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December 10, 2023

Perfecting Your Holiday Glam With These Top Tips


Perfect your holiday glam with these top tips from "The Beauty Spotlight Team". Discover expert insights to elevate your style, scent, wellness, and skincare regimen.

Velvet Knows No Bounds When It Comes To Evening Allure And Festive Celebrations

Angie at Your True Self Blog has a Velvet Outfits Series that culminates with four style tips in one post. These tips are meant to inspire you with velvet looks, from simple to spectacular, to wear for evenings and holidays. Age doesn’t matter. You may be surprised by how many outfit combinations you can come up with using these tips!

Peppermint Magic: A+ Holiday Scent Delight

The Archipelago Botanicals Jar Candle in Peppermint is the embodiment of the holidays, and its delectable aroma earns an A+ from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog.

Wellness Takes Center Stage This Holiday Season

Taking care of one's mental health should take priority above all else. Wellness Warrior shares different types of journals for mental health that can be used to express oneself in a way that feels most comfortable. There are journals for Gratitude, Fitness, Mindfulness and more. Take a look!

Surviving The Holiday Season: Unveiling 'Computer Face' And The Pitfalls Of Prolonged Screen Time

Computers have benefits but also drawbacks. Prolonged computer use can harm your eyes, weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure and cause premature aging. "Computer face" or "tech face" is the term used to describe the premature aging effects of prolonged exposure to a computer screen. Add online shopping to your screen time and you are really aging yourself. To learn more, read Barbie's Beauty Bits article Computer Face: What Is It?

Safeguarding Your Skin This Holiday Season

Protecting your skin’s barrier is so important, especially in the winter. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty recommends that you consider new Paula’s Choice Barrier Repair Advanced Moisturizer a try. She loves it, and hopefully, you will too!


Keep The Turkey For Dinner And Not For Your Neck!

Tired of the turkey wattle? Keep the turkey for dinner and not on your neck! Say goodbye to the dreaded turkey wattle and embrace a festive season with a lifted, youthful neck! While everyone's eyeing the holiday feast, indulge in a different treat—a rejuvenated appearance that defies aging. With HH Science's Needle-Free Face Lift, revel in a transformation that doesn't involve turkey neck woes.

This holiday season, trade stress lines for a confident, glowing look. The secret lies in a powerhouse trio designed to boost collagen and revitalize your skin, minus needles or downtime. Within just two weeks, witness the magic unfold with: 

  • Collagen RX: Deck the Halls Edition - an all-in-one, best-selling, anti-aging formula that works its holiday magic, visibly correcting wrinkles in just 2 weeks.
  • Needle-Free Serum: Festive Rejuvenation - a painless, topical alternative to injectable fillers and toxins, gifting results equivalent to 1 collagen filler injection* no needles involved. Keep your face smooth and glowing like fresh snow, leaving the wrinkles for the old wrapping paper.
  • Yuletide 1% Retinol + TCA - a holiday-ready serum that repairs, brightens, stimulates collagen, and diminishes signs of aging, combining All-Trans retinol and trichloroacetic acid for a radiant, festive glow.
  • These skin superheroes ensure a radiant, youthful glow that steals the show at every gathering.
So, while others are stressing about gift shopping or recipe mishaps, you can enjoy the holiday season with confidence, thanks to this on-the-go trio! Unwrap the gift of youthful radiance and embrace the holiday season with a glow that turns heads. No needles required!





  1. These are some really good ideas. That moisturizer really sounds nice. I might have to try that.

  2. It is nice to feel glammed up for the holidays. It is nice to do some self care and look your best for the holidays.

  3. I'll keep these tips in mind! I do love a good moisturizer.

  4. Velvet outfits, peppermint scents, and wellness journals—these suggestions are pure gold for making the season extra special.

  5. I like that there's options that forego needles. I am starting to get a turkey neck.

  6. Having various journals tailored to gratitude and mindfulness is such a thoughtful idea. It's refreshing to see a focus on wellness alongside all the glamour talk this season.

  7. I love to get dressed up for the holidays & velvet is so glam! It makes it feel special!

  8. Great post! I'm all for being glammed up for the holidays and keeping my skin moisturized. OMGosh, keeping the turkey for the dinner not the neck is sooooo funny but true.

  9. love these ideas, and i am sure i need to step away from the laptop more often now for that 'computer face' issue - that is certainly something i most likely have

  10. I too have a good moisturizer that I use on a daily basis. I will keep these tips in mind as well. thanks for sharing.

  11. Definitely tips worth considering, I'll also have to check out that computer face article, the title alone has my attention- extremely relevant to the WFH readers I'm sure!

  12. I am pretty sure I have that 'computer face' you mention owing to the many years of working full time in the software profession and now blogging/freelancing in the QA field.. need to work on reducing it

  13. Ooh! The peppermint candle sounds so fresh and seasonal. Love the idea!

  14. I love the sound of the peppermint candle. I bet it smells amazing. I’ll have to get one.


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