are a few steps and while it does take some time it is sure worth it!

The Hair
I try to get my exact hair color, but if you can’t find it, that is OK, as you can dye the human hair wefts to match yours. Another tip is to purchase assorted colors of hair bundles to blend in with your hair.

I bought a lighter color that matched my highlights and a darker color that matched my roots and the rest of my hair. Doing this allows you to blend the hair, so it looks like your real hair. If you were to do this with already made clip-in hair, it would cost you a fortune, approx. $400, while making your own will save you about 70%! The I length purchased was 18 inches.

Once you have the hair bundles, you want to decide how many clip-ins you wish to make, depending on the volume of hair you want.  The trick to making full clip-in hair is to double or triple the hair track of hair in one clip-in piece.

I make two clip-in wefts for my hair that I place in the back. One track has two tracks of hair; the second one has 3 for added volume.
What A Bundle Of Hair Looks Like

Measuring The Hair
To custom fit your hair so it will look natural, you want to take your measuring tape and measure your hair along the back in a few areas. The first area is above the nape, and then about an inch above and if you are going for more pieces work your way up to about ½ inch. (I measure from ear to ear).

BONUS TIP... Another trick in deciding the width is going with lengths that are offered in standard clip-in sets and recreating those lengths.  For a full set of hair (a total of 10 pieces) see lengths and quantities below.
  • One 8” weft 
  • One 7" weft
  • Two 6” wefts 
  • Two 4” wefts 
  • Four 1” wefts
Cutting The Hair
Once you have measured your hair, you want to cut the hair to fit those custom measured lengths to fit your head. And remember to double them up for added volume.

Gluing The Hair
I prefer to glue the wefts of hair together that will be on each extension piece. You can sew them, but it takes too darn long to do that.

To glue you want to take two identical hairpieces and layer them, one on top of another, set them aside and let them dry completely before the next step.

Sewing On The Clips
The number of clips depends on the width of the hair.  Since I only make two wide pieces for the back of my hair, I choose to sew three clips on each weft.

It is crucial that you make sure to sew the wig clips on the hair correctly. The wig clips have combs that slide into your real hair; this is what is going to hold the hair into your own.  The clips basically snap shut to fit against your head, so play with them first before attaching, as you make sure that you are sewing them in the right direction.

Making your own clip in hair with wig clips by barbies beauty bits and Divatress
Wig Clips, Front & Backside View

The clips have holes in them for easy sewing. I sew three clips to each glued weft. Looking at the hair like a piece of paper, you want to sew one over to the left edge, one in the middle, and the last over to the right side.

Hair Sewing Needles
I love the magic weaving combo as the curved needles work wonders. Before I found these, I used to use regular needles, and it was a nightmare to sew without a thimble!  Thread color, it is crucial to find the color that is closest to your hair color.

IMPORTANT, you may find that people say that you can glue on the clips, DO NOT DO THIS!!! Your clips will not last long if you do this and can end up falling out, now how would that be on a date, not fun!

So there you have it beauties, my tips on how to make your own clip-in hair.

For more hair accessories, including human/synthetic wigs and boxed braids, make sure to visit Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 



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