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December 30, 2023

Post Holiday Beauty Tips


Welcome to a post-holiday beauty roundup with the Beauty Spotlight Team! We are excited to share with you exciting After-Christmas Sales that can help you take your beauty game to the next level. However, before you dive into the shopping frenzy, let's ponder a fashion dilemma together: Do we dress to impress others or just for our own delight? We'll also discuss tips on how to transform an outfit with a lace top. Additionally, you'll find recommendations for the perfect lip balm to give your post-holiday look a glowing touch. Are you ready to explore these beauty secrets with us? If so, keep reading!

Let's Go Shopping After Christmas Sales

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has compiled a HUGE list of After Christmas Sales that you don't want to miss!


Fashion Tips For The New Year

Think about those days when you’re feeling top-notch. The hair’s looking great and the outfit is on point. Are you aiming for a round of applause from the world or just loving your own vibe? It’s tricky balancing what society expects and how you see yourself. So here’s the juicy question: Who are you really dressing up for? Is it to wow the crowd or to give yourself a little high-five? It seems to be a bit of a beauty riddle, isn’t it? Read more about this beauty dilemma as Barbie's Beauty Bits discusses whether we dress up for the world or ourselves.

In time for New Year's, Angie at Your True Self Blog has lots of outfit inspiration for ways to wear a lace top.

Say Goodbye To Dry, Chapped Lips

Chapped lips? Dry lips from lipstick? There are a million lip balms in this world, but Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has found her new favorite lip balm in a pot for smooth, hydrated, non-sticky lips!


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