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September 27, 2020

How To Get Beach Wavy Hair At Home


How To Get Beach Wavy Hair At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits

Get beach wavy hair at home? Tell me more! Yep, beauties, that is precisely what I am going to do. I love the beach wavy hair look, no matter the time of year. Those chic loose tousled curls look effortlessly, although they can be a bit difficult to achieve in reality. But fret no more as I am here to help you get those beautiful beach curls, minus the cost of going to a salon.

So if you are ready to have some beach'n looking hair, continue reading dudes, or should I say dudettes?

Have Patience
You have to be patient and have time to dedicate if you want your hair to look effortlessly. Kind of seems contractive, and yes, it is. Unless you already have some loose curls, the after the beach look is a myth for those everyday hair gals! Hence, you have to set aside at least an hour to do your hair; otherwise, it will be a hot mess! PERIOD.

Prep The Hair
You want to prep your hair with a volumizing product, which is why I recommend trying an all in one, like Bumble and Bumbles surf shampoo and conditioner. These products HELP to give you sea-breezy hair texture and extreme volume.

Next, I like to add a salt water-based styling surf spray that adds texture, volume, and hold for waves that mimic a fresh-off-the-beach look. You want to make sure your hair it damp, you do not want dripping wet hair when you are adding hair styling products to it. When applying you want start from the tips of your hair, scrunching your hair upwards with the palms of your hands.This is the start of shaping your waves.

Secondly,  while I love a surf spray, this product alone can be a bit drying and matte, so I also use CICbeauty's A.d.e.p.t. Complex hair serum with this!

How to get beach wave ahir by barbies beauty bits

Split Your Hair Into Sections
Remember how I said you need time to do this. It is because you have to do it in sections to get the achieved look, just like a salon that separates your hair from bottom to top, pinning the rest of your hair up and out of the way so they can style.  It would be best if you did the same at home.  Depending on the thickness of your hair, you need to do your hair in two-three inch sections.

Having The Right Hair Tools
Now that your hair is prepped and pinned on the head with the first section ready to go, you need to go for the right beauty tools. This is the biggest problem, the right equipment, aka hair tools. I'm not sure about you, but when I try to give myself beach waves with a curling iron alone, I seem to overdo it with tight curls, or they are so loose that as soon as I step outside, the beautiful creation turns to frizz!  Which is why you need to make sure you dry your hair correctly first. 

Cicbeauty 3-In-1 Universal Diffuser Collection Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Diffuse The Hair For The Perfect Beach Wave Curl
The first tool to help you achieve the perfect beach wave curl is a hairdryer diffuser. One brand that sticks out above the others is Cicbeauty 3-In-1 Universal Diffuser Collection With A.d.e.p.t Complex Serum. Recall how I mentioned above that you needed to add a serum to your beach spray, well now you will see why I so love this universal 3-In-1 Diffuser.

First is the serum that adds the needed softness and tames down the dryness you get from the textured products. What makes this so amazing is that I do not add the serum directly to my hair; the Diffuser infuses it. WHAT??? Yep, this Diffuser is like a mister that adds hydration to your hair, allowing for soft curls. And the best part is you can use it with your favorite hair dryer.

So how does this work? Well, the inside the base of the attachable Diffuser are two clips to insert the included sponges where you add a few drops of the A.d.e.p.t® Complex Serum on top of the sponge.

Unlike other hair products that sit on top of the hair that can weigh down the hair, this Diffuser helps to penetrate the serum into the hair.  The trick is it is being infused when your hair is damp, and the cuticle is open, locking in moisture from the outside in.

I also like the Diffuser's angled attachment neck, as it makes it easy to use for all of those sections. No excuses now, beauties as this Diffuser allows you to do each section without tangling the hair or strain on the neck to get all areas by yourself.  

Tips To Get Beach Wavy Hair By Barbies Beauty Bits

Using The Lifter To Dry And Set The Hair
To get beach wavy hair, you want to use the lifter attachment, as it is perfect for lifting at the roots. See the step by step directions below.
  • Start with an approximate 2-inch section of hair.
  • You want to twist the hair to give it that wave definition.
  • Place the sectioned twisted hair in the lifter bowl.
  • Flip your head forward so that your damp hair is hanging forward and gently diffuse in an upward motion and then move to a different area and do the same thing.
  • Dry on high heat.
  • Set curl with a blast of cool air from the hairdryer. This switching between hot and cool air helps to secure the curl formation and shuts the cuticle properly.

Fine-tune The Ends Of Your Hair
The key to effortless-looking beach waves is for the end of the hair to be straight. You can do this by using a flat iron, big barrel curling iron or round brush for touch ups.

how to diffuse wavy hair By barbies Beauty Bits

Final Touches For Perfect Beach Wavy Hair
To get that soft flowing wavy look, once curls are COMPLETELY cool, gently run your fingers through the hair. To add more volume, run your fingers through the hair from underneath, lifting up—and whatever you do, do not use a brush or comb. While I know they do this at the salon, you need to be a pro to do this, and if you are not, you can mess up all the work you just put in, with a brush, TRUST ME!!!

The Finish
To keep beach waves in place, you want to finish with a styling spray, preferably a dry hair texture spray. Wet hair spray can way the hair down; it can also cause it to look hard and sticky.

10% Off For You!
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How To Get Beach Wavy Hair At Home By Barbies Beauty Bits



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