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January 30, 2015

Long Glamorous Hair In Minutes, With Effortless Hair Extensions

Long Glamorous Hair In Minutes, by Barbie's Beauty Bits and effortless hair extensions.

What if I told you slipping on hair could be as simple as slipping on a pair of shoes or your favorite jeans? Well, now you can with Effortless Extensions. Damage free hair, with no glue or clips!

Long glamorous hair is as easy as 1,2,3 with this product.  If you follow my blog regularly, you know I love hair extensions.  The color options they give along with adding volume and length, makes a great look for a night out or in my case, everyday! Check out my video review below on this product as well as how to place these in your hair.  In addition,  I've listed some  frequently asked questions.  Oh, and if you want to get your own  FEELsoREAL™ hair, you now can with 40% off, by using the code BEAUTYBITS2015.

 Frequently Asked Question, Per Effortless Extension

Are Effortless Extensions tangle free?

It is important to inform the consumers that our FEELsoREAL™ synthetic is not 100% tangle-free, as nothing is out there. Sometimes it tends to tangle a bit (only a bit) towards the bottom ends of the hair, but nothing a regular brushing or running your hands through can’t fix. Good maintenance and care is always key.


Do Effortless Extensions feel like real human hair?

It is pretty close, and they pride themselves in the fact that they have the best FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber in market that compares closest to the look and feel of real human hair. It’s virtually impossible to detect.


Can I sleep with my Effortless Extensions?

In general it’s not good practice to do so.  Effortless designed this product so that you can put on your extensions and take them off in matter of seconds, as there is no need to sleep with the hairpiece. The hair also comes with a specially designed Extension case. It’s perfect for keeping your Effortless Extensions maintained whether for everyday storage or travel!


What kind of brush is recommend to go with Effortless Extensions?

A loop brush is the best(see in my video what one of these look like). Also the you can purchase an exceptional pick comb that makes blending an absolute cinch.


What makes this synthetic fiber so unique and better than other brands?

A lot of research goes into the FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber every year and they strive to make it closer to human hair than ever before. Years of research have resulted in super quality fiber that is completely style-able, while maintaining the look and feel of real human hair. The colors are unbelievable as well.


Where do I place the Effortless Extensions on my head?

You place the circle above the ears, and the hair should sit just above and behind the ears.


How much hair do I pull through?

Do not pull all your hair through and always leave a layer under the extensions. For shorter hair, it’s best not to pull too much hair through.


How full are the Effortless Extensions?

I was so surprised at the volume of hair, it is amazing, The hairs weight is a full 130 grams, or 4.6 Oz.  You will be amazed!


What’s the best way to clean and wash the FEELsoREAL™ Effortless Extensions

First wash it separately, and Effortless hair recommends washing the hairpiece with shampoo and conditioner. It will be easier to manage and eliminates tangling during the wash.


What’s the best way to dry Effortless Extensions?

Letting it air dry is a good option. When using a towel just pat it dry, do not rub.


I’m having trouble curling the Effortless Extensions, what am I doing wrong?

It is essential that you moisten the hair with sprays of water before using a curling iron. It is also essential that you hold the shape of the curl for about 15 to 30 seconds (or until the hair cools down). Professional beauty shop curling irons are also strongly recommended, as the curls are easier to achieve at 150 degrees Celsius (300+ Fahrenheit).


What is the optimal level of temperature for using a flat iron?

Recommended temperature is 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit).


How long will the curls last on the Effortless Extensions?

New curls on human hair may start to loosen after a week, but the curls of our FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber maintain much longer with no visible difference for up to 30 days.


What is the maximum temperature the Effortless Extensions can withstand?

The FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber is heat resistant and can endure temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius (480 Fahrenheit) before reaching melting point.


Will the synthetic fiber catch on fire?

The FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber is flame retardant, meaning the fire is extinguished from the FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber *when and if* the flame is removed. Other competitor brands may burst into an instant fireball, but our FEELsoREAL™ synthetic fiber does not.

So there you have it, Long Glamorous Hair In Minutes, With Effortless Hair Extensions.  Don't forget the 40% off discount code(BEAUTYBITS2015) and get your gorgeous hair today! 

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  1. I have naturally very long hair and they're a bit of a pain to maintain so I'm actually going to chop them off soon :)
    the extensions are great since they're so easy to put on!


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