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January 18, 2015

Discover The Top Beauty Tips For The Winter

Disclaimer:  Some Affiliate Links Included In This PostDiscover The Top Beauty Tips For The Winter, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

While the weather outside may be frightful, this doesn’t mean your makeup needs to be as well.  Being in the midst of these cold winter months, our beauty regimen can sure be effected by these blistering cold winds.  So today, I wanted to share with you some of my tips to still have that radiant beauty, even in the winter months.

Prep your lips with exfoliation and moisturizer.
  • Moisturize: Your lips can get really dry and flaky in the winter months. Making your pout not so irresistibly soft.  Therefore it is important to moisturizer your lips.
  • Lip Products:  Stay away from using a thick lip gloss.  The cold wind makes it a complete mess when your find your hair or even the fuzz from a scarf, sticking to your lips.  Instead go with a moisturizing lipstick.
  • Exfoliate: To remove the access dead skin you want to exfoliate your lips.  You can do this with a lip exfoliating product, like this one for under $3 from ELF,  that sloughs away the dryness and replenishes providing instant hydration.
Hats: I love hats and I’m not talking about a baseball hat. But a cute trendy one, like a newsboy cap or fedora. On top of being fashionable, and keeping you warm, you get another hair day as you don’t have to wash it, but rather just style it around the hat. Also, it can be an old faithful as I’d like to call them, to help when you are in a rush.   

If you are bundled up in the cold winter, with a hat and even a scarf, the only thing that is really seen are your eyes and brows.  So while drawing attention to this area, make sure it is a sight worth to be seen.
  • Brows: You must not only maintain but groom.  Maintaining brows is like coloring your hair and not fixing it.  You need to take that extra step and purchase a brow kit, especially in the winter months. 
  • Mascara:  This is one thing that I can’t live without, but I make some changes in the winter months.
  • Product: Knowing the cold winter winds can be brutal causing your eyes to water, I change up and use  water proof mascara.
  • Application: If you don’t want to use a waterproof mascara, then you need to make sure that you are only applying your mascara to your top lashes. This can help minimize the raccoon eyes from the cold winds.
Dry flaking skin is a nightmare to dry to apply makeup on.  This is one are you cannot neglect your skin in the winter months!
  • Starting Off Right.  To help the process along, I always recommend to start with a clean face.  But keep in mind washing your face too much with harsh chemicals can actually dry your skin out, which can lead to premature wrinkles.  This is why I recommend using the MAKEUP ERASER.
  • Exfoliating your skin will allow your products to better absorb, leaving you with better looking skin. This can also be accomplished by using the MAKEUP ERASER.
  • The order in which you apply your products can have an impact on the results.  This is why I am a strong believer in layering your skin care products.  Make sure you start with a clean face. You then want to apply your thinnest products first, like an anti-oxidant, next add the serum. Then seal it with a moisturizer, lastly add an SPF.   (Believe it or not you can get a burn in the winter from the wind and also the snow will reflective the sun right in your face). 
Highlighting and Contouring: 
  • Perfect your highlighting & contouring routine. This will give you that right amount of vibrancy in the winter months.  
  • Be careful as not to have that cake on look. You want to balance out your cream and powdered products.  You can either stick with all creams or all powders.  
  • Having a heavy hand on both will cause you to get that caked on look, and in the winter if your skin is dry, you will emphasize your imperfections, and even make yourself look older.
  • Get the right products:  When contouring, you want to stay away from the orange or red based bronzers.  Instead you want to stick with ones that have a grayish tone to it, this will give you a more natural sculpted look. One product I suggest is actually a eyeshadow, as it has a combination of gray, brown and beige. (MAC Eyeshadow - Omega)
  • Highlighting: When highlighting you want to stick with a yellow based product, instead of white.
The cost of having to change up what is in your beauty arsenal because of the season changes can be frustrating.  However, I have a great way to save on costs.

Coupon codes are excellent.  There are a lot of codes online for this, so always google before you buy!

Try before your buy?  Well you can.  With GlamST.,  an app for iOS that allows you to discover new makeup by choosing the styles you love and trying makeup on your photo. You can freely experiment from the comfort of your phone, try on makeup by snapping a selfie, choosing your style and seeing how makeup would really look on your face.



  1. some great tips! I'm going skiing next week and it's going to be all waterproof mascara and spf :)
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

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    Thanks for sharing! :)

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    Pink Frenzy

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    Jess xo

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    Raccoon eyes in winter from the cold wind...ahhh don't I know all about that... haha

    Creepers & Cupcakes

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