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February 18, 2024

February Fashion: Booty-Lifting Dreams, Sequin Sparkle, And Shapewear Secrets


February Fashion: Booty-Lifting Dreams, Sequin Sparkle, And Shapewear Secrets

Get ready to elevate your beauty and style game with The Beauty Spotlight Team's selection of must-have products and fashion tips.From sculpting cream to sequined showstoppers, booty-lifting jeans, stylish bras, and shapewear, we've assembled everything you need to shine this season.

Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick in Lit is the perfect choice for an ethereal glow that is stunning and flattering. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog loves this brand, and this highlighter is pure magic!

As part of her Fall/Winter Evening Series, Angie at Your True Self Blog is featuring her post on how to wear a sequin top or topper because it is a look maker.  No matter what type of sequined piece you have, Angie has the outfit inspiration to make it easy for you to shine!

City Beauty is launching a new and improved vegan version of Allison from Never Say Die Beauty’s favorite iconic lifting and firming cream, Advanced Action Sculpting Cream. Check out her review for 50% off sale info on this gem!

It's Valentine’s month, and you deserve to feel fabulous in your own skin. We are all about comfort, sexiness, and fun, and that’s why Barbie's Beauty Bits is celebrating Valentine’s in style and comfort with Honeylove. They know how to make you fall in love with your curves, silhouette, and most importantly, yourself. Check out Barbie's review on Honeylove bras and shapewear to find out more.

Booty Lifting Jeans? Pamela from Style Yourself Confident suggests that this is exactly what every curvy woman needs in her wardrobe, whatever her age or size!

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In Summary

In summary, February's fashion spotlight is all about enhancing your beauty and style with a range of essential products and fashion insights curated by The Beauty Spotlight Team. From achieving an ethereal glow to mastering the art of sequin styling, we've got you covered. It's time to shine and feel fabulous in your own skin this season!



  1. Sounds like there are a lot of great new beauty products out there. I am not familiar with these. Great overview!

  2. Thanks for the various product recommendations. I'm not sure how effective bum bum cream is from Sol de Janeiro because I've only used it on ny feet to keep them soft, but it's magical so that might be something to add to the list as well. :)

  3. I think Honeylove bras and shapewear could be great options for my wife to try for our upcoming trip out of the country. She needs some new undergarments, and Honeylove seems to offer both comfort and shapeliness which are perfect for travel.

  4. I do need to check out the post on how to wear sequined tops.. and shapewear is so very useful to have


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