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December 13, 2023

The Beauty Dilemma: Dressing Up For The World Or For Ourselves?


"The Beauty Dilemma: Dressing Up For The World Or For Ourselves?" This topic has been on my mind lately and perhaps on yours as well. I've been thinking about the concept of dressing up, which means getting all dolled up. Why? Well, I recently had a conversation with my boyfriend where I tried to explain that dressing up is an opportunity for me to start with a blank canvas and unleash my creativity.

However, he didn't quite understand it and kept saying, "You look great how you are; why do you care about what others think?" No matter how I tried to explain, I was getting all dolled up because it was fun and made me feel good whether on the Chic go or going all out for a high-end VIP party. He didn't get it; he kept generalizing that people, primarily females, do this to impress others. Which, for me, is far from the truth. That made me think that many others might not be on the same page as me.

So here’s the juicy question: Who are you really dressing up for? Is it to wow the crowd or to give yourself a little high-five? It seems to be a bit of a beauty riddle, isn’t it?


Mirror, Mirror: Who’s The Fairest?

Think about those days when you’re feeling top-notch. The hair’s looking great, with some Irresistible Me Clip Hair or even a human hair wig, and the outfit is on point. Are you aiming for a round of applause from the world or just loving your own vibe? It’s tricky balancing what society expects and how you see yourself. But isn’t there something super thrilling about getting all dolled up just for you? That’s the real deal in appreciating beauty.


The Audience In Your Head: Fact Or Fiction?

Do you ever need to follow the latest trends to look good? But have you ever stopped asking yourself who you're trying to impress? Perhaps the actual audience is the one in our own minds. Are we dressing up for ourselves or our own harshest critics? It's worth pondering, especially if you only care a little about what others think. Remember that your approval is the most valuable thing during those quiet moments. It sets you free from the imaginary expectations of others.

A Personal Journey: More Than Just Looks

Let’s talk about significant changes, like getting a breast reduction to get a more balanced breast appearance. This isn’t just for show; it’s about feeling good in your own skin. It’s about redefining beauty standards on your terms, a true act of loving yourself. Every step you take in this journey is a celebration of your individuality and a step towards embracing your true self.


Beauty Routines: Pleasure Or Pressure?

Have you ever thought about whether your daily beauty routines are a source of pleasure or pressure? For some people, like myself, these rituals are a moment of joy and peace amid a busy day, while for others, they can feel like chains that tie us to society's expectations. However, regardless of our perspective, our beauty routines are a testament to our resilience and adaptability in a world where beauty norms constantly evolve.




Insta-Glam: For Likes Or For Love?

Now, let's discuss social media and its effects. My boyfriend has a negative perception of social media, as he believes it is a showcase of fake, perfect lives and appearances. 

But to his point, are we losing our true selves in the quest for likes and followers? Perhaps it's time to share the unfiltered, real version of ourselves and appreciate the beauty of authenticity. Remember, double taps or heart emojis do not measure your worth but the genuineness you bring to every post.


Compliments: Feel-Good Or Need-Good?

Oh, this one, my boyfriend, just didn't get my perspective. He is all about validation and didn't get that I am not. But to me, it is as simple as who doesn’t love a nice compliment? They can make your day, but it’s important not to depend on them for your self-worth. Dressing up should be for your own happiness, not just to impress others. Remember, the best compliment is the one you give yourself in the mirror. Let each compliment be a reminder of your unique beauty, both inside and out.

Celebrity Beauty: Real Or Reel?

Celebrities, with their picture-perfect looks, can really twist some people's idea of beauty. But keep this thought process in mind; they’re often playing a part, supported by a whole crew. Their standard isn’t our everyday standard. It’s key to remember that their beauty is carefully crafted, not a mirror for our own. Embrace your personal style, unaffected by the glossy illusion of celebrity glamor, and shine in your own authentic way.



Conclusion: You’re The Star Of Your Show

In the end, the beauty that makes you happiest is what counts. Maybe it’s trying a bold new style or just enjoying the simple things, like some comfies and a baseball hat. The goal is to find beauty on your terms, away from what everyone else says. You are the artist of your life’s canvas, and every brushstroke of beauty you add is a reflection of your unique spirit.

Final Thoughts: Who’s The Real Audience?

So, are we getting all glammed up for others, or is it all for us? Sure, a little praise is nice, but the best kind of beauty is what feels right to you. From switching up your hair to going for a procedure to feel more comfortable and balanced, let it be about what you want and need.

In the grand scheme of things, beauty is a personal adventure. It’s as much about reflecting who we are inside as responding to the world outside. Whether it’s for others to see or just for us, the real deal is that it brings us joy and confidence.



  1. I am at the age where I dress for comfort. I do not care what others think. However, my teen daughter loves to dress up and look her best. She says she has that 1950s mentality.

  2. You know, I honestly thing we dress up for both. I know I do. I'm not sure if it's anything you can get away from.

  3. I have now learned to dress up comfortably. If the occasion arises to dress up I do but most part I dress professional for work and casual on weekend.

  4. I always dress for myself! That way I not only look good but I feel good to and that's the most beautiful thing!

  5. I have learned to dress in clothes that make me feel good. I stoped trying to please others long ago.

  6. I'm to the point where I don't care what others think. I'm going to dress up the way I'd like. I would rather dress up for myself then anyone else.

  7. The struggle of balancing societal expectations and self-love is real, and your perspective is like a breath of fresh air.

  8. Your take on dressing up is refreshing! It’s about self-appreciation and feeling fantastic in your own skin, not necessarily about meeting societal standards or seeking validation.

  9. It is good to get into a self care routine for the right reasons- like FOR yourself! If you're happy and feel good that's what matters, everything else is garnish.

  10. When I want to dress up nice or get a new haircut, it's not to impress, I just want to do it. -LYNNDEE

  11. Personally, I am dressing for myself and to boost my confidence!

  12. I dress mainly in clothes I feel comfortable in .. while my teenager loves to dress up, and she loves to give me tips on how to as well :)

  13. I definitely dress for myself simply because when I take the time to make sure I put my best foot forward.... I have more confidence throughout the day too. It just sets the tone for the entire day and I can do that in a comfy outfit and a dressy one too.

  14. Your exploration of the beauty dilemma is thought-provoking. Balancing societal expectations and personal authenticity is indeed challenging. Consider delving deeper into individual empowerment and self-expression. Emphasizing the importance of personal comfort and happiness in one's choices would enrich the discussion.


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