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January 25, 2015

20 Mind-blowing Mascara Tips & Tricks

20 Mind-blowing Mascara Tips & Tricks By Barbie's Beauty Bits.
Mascara is one thing that I can't live without.  I think it is one makeup item that every woman should have in her makeup bag.  So for this Sunday Funday, I thought... let's have some fun with Mascara, and share with you, my mascara tips & tricks.

Starting Off Right:
Prep your lashes first, by starting off with a clean lash. You can do this by removing your makeup with the Makeup Eraser.  A chemical free way to remove your makeup with only water!  And you can register to win one, by clicking here!

Prevent Clumps:
  • Prior to application, you want to blot your mascara wand on a piece of tissue, this will help to remove any excess mascara.
  • When applying, do it in a zig zag approach. Starting at the base of your lashes and moving the wand in a upward sweep to the tips.

Fuller Lashes:
  • Apply some black eyeliner to the upper waterline.
  • Dust your lashes with powder, bronzer or a dark eyeshadow before applying your mascara. This will allow the mascara to adhere to the lashes, building thickness.  This is a great DIY approach to the fiber formula mascaras! Just 90% cheaper! 

     Make Your Mascara Last Longer:
    Up until a few years ago I always wore waterproof mascara, but I hated trying to remove it.  Until I learned a valuable trick from a friend of mine.  Combine a waterproof mascara with a regular mascara.
    • Apply a non waterproof mascara first, doing this will help with easy removal.
    • Place the waterproof mascara on top on the coat of non waterproof.
    • Combining the two will give you benefits on having a great smear proof curled lash, that will last all day, with easy removal.

    Apply To Both Sides Of Your Lashes:
    • Applying mascara to both sides of your lashes will make them look much thicker.
    • If you have lighter lashes this is a real bonus for you, giving you full coverage. 

    Holding The Brush Correctly:
    There are a few tricks I've learned over the years.  Holding your brush in different positions can give you different looks. 
    • Vertical: Holding your brush vertically will give you longer lashes.
    • Horizontal: Horizontal application will give you voluminous lashes. Make sure to apply in a zig zag motion, emphasizing on the base of the lashes and swooping upwards.
    • Bend the wand:  This is a bit hard to describe, but I'll do my best.  You can make use of an old mascara wand by bending the bristle area of the wand upwards (it will look like a right angle).  Doing this will enable you to get those hard to reach area's, like the corner of your lashes and other smaller lashes without a mess.

    Mess Free Application: 
    Getting mascara on your skin can be a pain, especially if you have already applied your makeup.  But fret no more as I have some great hacks to help with this! 
    • Apply your mascara by using a business card.  Simply place a business card right to the lash line, behind your lashes and apply your mascara.
    • Spoon: You can do the same thing by using a spoon. Place the spoon with the curved side out.  I usually do this when applying mascara to my lower lashes. 
    • Both approaches will prevent you from getting mascara on your skin, instead it will go on the spoon or card.  

    Revive Your Mascara:
    If find that your mascara is dried out or close to the end of the tube, there are a few tricks to help.

    • Take your tube of mascara & place it in the palms of your hands.Quickly roll the mascara tube back & forth between your hands for about 30 seconds.
    • You can also loosen your mascara by placing the closed tube in a warm glass of water.
    • By doing either of the above you create heat, which will soften & loosen the mascara and it won't seem as dried out, it revives and will apply like a new tube.
    • Another alternative, is placing a few drops of eye drops into your mascara.
    • IMPORTANT, make sure to keep in mind the safe time usage of your mascara.  If it is what we call in the makeup world “expired”, toss it in the trash don’t try to revive it.

    Taking Care Of Your Lashes:
    If you are not taking care of your lashes, none of these tricks will help you.  It is important when you are removing your mascara that you are not pulling or tugging on the eyelashes with hopes to get the mascara off. Over the years, I've seen to many women who have thinned out their own lashes on accident, simply from trying to remove their makeup.  You can safely remove your makeup with the Makeup Eraser.  A chemical free way to remove you makeup with only water! Plus, it lasts up to over 1000 washes, so you are saving money too!

    Try Before You Buy:
    With so many different kinds of mascara out there, you'd think there would be a way to find one you truly love or at least see what it looks like on you first. Well, there is with GlamST; the first virtual makeup tester, it’s a makeup lover’s dream come true. The app. allows you to test products from the comfort of your phone.  
    • Snap a selfie of yourself and upload it.
    • Once the photo is up loaded, you need to do a face, eyes, lips, etc. recognition.  By doing this it will enable you to test out the products in the correct areas.
    • You have the option to see before & after photos.

    So there you have beauties! 20 plus mind-blowing mascara tips & tricks, that will give you stunning lashes with every swoop of your mascara wand.

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    1. Lots of great tips! That a makeup eraser sounds pretty cool, I've never heard of it before.


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